Wayne Lai Added Own Topless Scenes in “Death by Zero”

Starring in TVB drama Death by Zero <殺手>, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) plays a character that is outside his comfort zone. Taking on the role of a professional assassin, the 56-year-old actor has many action scenes and gets to expose his toned muscle. As Wayne reflects on his career, he shares why he accepted the role.

While Wayne has 35 years of experience in the entertainment industry, it nearly took him two decades before his skills were recognized and eventually winning TVB Best Actor in 2009 and 2010. Regarding the slow progression of his career, Wayne shared, “I don’t always think about it because there are many things to look forward to. However, I will also see my previous dramas and observe my shortcomings.”

Wayne continued, “I have always said if my success came ten or twenty years earlier, then maybe I wouldn’t be the same person. People must strive for learning opportunities. In every stage of your life, there are things that can be learned and new experiences.”

Training for Death by Zero

When Death by Zero was aired, many fans were surprised to see Wayne have many topless scenes. Sharing his thoughts on the drama, Wayne said, “I haven’t tried this since I joined the industry. It is tiring. Over the years, I have played many different characters, but I have never taken my shirt off. I made up my mind to try it out!”

It was Wayne’s idea to add in topless scenes and he revealed, “Producer Joe Chan (陳維冠) didn’t ask me to take my shirt off, but I felt that when my shirt is off, the viewers can see the results of my training. The effects will be better in the drama. I am thankful to Moses Chan (陳豪), who has many experiences in muscle building and losing weight, and he taught me how to count calories and what exercises are good for burning fat.”

Wayne confessed that it didn’t take long to see the results of his training, “When I am working, I could go on with my day without eating. At that time, I would bring my own boiled vegetables and chicken.  There were a lot of action scenes in the drama, so I was able to see results and gained muscles in under a month.”

Injuries on the Set

Despite the number of intense scenes in Death by Zero, Wayne rarely used a stunt double and would often do his own scenes, “There was a time when my left knee swelled up, because I didn’t warm up properly and had to run really fast. I thought I could go home and heal it by applying some ointment. It didn’t work. Since I couldn’t leave work, I had to keep filming while my knee continued to swell. After a month, I had to see a chiropractor, acupuncturist and therapist to reduce the swelling.”

Source: East Week

This article is written by Sammi for JayneStars.com.

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