Who Will Be Starring in the Remake of “Return of Condor Heroes”?

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Who Will Be Starring in the Remake of “Return of Condor Heroes”?

Above: Mao Xiaohui to portray “Little Dragon Girl”

Return of Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶> will see its eighth television adaptation. The Mainland Chinese remake will star Thomas Tong (佟夢實), Mao Xiaohui (毛曉慧), and Vicky Chen (文淇).

Whenever a new adaptation of Return of Condor Heroes is announced, viewers always anticipate who will be playing these iconic characters. The female protagonist, “Little Dragon Girl”, must be beautiful and has that goddess essence, while “Yang Guo”, is known for his handsome and manly looks. Can the new cast live up to these high expectations?

Mao Xiaohui as “Little Dragon Girl”

From a photo at a basketball court, Mao Xiaohui gained recognition for her fresh beauty. She has worked as a model with countless companies, and even attended various arts institutions to becoming an actress. In May this year, Xiaohui got her first acting role in a novel turned series, Hibiscus Flower <木槿花西月锦绣>.

Above: Thomas Tong and Vicky Chen.

Thomas Tong as “Yang Guo”

With his incredible height, Thomas Tong comes from an athletic background but his interests lied in acting, in which he began with various short films and commercials. In 2014, he made his first appearance in the variety show, Journey on Sail, Are You Ready <起航吧,少年>.

In 2016, he debuted in his first drama Legend of Chusen <青云志>, which lead to other filming opportunities.

Vicky Chen as “Guo Xiang”

The biggest talk has been surrounding 15-year-old actress, Vicky Chen, who will be playing “Guo Xiang”. Born in Taiwan, she had moved to China when she was four years old. She debuted in The Bold, The Corrupt and the Beautiful <血觀音> at the age of 14 and even won the Golden Horse Award for Best Supporting Actress. At such a young age, many already deemed her to be an acting prodigy and she has been receiving many opportunities after her award.

With such a young and fresh cast, viewers are anticipating the drama and the drama stills to come. The filming will take place in Hengdian World Studios and Szechuan’s Mount Siguniang.

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