Whitney Hui’s Husband is Rich

Surrounded by endless dating rumors since her debut in 2011 after winning the Miss Hong Kong second-runner-up title, Whitney Hui (許芷熒, previously 許亦妮) got married with her boyfriend, Alexander Fung (馮家柱) last week. The couple had their wedding at the beautiful Intercontinental Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.

First introduced to each other by Whitney’s close friend Davily Leung (梁麗瑩), it was reported that the actress and Alexander hit it off almost immediately and had a lot in common. In contrast to false tabloids reports that led to her unhealthy public image, Whitney actually kept her two-year relationship under wraps until her big day last Tuesday.

Although Whitney kept Alexander’s identity private the entire time before the wedding, fans quickly researched his background. Alexander received his master’s degree from the University of Waterloo in Canada and was a banker at J.P. Morgan Chase before resigning and taking over his family business. The Fungs’ family business is valued at approximately $160 million HKD, and they own over $200 million HKD in real estate properties.

Source: Sing Tao

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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      1. @janet72
        Plenty. Sonija, Ada, Tavia(to some extent). Usually the reasons are they value love and companionship more than strive for riches. Also their love includes believing the partner is already good enough or the partner will make it one day. A great example is Nina Li (Jet Li’s wife).

      2. @jimmyszeto Agree with Sonija and Ada, when they married their husband, they were nothing. Not so much on Tavia as Him was doing quite well himself although Tavia is more successful. As for Nina, thought Jet Li was already a mega star that time?

      3. @hayden
        When Tavia started relationship with Him, he was only a minor lead/support actor on TVB wages. No. Jet Li was a minor star and Nina was courted and could literally have picked any mega rich guy…

  1. This woman was a known arrogant demanding diva even when she was no more than a bit part support actress at a TVB. No doubt she was always going to try catch a rich guy…,

      1. @janet72
        She played a few forgettable bit part characters but was more memorable for her diva attitude and demands. Probably a spoilt brat who’s lifetime motivation was to find a rich guy and looking at the above picture, she thinks she is far beautiful than what she really is…

  2. All her rumours are not smoke without a fire. She found someone to marry now with a status she wants. Good for her. Hope it will last.

  3. Some of the comments are so harsh and sexist. What if she does genuinely love this guy and he happens to be rich? Why don’t rich men get the same scrutiny for wanting to marry attractive women?

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