Will 30 Million RMB Sway Tavia Yeung Away from TVB?

Having won awards in both Hong Kong and China, Tavia Yeung (楊怡) is one of the few remaining TVB fadans with solid acting skills and popularity. With her TVB contract ending in April, many management companies are trying hard to persuade her to sign with them. One Mainland company even offered Tavia 30 million RMB for a two-year contract, making it difficult for her to decide whether she should stay at TVB or not.

Her performances in Beyond the Realm of Conscience <宮心計> and Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles <名媛望族> caught Mainland viewers’ attention. Last year, Tavia won TVBC’s inaugural awards as the Most Popular TVB Actress in Mainland with 41 percent of the votes, beating out favorites Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), and Myolie Wu (胡杏兒).

Aware that Tavia’s TVB contract will expire in April 2014, both Hong Kong and Mainland management companies have been actively seeking her out since six months ago. Asked about the reported 30 million RMB she was offered, Tavia said, “No matter how many opportunities there are outside, it cannot be compared to my ten-year relationship with [TVB].” Having said that, Tavia admitted that she has always wanted to venture into the Mainland market which will allow her to “learn new things”.

Tavia added, “My first choice will be TVB because I’ve gotten used to its operations. It gives me a sense of security. Starting new somewhere else is not simple. But I’m also afraid that if I stay in the same place, viewers will get bored. I hope to see the outside world and have a fresh start.” When asked when she will make a decision, she said, “Give me more time!”

With her 30 million RMB market value, Tavia joins the ranks of Charmaine Sheh, one of the highest-paid Hong Kong actresses. Below are the reported market value of TVB actresses, with Tavia in the top tier.

Current Market Values of Top 8 TVB Actresses:

Charmaine Sheh – 50 million RMB for 3-year contract

Tavia Yeung – 30 million RMB for 2-year contract

Myolie Wu – 25 million RMB for 2-year contract

Linda Chung, Kate Tsui, Aimee Chan – 20 million RMB for 3-year contract

Sharon Chan – 15 million RMB for 2-year contract

Eliza Sam – 10 million RMB for 2-year contract

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Karen for JayneStars.com.

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  1. The future looks bright for tavia 🙂 hope we signs a per series contract with tvb and film mainly mainland series like Charmaine.

    She needs to expand her horizon and try new things,

    Tvb is no longer going to groom her since she already won best actress

    1. Aimee Chan is very pretty and all but the same rank as Linda Chung and Kate Tsui? No way. Should be the same as Eliza Sam.

    2. Ikr and Aimee Chan gets paid the same as Linda Chung and Kate Tse what? Is this for real? But maybe it is because Lind a and Kate never worked in mainland and not that famous.

    3. I’m surprised that Aimee is in the same league as Kate Tsui. Kate should be more popular than Aimee and Linda in my opinion.

  2. I’m surprise Aimee is on the same tier as Linda Chung and Kate Tsui. Doesn’t even make sense!

    1. This list is really odd. Linda, Kate and Aimee being in the same tier is weird. Also it’s a 3 year contract for 20 million which averages to be 6.66 million a year whereas Sharon’s 2 year contract is 15 million and averages out to be 7.5 million a year. I don’t think Sharon is as popular as Linda but she is comparable to Kate and Aimee.

      1. Wow Lillian I didn’t even notice that or the years I just saw the price and thought Linda and Kate got paid more than Sharon and Eliza.

      2. lillian you are wrong. u have think of it differently, in the long run , the 3 that make 20 mill a year is better than sharon. cuz u have to predict sharons value if it was 3 years… which i wid guess to be like 17-18 million. its hard to explain but basically i wanna say that when u commit to things for longer times, the value decreases. example is like buying a phone no contract vs buying a phone on a 3 year contract. the advantage is u can get the phone for free but you are commited for a 3 year contract. while buying the phone no contract is like $700 USD but ur not stuck on a contract. do u understand what i am trying to say?

  3. She should go as it’s a good opportunity. Hope she’ll sign a per contract series with TVB as still want to see her in TVB dramas!

  4. Let me guess; bargaining power time. I think she will remain. Competition out there is stiff.

  5. I dont think so!to this report. since Myolie on 2011 to 2013 has been a amazing year in the mainland market. A lot of award she won in mainland diferent tv station, more than Tavia. So i think that chart is not true.

    1. Tavia’s popularity among Mainland viewers has skyrocketed between 2011-2013 too with her SSSS and oncall dramas. Im not surprised if Mainland companies want to recruit her in with a higher pay fee, having only shot 1 mainland production only.

