Former Miss HK Whitney Hui Shares Maternity Photos

2011 Miss Hong Kong second runner-up Whitney Hui (許芷熒) announced last month that she will be expecting her first child with husband Alexander Fung, who she married last September.

The 31-year-old former TVB actress, now more than seven months pregnant, shared some maternity photos which she recently shot on social media. The photos, showing Whitney confidently wearing a bralette while exposing her belly, also featured her husband, Alex.

Whitney admitted that she originally had concerns that the pregnancy would alter her figure and body type, but upon seeing her growing belly and knowing that a little human has been growing inside, her main concern has become the baby’s health. And now, a new concern is making her feel anxious: what will happen to her when the baby grows up?

“If my daughter decides to marry out of the country, then I will have less opportunities to see her. I’m already thinking about her being in her rebellious teen phase. When you raise a child till he reaches to the age of one hundred, a parent would worry about him for ninety-nine years. I can now understand what this idiom means now that I have my own child.”


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