Webtoon-based “Mask Girl” Actress Unveiled

Upcoming Netflix K-drama Mask Girl has finally unveiled the final of its 3 lead actresses, at a press conference on August 16!

Based On a Dark Comedy Webcomic

Adapted from a 19+ rated webcomic, the genre-bending suspense thriller centers around Kim Mo-Mi, an office worker with ordinary looks, but a killer body.  With social messaging that she is “not beautiful enough”, Mo-Mi attempts to escape mundane reality and seek for the attention she craves by livestreaming nightly as a masked “Cam Girl” fetishized by her fans, but is engulfed in a chain of unexpected developments that overtake her life.

Three Actresses to Play “Kim Mo-Mi”

As the story spans across decades, the main character has to be played by 3 actresses respectively as the mask-wearing Mo-Mi, the post-plastic surgery Mo-Mi and a middle-aged Mo-Mi who ends up imprisoned. The identities of the latter two have been announced earlier to be singer-actress Nana formerly from pop group After School, and Ko Hyun-jung of The Glory fame, with pent-up hype and anticipation over who will play the mask-wearing Kim Mo-Mi!

The answer was finally revealed on August 16 to be newcomer and rookie actress Lee Han-byul. Signed on to entertainment agency Ace Factory, she will be making her debut through this series, after securing the role following a tough audition process.

Strongly Sychronized with Original Webtoon

Gushing over the cast’s strong synchronization with the original webtoon art, netizens praised the crew for their resourcefulness and remarked that the height and leg definitions of the 3 actresses are “very similar”, with matching elbow and shoulder positions even for Nana and Lee Han-byul.

Evoking discussions revolving around physical appearances online, netizens said, “Everyone mentioned she’s almost identical to the webtoon, wonder if the actress would be hurt by that?” “The only flaw is that Nana is playing someone who’s had plastic surgery done, but there are no signs on her face,” and “She looks gorgeous just looking at the eyes again, the lower half of the face is indeed more crucial.” Others expressed their wish that Lee Han-Byul will be a standout thespian like Shin Sung-rok, recognized for strong acting chops.

To be directed by Kim Yong Hoon, viewers are eagerly looking forward to the intriguing story being brought to live onscreen.

Source: Korea Star Daily