      1. I am with u on this. Myolie’s popularity is not increased a lot after she won best actress. Even she has filmed several mainland drama in 2012 and 2013. In addition, she did not make it to top 5 best actress in 2012 and 2013 at TVB.

        On the other hand after winning BA, her SSSS and On Call 1,2 increase her popularity a lot in mainland and oversea. Even though she did not film any mainland dramas in these 2 yr, she still got several awards voted by mainland fans

      2. Has it ever occurred to the two of you that myolie didn’t make it into the top 5 because she was busy filming in mainland? Not to mention that award tavia won, didn’t myolie win it the year before or the year before that? Anyway, It’s actually the first time I have ever heard of anyone using a tvb awards show to prove an actress’s popularity in mainland. So wait, anyone that did not make it into the top 5 awards at tvb isn’t that popular in mainland? I would think being invited AND actually filming in china would somewhat prove popularity in mainland, well at least more than a nomination from a Hk tv awards show.

      3. I’m with Clementine, Tavia is more well known since beyond the realm of conscience. She filmed in mainland in the emperor’s harem straight after that, and On Call also increased her popularity.

      4. “It’s actually the first time I have ever heard of anyone using a tvb awards show to prove an actress’s popularity in mainland” How come didn’t you hear?

        Many posts in here state that Myolie got the TVB BA 1 year before Tavia did. Therefore, Myolie is more popular in mainland than Tavia. Is that based on the TVB award to prove popularity in mainland, isn’t it?

      5. That logic doesn’t make sense. If these fans are saying is Myolie was more popular first, then saying she won first makes sense. But to assert she is more popular now is strange since the new winner now is Tavia so it means Tavia is now more popular than Myolie until next year and whoever replaces her.

      6. Myolie’s popularity is not increased a lot after she won best actress. Even she has filmed several mainland drama in 2012 and 2013. In addition, she did not make it to top 5 best actress in 2012 and 2013 at TVB.

        She didn’t film much in HK and hasn’t been pushed in HK by Txb, of course she won’t be in the list of best actress in 2012 and 2013. It’s the logic of Txb’s favourism.

        I don’t see Myolie’s popularity is affected in China where she is kinda loved. Why you don’t see the Force Magazine list where Myolie appeared twice when the rest never? It tells about Myolie’s popularity.

        Lolz, any award awarded by Txb in Hongkong with any title for blah blah “Mainland artists” or “Weibo fans” are simply not voted by Chinese fans, please be informed so. They are likely voted by Weibo fans more and in weibo, a lot of vote can be hacked or edited. There are more prominent awards and Myolie captured some in 2012 and 2013.

        In addition, Myolie is from Tommy Leung’s side and he left Txb, hence Myolie won’t be favoured anymore. It doesn’t mean her popularity is decreased but call it a chance for her to go. You can see that most of ppl attended Tommy Leung’s farewell party are under his side and are venturing out of Txb. There is a woman who didn’t attend that party although Tommy Leung was the first person who gave her some fame. She didn’t attend Stephen Chan’s farewell party despite being under him once, too. I think that woman is very ungrateful. She is only grateful to whoever being her current boss.

      7. Fox, if u are referring to Tavia as that woman who didnt attend so n so’s function just state her name instead of that woman. Did it occur to u she could hv been busy with her latest drama or she couldnt attend due to other reasons, and not that she was ungrateful. Tavia has been so faithful to tvb for all her career years since she started fr training class to now. Surely many helped her along the way and she wont hv been ungrateful and forgotten to thank them. In all her awards speeches since most improved, best female character, best supporting to best actress, Tavia has always been humble, grateful thanking various ones who helped her. I would imagine since she couldnt attend, she would have made a personal call or a personal visit later to wish that person well. Thats why Tavia is so well accepted and has so many friends within tvb, even backroom staff speak well of her. So dont jump to conclusion that she’s ungrateful as thats only what u think.

      8. Helena Ma, Lawrence Ng, Susanna Kwan, Charmaine, LF, Michael Miu, Bosco, Liza, Eric Tsang, Nancy Sit, Timmy Hung, Sharon Chan, Tin Ka Lok, Ben Wong etc. are some names of artists with works on hand (some come directly from the studios where they are filming, some filmed outdoor but still back for the party). You can see some still wear ancient costumes. Filming isn’t a reason, sorry. That woman isn’t busiest one in Txb, some names among the attendances are definitely more famous than hers. And if filming is the reason, why Kenneth Ma who is from the same series attended? I give credit for him for that since he isn’t under Tommy’s side.

