Whitney Hui Confirms Pregnancy One Month After Marriage

Whitney Hui (許芷熒) is pregnant!

The former Miss Hong Kong announced today that she will be expecting her first child with husband Alexander Fung. The couple tied the knot last month in Hong Kong.

She revealed in her announcement that was already a few months pregnant before her marriage, and even considered postponing the wedding until after the baby is born.

Whitney uploaded a screenshot of her prenatal ultrasound on social media, and made an Instagram page dedicated to her future child. “Are you doing yoga in your mother’s tummy?” wrote Whitney. “Baby Fung should be a yoga master just like your Uncle Jason!”

The former TVB actress plans to document her pregnancy journey via social media and YouTube. She also shared, “Since my pregnancy my immune system has gotten weaker. I have also experienced many thing that only fellow mothers could understand. Any advice from experienced mothers to this new mother is much appreciated!”

Source: stheadline, Whitney Hui @ Instagram

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This could be a clue why she suddenly hurry to get married because of pregnancy? Sounds like she’s carry a boy? Anyway congratulations!!

    1. @cutie777 Well, she’s pretty but never gets promoted unlike some so I think they are smart to quickly get a rich hubby and off market. It’s not like playing supporting’s will get you anywhere in TVB series? haha lol…Not like a guarantee for life marrying rich but hey much better than a below average supporting/cameo forever? If she’s not on here I doubt I will even know her name playing a supporting cast…sigh…. So I think it’s wise to quickly snag a rich one and get married and he’s not exactly SUPER OLD & UGLY like some. haha

  2. Another flash marriage!!

    It seems that it is the trend to have flash marriages in entertainment industries in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Mainland China. Well, perhaps it is better ……………….. at least it is guaranteed that the woman will be able to have a child!!!

  3. Congrats. I think shot gun weddings are nice. If people who start to annoy you with questions such as when are you having kids right after you marry – you can just say i already am. Hehe anywyas congrats to the couple!

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