Wayne Lai: “Failure Only Paves Way to Success”

Having portrayed minor roles for more than 20 years in the entertainment industry before becoming male lead, Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) has experienced ups and downs. However, he chooses to only remember the successes in life, turning all forms of failure into opportunities for growth. Now a triple winner of the TV King award, he has proved success from his own efforts.

After graduating from the TVB artist training program in 1985, Wayne did not receive any major roles until 2008. That same year, he took home the Best Supporting Actor award at the annual TVB awards ceremony. Wayne revealed he felt delighted when a director complimented his performance for the first time. After all, receiving praise for his acting mattered the most.

Knowing he does not possess handsome looks like the other siu sangs, Wayne never aimed to become a popular idol. He shared, “I became an actor because I truly love acting, not because I yearned for popularity. It makes me really happy to be able to financially support my family. I never thought I would gain any fame from my acting career.” Wayne emphasized the importance of a loving family, and how his biggest regret is that his mother did not get the chance to see him take home any major awards.

As a firm believer that failure only paves a way to success, Wayne hesitated in stating his unsuccessful moments. “If I have to point out a failure, it would be how No Regrets <義海豪情> did not win the Best Drama award.” In Wayne’s opinion, the entire cast and crew of the series did a marvelous job. He felt closely related to his character and loved the historical context of the series. Wayne expressed, “I had high hopes for the series, and although there may be similar productions in the future, it may not have the same achievement.” To Wayne, his role as Lau Sing was the breakthrough of his acting career.

With his career already stable and at its peak, Wayne is not in battle mode for this year’s Best Actor award. He just wants to continue doing a good job and let viewers enjoy his dramas.

Wayne revealed his lifestyle has not changed much over the years, despite his rising status. He still goes grocery shopping on the streets and eats wonton noodles at small cafes. It is these small familiar aspects in life that Wayne loves. At the moment, he is looking forward to taking a break next summer to travel with his family.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Shirley for JayneStars.com.

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  1. No Regrets has probably the most poignant romantic and sweetest ending.

    1. Wayne acting is excellent. He portray his role perfectly like in Journey to West, Rosy Business, No Regret, The Confidant & Will Power. Bravo & hope he win the best male award for 2013.

      1. Totally Mike I agree with you I like to watch him a that human/ Pig person in JTTW1 AND 2

  2. Even though Wayne is a three times TV King but he is always humble; i really respect him. His new role as a lawyer in “Will Power” is convincing. I enjoy this series very much.

    1. I just started watching “Will Power” and I am truly in love with his acting. I actually loved him in almost all his old series as well. In the recent years, he moved into the more series roles and I truly never saw that side of him. I’m glad he got the recognition he deserved. In Will power, I’m seeing the comedy side as a recovering stroke patient. He’s funny and serious at the same time, absolutely loving it!

      One thing about the argue I disagreed with is how it mentioned he never had a major role until 2008. In my opinion, he had several memorable roles and I knew of his full chinese name prior to No Regrets. If people know his name, then he’s not a nobody. Before 2008, I would say he was slowly approaching the fame and status of Benz Hui. Some of his major roles before 2008 that were memorable to me include: JTW1&2, HK people in Guangzhou, Show Business Blues …

      He’s a dream for many lesser known and less appealing actors/actresses. Let’s hope those where we truly don’t know their chinese name gets recognized the same way!

  3. Wayne is truly a humble and inspirational person that is a good role model. Glad that he has found success and did not allow fame to get to his head. His passion for acting is also vey admirable instead of the many that just think of money and fame.

  4. I love this guy! Even when he was supporting actor you never want that character to die lol. I can’t wait to watch the new series with him and Raymond Wong, Raymond CHo, Power Chan, Edwin Siu and Nancy Wu, that is one that I am anticipating for sure!