      9. I did saw Wayne Lai, Bosco, Eliza, Kenneth, and some others come in their costumes and look awkward at the farewell party, so TVB must’ve allocated a short break for those working at that time to attend. I think Tavia is simply not close enough to Tommy, it’s not a matter of ungrateful or not.

      10. Kenneth Ma’s THC which brought him overnight fame is from Tommy’s jurisdiction.

      11. @ Mydatewithspring: It’s how they started, whose they were under and boosted their names. Normally, everyone keep the side or thankful to anyone helped them (to thank them when be awarded, attend parties, etc.). That farewell was announced 3-4 days before it happened, publicly. Even the audience knew, don’t say of the artists or their managers. It’s just they can go or not, or wanna go or not.

    2. Fox, who are you to judge why Tavia wasnt at Tommy’s farewell event. She may hv other reasons we dont know. And would you know if she had made a personal visit to bid Tommy farewell or she did something else to honour her friendship with Tommy? What u see is only on tv, so dont judge her as being ungrateful.

      1. I support Fox,
        I also believe that if Tavia insist on attending the farewell, she will FIND time.

      2. It’s between Tavia & Tommy. Their friendship & cooperation over the years can’t be judged by what you people say. By all means judge if u insist. I rest the case.

      3. Lolz, friendship :P. I must tell you that your idol even dun appear in Toby Leung’s wedding where everyone else was there.

      4. And that was the year she jumped ship to Catherine Tsang’s side.

      5. Leave you with yr own comments. Tavia has acted in more than 60 dramas in abt 15 years in tvb. If she has treated people badly or didnt get along with others in the competitive industry, she wont hv survived and be so well liked, not just by fans winning fan voted awards. But she has won praises from fellow co-stars, being able to mingle well with so many. Amongst those, Linda, Fala, Sharon, Christine, Steven, Kenneth, Micheal, Ron etc etc…her friendship with many reflects more on her than being not seen at certain events. During filming of SIAC, actor KK Cheong praised Tavia of looking after fellow co-stars, and he is a veteran. You still don’t know if she paid personal visit to bid Tommy farewell? Judge on if u will. U can hv the final say. I will keep to mine. Thanks for the discussion.

      6. How much do TVB pay their contract like Tavia in 2 years? Let’s wait till April and see Tavia’s decission.
        Tavia seem to goes with which ever side more beneficial to her, I wouldn’t be surprise if she take the 30 millions RMB deal.

      7. @says me: I will tell you only one thing: ungrateful and unfriendly are two different words. End of convo.

      8. So u didnt know if she made personal visit or call to wish Tommy farewell, but still insist u r right. Yeah in english obviously unfriendly n ungrateful are different definition lol. End of convo.

      9. Tavia seem to goes with which ever side more beneficial to her
        That is a smart move in reality!!! Loyalty and gratefulness don’t make money anyway.

      10. @says me: Mind you give me any proof that she called or emailed or else to Tommy? If you can’t, yes, we both don’t know and she is still ungrateful to me. Not just judge by that incident but many others, such as how she treated Stephen Chan (who boosted her up at first place). You blah blah something about friendly or how she has friends in Txb, but it’s not grateful. Moreover, I don’t really believe in the friendship in Txb except some cases that I’ve seen by my eyes of how close they are. Like Shirley and Linda, they are showed as best buddies but after Shirley’s scandal, I rethought.

        Which Michael you are mentioning of? Micheal Miu or Michael Tse? If Michael Tse, I’ll tell you: No.

        Of course I insist I’m rite, you are not? LMAO~.

        @sandcherry: I’ll say she is that type, even to fans. Only friendly to fans when there are reporters around or many ppl there to see.

      11. Commanter, who is the guy in the last picture right bottom corner, looks like Jimmy Lin. What the heck Jimmy Lin doing at Toby wedding? Are they even friends?
        Must be a Jimmy Lin look alike, LOL!

      12. Commentator, thanks for the link to Toby’s wedding. Yeah Tavia was there. Some people just like to hurl baseless claims.
        @fox, if u dont at least know abt Linda,Fala,Steven Ma’s close friendship with Tavia & Sharon Chan’s closeness to her, then no point talking. Keep yr bias views then.

