Whitney Hui Leaves TVB

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Whitney Hui Leaves TVB

Since placing second runner-up at Miss Hong Kong 2011, Whitney Hui (許亦妮) continuously had to fend off negative rumors. In addition to her diva attitude, Whitney has also been rumored to not get along with her coworkers. With her poor public image, TVB allegedly froze the 28-year-old actress. After filming Fashion War <潮流教主> in 2015, Whitney has significantly reduced her public appearances.

Speculated to have angered TVB due to her diva ways and outrageous demands for a pay increase, Announcing her departure from TVB, Whitney said, “I have always had a happy collaboration with TVB. A few days ago, we terminated our six-year work relationship. Entering the company for the last time brought a wave of emotions. My mind replayed a lot of memories. TVB is a place where I grew up. When I returned to Hong Kong from overseas, I entered the Miss Hong Kong Pageant. Later, I traveled to participate in the Miss International Pageant. Then, I began my acting career. I am thankful to TVB for the past six years of experiences, memories, and opportunities to film television dramas, movies, and variety shows. It allowed me to try out many different characters; bad guys, rebellious girls, and filial girls. The different characters gave me a chance to feel the many different outlooks in life.”

In addition to reflecting on her experiences, Whitney also took the opportunity to clarify false rumors. “TVB and I have never experienced what the reports claimed; that I asked for a several-fold salary raise. It is not true, so I never responded [to these rumors]. I am also thankful for TVB’s understanding. Other than an acting career, [TVB] also gave me time and space to try out different things so I can find my own path. I am thankful to all my coworkers whom I have collaborated with, my manager, and producers. I believe that life is about experiences. When you come into the world, different experiences, whether sweet or bitter, high or low, is all part of life. Every opportunity serves its own purpose. Every page of a story and experience have enriched my life. I thank the Lord!”

Source: Ming Pao

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