Wayne Lai Challenges Donnie Yen’s “Ip Man”

Receiving a substantial fee, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) donned a wig and martial arts robes to film an ad for PARKnSHOP supermarket. This was the third year in which Wayne was the spokesperson for the chain store. Breaking away from his normal gentle image, Wayne spoofed “Ip Man” and staged a classic scene in which Wayne combated ten opponents. Demonstrating his strength, Wayne even punched through a wall! Wayne was completely in character as a martial arts fighter. After sparring with an authentic Wing Chun expert, Wayne’s stances appeared to be strong and practical!

An Enjoyable Filming Experience

Wayne revealed, “I will be filming three short clips for the advertiser. In this clip, I spoofed ‘Ip Man.’ The remaining two images are standout as well. The filming experience was good fun!”

Realizing that there will be action sequences, Wayne stretched out his tendons early in the morning. Satisfied with the results, Wayne smiled and said, “At first, they considered using fast grid film, but it was unnecessary. I am able to handle scholarly and martial arts tasks! I had practicied karate during my high school years. Growing up in the generation of Bruce Lee, we had to learn some martial arts, which makes it easier to cope with filming ancient dramas.”

Exploring Strengths

When it was noted that TVB should cast him in a martial arts drama, Wayne said with a smile, “It’s indeed rare! This video clip revealed my [physical] strengths. In my earlier sparring session with a martial arts trainee, he became short of breath! One day, Donnie Yen (甄子丹) can open up his position by filming comedies, while I take upon martial arts roles!”


Source: Oriental Daily

Jayne: Wayne is great in humorous parodies. The wig makes him look very youthful as well. Perhaps this was the ad that spurred suggestions as to whether Wayne should get plastic surgery to look younger.

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  1. LOL, is the Ip man “one vs ten” still hot these days?

    Anyway this should be funny.

    1. Exoidus,
      “is the Ip man “one vs ten” still hot these days?”

      Very much so! Donnie Yen will be filming “Ip Man 3” at the end of this year. We get to see more pummeling fists!

      1. I thought the prequel was the official Ip Man 3?

        Anyway the Ip Man franchise is going downhill. Looking forward to see Tony Leungs version although it seems more than a Matrix remake with regards to its fighting scenes 🙂

      2. I thought donnie was saying how everyone is doing ip man now and it’s no longer appealing to him? Source jayne?

      3. Ekinfan, Exoidus
        Last week or maybe the week before, there was an article about Donnie Yen filming in Hong Kong and was mobbed by the crowd. The article mentioned that 2012 will be a big year for him in earnings, while noting that he will be starring in “Ip Man 3” at the end of this year.

        Frankly, I think if the money is good, if the “Ip Man” team can put together a high-quality and entertaining script, I don’t really see why Donnie would refuse? Is his “Ip Man” fame typecasting him? Since Donnie is more famous for his action rather than acting skills, I don’t see why he should do another “Ip Man” film.

  2. He looks great! AND frankly playing Donnie Yen is easy. Just don’t move a muscle on your face.

  3. I love Wayne in comedies….he’s really good at them!
    Anyway glad he’s making some adv. money !!!

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