      13. Are those photos really from the wedding?
        Someone fill me in please, is the guy in the last picture right bottom corner, is Taiwansese singer/actor Jimmy Lin? He looks very much like Jimmy Lin.
        I didn’t know Jimmy Lin were Toby fans, they must be close, seem like he with the groom side.
        This is the pic I’m talking about, http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-J5lKyEf0D5M/Tt71dVQTQVI/AAAAAAAADzI/oegrbCw7YdY/s1600/toby6.jpg
        The guy in the bottom right corner (the pic with the 3 dudes)

      14. Personally I think that Tavia really knows how to treat each person as per his/her status/seniority. She treated Damian Lau very nicely at the interview on The Green Room during the airing of “SSSS”.


      15. @says me: you even don’t read what I’ve said so it’s pointless to talk to you. You go with your biasment and I with mine. Close friendship in Txb, especially between women is something I’ll believe the less. And again, you have no idea wat is grateful and wat is friendly, then I won’t waste my time to explain for you.

      16. Fox, i’m leaving this discussion with a lol, and laugh it off. Thanks for thinking of explaning, but no thanks. Whatever explanation u may make is only what u think. Proven that Tavia attended Toby’s wedding when u accuse her of not attending cos she’s ungrateful. Anyway, to u absence=ungrateful, thats what i will laugh off. Cheers n chill!

      17. Tommy held another informal party later I think where there were some karaoke and alcohols. Those who attended all these parties for Tommy must be those favourited by him. I thought Tavia is a favourite of Catherine Tsang.

      18. I think Fun said that same year when Tommy left, Tavia jumpship to Catherine side.

      19. so sorry, my error. It was ‘Fox’ said that same year when Tommy left, Tavia jumpship to Catherine side.

      20. @Leilafan: I have never said so. Tommy left this year, few days ago.

        @says me: Once again, you prove that you haven’t read or you didn’t understand. It’s just one example of ungrateful. Case solved. It’s such a waste of time.

      21. @Fox, oh, I’m sorry, I misunderstood what you wrote.
        Fox says:
        March 2, 2014
        And that was the year she jumped ship to Catherine Tsang’s side. ========= It was from reading this, I thought you meant that year.
        Sorry, I misunderstood Fox comment.
        May I ask, what year did Tavia jumpship to Catherine side?

      22. As far as I can remember, Tavia Yeung was one of the few artistes witnessing Stephen’s fault in court.

      23. Yeah, making baseless accusation is such a waste of your time. Lol

      24. You guys talk as if u know tavia, tommy, myolie, etc like your friends from work. Sorry, but I find it hilarious when u guys make assumptions as to who and who are BFFs through what u read from tabloids.

  6. I feel like Tavia’s acting has actually gotten worse over the years. It has become more exagerated. Perhaps because she has aged, her voice is very harsh and uneasy on the ears especially in the new series with Steven Ma.

    1. It’s her character in new drama to be loud when she stands for what she thinks is right. Her character now is friendlier with Steven’s in episode 10 and Tavia is carrying her role well. We are slowly seeing the transformation of her character as Tong Bing Bing thru out the episodes. She’s still good in her acting, especially filming this new drama back to back after On call 2 which ended in April 2013. From a professional doctor role, she could transform herself to a factory worker character in May 2013 and bring another dimension to her acting. Guess, we havent seen her loud before in recent years so her character now seemed unlike her. Many are liking SIAC and its a very good drama. All characters are acting well.

      1. Agree with you @says me. Her character is meant to be annoying, loud and obnoxious, acting compulsively, as she fights for what she thinks is right without thinking about others. But Steven’s character is supposed to influence her, and she is slowly changing. I really like Steven and Tavia’s chemistry, they gel and I think a lot of the bickering and reactions are their contribution based on their real life brotherly bond.

      2. I am more annoyed with the make up person. He or she must have an agenda against Tavia because her make up is awful, unrealistic.

        By the way Tavia is still a terrible crier.

      3. Funn, I completely agree on her makeup. It’s way to heavy handed and so inappropriate for her character. I notice Steven is quite tanned. Is there something wrong with the makeup team?

        I am quite enjoying the series especially the beautiful costumes and scenes of the back countryside. It is a welcome change to the current underwhelming series TVB has doled out recently.

      4. Tb1: Steven’s character is so tan because prior to filming Steven purposely tanned himself in a tanning booth. Naturally fair-skin, he did that to look more like his character as an army medic who constantly works under the hot sun hence his tan look, and just before he came home he was located in Yunnan. Also, I find the lighting used in filming very dim making other actors look tan too.

    2. Estuur I agree with you seem like her acting did get wrose I didn’t like her in the new drama with Steven Ma I was like who do you think you are when I was watching the new drama. Tavia acted like she was a princess or have princess sickness. And her voice too sounds a bit weird on her.

