Wallace Huo and Darren Wang Fight for Ni Ni in “Suddenly Seventeen”

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Wallace Huo and Darren Wang Fight for Ni Ni in “Suddenly Seventeen”

After a year of filming and preparation, Zhang Mo’s (张艺谋) new romantic comedy Suddenly Seventeen <28岁未成年> is now airing in theaters.

suddenly seventeen ni niThe film, starring Ni Ni (倪妮), Wallace Huo (霍建華), Ma Su (马苏), and Darren Wang (王大陸), tells the story of 28-year-old white-collar worker Liang Xia (Ni Ni) who, after failing to propose to her boyfriend of 10 years Mao Liang (Wallace Huo), suddenly transforms back into her 17-year-old self and falls in love with another man, Yan Yan (Darren Wang). The script is based on the short novel of the same name. It was also adapted into a television web drama, which aired earlier this year.

The film, which premiered on December 9, has released a series of character posters depicting Ni Ni as fairy tale princess, with Wallace Huo and Darren Wang as princes fighting for her affections.

Suddenly Seventeen is the directorial debut of Zhang Mo, Zhang Yimou’s (张艺谋) daughter. Ni Ni was also the star of Zhang Yimou’s 2011 film The Flowers of War <金陵十三钗>, her film debut.



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  • 2 comments to Wallace Huo and Darren Wang Fight for Ni Ni in “Suddenly Seventeen”

    1. mangotango says:

      Impressive debut by Director, Zhang Mo. Tells of a story of a 28yo girl Ni Ni who gave up her art career and living in adulation of her boyfriend found that he lost interest in her as he was too busy chasing his own career. A chocolate transported Ni Ni back to her 17yo mind where she fell in love with young daring Darren. But the magic chocolate only lasts 5 hours each time. In her 17yo mind, Ni Ni found the joy and freedom to paint. But each time she starts to enjoy her 17yo carefree trip, she crashed back to her 28yo despair and dependence. Will she find her inner passion and joy to paint again? Will she find her own self, confidence and identity? Who will she choose? The daring carefree young Darren or steady successful executive Wallace?

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    2. cassiemissy says:

      A sweet and meaningful movie. The message is strong and clear and I absolutely love the colourful scenes throughout the movie! Nini acting is good, alternating between 17 & 28, and there’s various funny moments during that change.

      Wallace looks absolutely gorgeous and the last scene is definitely memorable!

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