  5. it’s hard being humble in the entertainment industry and i rly appreciate how much Wayne loves acting more than popularity! Ppl often lose cite of this…

  6. Although its true that he wasn’t a main 1st line actor until much later in his career, I disagree that he didn’t have any big roles earlier. Wayne was great in most of his support roles, many of which were important characters, unlike many of today’s minor characters who leave no impression. His Piggy from JTW and ZBT from the Condor Trilogy stand out as being great comedic roles

  7. Tvb’s spin doctors hard at work again. Is there anything we don’t already know from this article besides what a humble, grounded, simple family man he is despite his success? I don’t mind Wayne but this article says a lot yet says nothing. Its purpose is obvious.

    1. I actually prefer reading articles like this instead of the gossip articles that says nothing as well.

      Each has it’s preference…. I normally do a good job filtering what is worth reading and what isn’t. If you need tips in that area, feel free to ask. Happy to share with you.

      1. i sense hostility and sarcasm in your comment. Like i said i’ve nothing agst Wayne, I’m only commenting that this article is similar to every article that I’ve read recently on Wayne. I didn’t say that the gossip articles are more informative (even though they may be more entertaining). If you’re having a bad day, go take it out on someone else instead. I certainly don’t need any tips from you, thank you very much for your kind offer.

      2. Kit Kat

        There’s no hostility just saying what was obvious in your eyes were not reflected in mine. I already wrote my comments I had after reading the article, which differed from yours.

        There was plenty of sarcasm though but chill. Everyone is so uptight here.

      3. like i said, there’s no need for sarcasm what with all that “feel free to ask, happy to share” just becos i thought differently, so you go chill ya?

    2. i sense hostility and sarcasm in your comment. Like i said i’ve nothing agst Wayne, I’m only commenting that this article is similar to every article that I’ve read recently on Wayne. I didn’t say that the gossip articles are more informative (even though they may be more entertaining). If you’re having a bad day, go take it out on someone else instead. I certainly don’t need any tips from you, thank you very much for your kind offer.

  8. I feel Wayne performs better as a supporting actor – his roles in Safe Guards, Greatness of a Hero, and Gentle Crackdown were memorable. Even his small role in Moonlight Resonance was outstanding. Wayne was great as the lead in No Regrets. But subsequent lead roles in Forsensic Heroes, Bullet Brain and to a certain extenent The Confidant – somehow didn’t quite bring out his fine acting. But it is always happy to know someone’s labour bear fruits after all these years. Good for Wayne! There are many other actors in their 40s who are good, yet still struggling.

    1. Omg I was thinking of the same thing I liked Wayne when he was a supporting cast more. For some reason I thought safe guards,A Fistful of Stances was better or just as good as Rosy business and No regrets but Tvb kinda over promoted Wayne when he did those roles.

      1. When Wayne did was a supporting cast he made the series much better.

  9. I see he is good in both supporting and leading role; if you guys think that he just is good for supporting cast only then nobody at TVB has ability to be a lead because I have not seen any actor is better than Wayne in acting even Francis,Lawrence, BA, Moses, KC and other TV Kings; their acting skills just are well as Wayne.

    1. For the confident I don’t think Wayne should have won he became Wayne in Rosy Business every time he had to act yell/ scream. Power Chan did a better job in that series. I think Michael Miu should have won that year.

      1. HK people voted for him and i think he is deserved; but, anyway there is always some different opinions generated.

      2. That award was in the past why do we must waste time to discuss it again?

    2. I think Michael Miu, Felix Wong, Gallen Lo, Nick Cheung, Bowie Lam were all good leading actors during their heydays. As a lead actor, besides good acting, there must be charisma, suave-ness … the whole package. I have nothing against Wayne. I am happy that he found success after years of hard work.

  10. He’s a good actor. Patience do pay off at the end. I remember him in the serie with Leon Lai. He should do a series with Bobby Au.

    Marie need to do a TVB most favorite actor/actress. It’s gonna be more interesting to watch.

  11. I somehow find the picture of Wayne Lai hmm.. how to say this… disturbing. Somehow, the picture is taken from a very bad angle of him.

    But anyway, thumbs up, Wayne Lai. Will continue to support your dramas (except the unmentionable Bullet Brain, which is a total flaw to your resume)

  12. I remember him as “cockroach” in the Leon Lai drama. Liked him since then as always thought he was a good actor. Just glad he’s being recognized and is famous now but still as humble as ever! Love him!

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