      1. But I am a fan of hers and she did do some pretty good drama back then. And has a big chance to make it big in mainland.

    3. I don’t think Tavia is a bad actress… I think she just tries too hard some times with the result being that it doesn’t seem natural. She needs to just relax a bit.

  7. about 4million for two years?. will tvb be able to match that? i highly doubt tvb would match it.

  8. I thought Myolie makes more than Tavia since she won the best actress award a year before her.

    1. The price is not based on that. It’s based on who is popular at this moment.

      Even though Myolie won BA first, she could not make it to top 5 BA in 2012 and 2013.

  9. Aimee chan is pretty marketable to tvb since she’s Moses wife it has boosted her popularity a lot. Therefore I’m not surprised about her

    But Eliza and Sharon uhh that’s very shocking!!

    Tavia should not stay with tvb! She doesn’t get opportunities to explore and to do outside jobs like myolie. She’s always restricted to series after series

    1. I agree. Also, Aimee Chan is not only Moses’ wife but she also has a son. This will definitely increase her bankability

  10. How about the men? What are current market values of top 8 TVB actors?

  11. With such high income it’s no wonder that many people would like to become a succesfull entertainer.

  12. Besides being moses wife I see no reason Aimee is even on the list. Shes not experienced at all. Her acting is so fake like literally worse than everyone on this list… And i dont think she’s pretty but that’s just my opinion.

    1. +2 Its the relationship between Moses and the baby that makes Aimee famous. If it wasn’t for Moses I think she would still be supporting cast like Nancy Wu or Natalie Tong and the others.

    2. +3, that’s right, i suppose mosey and his manager helped aimee a lot, that’s why, i suppose vanessa has been extra helpful and caring towards bosco

    3. +4… Nancy Wu robbed, she should have more opportunities.

    4. Right! I don’t think she is on the same level as Kate and Linda.. I mean she’s pretty, but not as pretty as Kate & Linda and she can’t act as well. And sharon too.. tbh I didn’t even know who she was. I think Charmaine, Myolie, Tavia, Kate and Linda are on the same level of popularity though ~

  13. I saw this drama in her earlier days, tvb whatever it takes she looks different now and before, did she do plastic surgery or something?

  14. She’s waiting on TVB to add in the contract that she can film Mainland series. So, if TVB wants her, then let her venture out!

    1. She can still film for TVB and mainland. Many artists do that. But I think she of course wants to make more money,therefore, there is a good chance she may not renew her contract or they she can sign a per series contract or something.

      1. Currently, she is not allowed. That’s why she’s iffy about signing with TVB again. Unless it’s written somewhere in the contract that she can do whatever she wants aka a per series contract, Tavia might leave actually.

      2. Like Steven, they are not giving Tavia time to film in mainland. TVB is her management, but instead of signing jobs to improve her career and wealth, they are giving her jobs for the greater good of TVB. Steven had to leave and now sign on a per series basis, I hope Tavia will take a page off her brother’s book and leave.

      3. I agree with you Puff, eventhough tvb is her mother station she should look beyond that and do what’s best for her.

        I love tavia’s personality , how she’s so grateful of tvb for the oppurtunities but she needs to leave and widen her acting skills. Despite her age I still think shec can make it big in mainland

      4. I also agree with Puff but I think one of the main reasons why Tavia may stay with TVB if she does is she because she is close to home and wants to be with her mom. Also, the working conditions in HK are better even though the hours are crazy. But one of the big reasons can be because of her mom whom she says she wants to spend as much time with as possible.

  15. who will babysit him-him if she’s going to take up the mainland china work? distant relationships hardly work out, oh ya, watched her him-him act in one of the old shows, he was cast as a gay, he looked slim then haha

  16. an thinking, them people earning so much money, then they shouldn’t be complaining about the time spent/sacrifices they have made, wonder how much felix earned back then and now?

  17. she wouldnt want to know what i would do to her

  18. With 30 million RMB, she can actually fixed her noise straight!

    1. When someone’s nose is stretched out too much, it’s probably very challenging for even the best of surgeons to fix. Seeing her profile next to another actress, her nose is almost twice the size. Hopefully, she will not end up like Michael Jackson (with a nose that no one/money can fix).

  19. I don’t think Tavia will leave HK. She’s too “homely” and likes comfortable working environments. Plus, her bf is in TVB and unless he leaves, she’s not in any hurry. But she can definitely negotiate her contracts with outside companies in HK. So that’s one possible issue.

  20. Charmaine Sheh is still the 1st sister 😀

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