Whitney Hui Dropped from “Inbound Troubles 2” Due to Diva Ways

Whitney Hui’s (許亦妮) recognition levels rose last year after appearing in Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!> as the sassy Monica D. Despite this, Whitney was dropped from the TVB sequel due to rumors that she acted like a diva on the filming set.

Last year, Whitney’s breakthrough came when she replaced Dada Chan (陳靜) as the lead in nightclub sex film, Lan Kwai Fong 3 <喜愛夜蒲3>. Known for her sexy image, Whitney allegedly cozied up to the producers of Lan Kwai Fong, subsequently causing disagreement amongst fellow co-stars, Barbie Xia (夏尉喻), Ava Liu (雨僑), and Connie Man (文凱玲). Whitney’s diva ways, including fighting for wardrobe items with co-stars, made her unpopular with the cast. Ultimately, her negative rumors in the movie overrode her success in Inbound Troubles, causing her to be dropped from its sequel.

Whitney was previously labelled as a gold digger who reportedly was linked to 13 wealthy men in the past.Whitney was photographed at a bar with Jim Sing (詹勝), grandson of the famous cartoonist, Cheung Lok Ping (張樂平) in August. Although denying the reports, Whitney’s last target was Andrew Lo (盧啟邦), an executive of Arising Sun Holdings Group Limited. Unfortunately, after the relationship surfaced, it immediately went down the drain.

Source: kuangaitvb.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Pity! Because she is pretty and she can seriously act. Sure not sabotaged?

    1. Yes, she can seriously act but in porns, i mean hardcore ones. Spreading her legs is her expertise.

      1. Please be fair to her. She was superb in Return Of Silver Tongue, I still remember her as Monica D. 2 very different characters and now plus porn. She can act, no doubt.

      2. Whitney Hui is definitely very pretty and attractive, and her acting is good as a newbie. She looked good in both modern and ancient drama series.

      3. That’s a very harsh comment Sheena. I thought she is a good newbie. She was good as Monica D and Return of Silver Tongue.

      4. Whitney in Return of Sliver Tongue wasn’t that good. Compare to Fala in MR Whitney did bad. But she was a remember able actor in Inbound Troubles.

  2. Good! Dropping her hopefully will bring her back down to reality that she is no better than the rest of us. A pretty face with no character or scruples amounts to a shallow and snobbish person!

    1. So many jealous people. Sucks to be good looking sometimes.

  3. I saw her asking questions at the MISS CHINESE INTERNATIONAL PAGEANT.. but her english sounds weird. Anybody know if English is her native tongue?

  4. I don’t know about her real personality but boy! Now only did I realized the power of media. The first rule to debut as a successful artist is to please the media… else this is wht you get. We dont even know if what they said about her was true but looks like everybody has started to judge her and deem her a bxxch from now on. This is sad guys

  5. Hmmm it’s not the first time the media labeled certain artistes as divas and being dropped from series especially those up and coming ones. I doubt this is true, she really can act though I give you that. Besides I think she may be pretty reserved since I heard in that LKF movie she refused to do those overly intimate scenes and I’ve seen the previous films and they’re pretty mild compared to other Category 3 films.

    Just another rumor besides I don’t think she was ever confirmed to be a part of the sequel, it was only the main cast, her storyline in the first installment was done to be honest.

    1. I agree with you. Her storyline in the first installment was already done. That’s most probably the real reason she was not in.

      1. I thought 2nd series is not a direct sequel and so has no relevance whether her story was done or not done.

  6. she is indeed consider the hottest new rsing star of TVB with her sexy and flirty hot look… she use it to capture the hearts of many well to do “princes” in hong kong and its her capability due to her attraction. she also can act very well indeed…hope TVB will bring her up higher level

  7. Not surprised. She also had negative press when she was competing in Miss Hong Kong. There were allegations of her bullying other contestants and being disrespectful towards TVB staff.

    1. Wait, i think that was Roxanne Tong from another Miss HK year. But she had bad press about her too as well.

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