Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi Face Romantic Obstacles in “Love Like the Galaxy”

Chinese drama Love Like the Galaxy <星漢燦爛> continues to both frustrate and excite fans. In addition to the slow-burn romance between Leo Wu Lei (吳磊) and Rosy Zhao Lusi (趙露思) and the far-and-few sweet moments leave fans wanting more the slow release of episodes continued to agitate viewers.

In the latest episode, the emperor is curious about who Ling Bu Yi (Wu Lei) is in love with. He summons the Cheng family to the palace in order to meet Cheng Shaoshang (Zhao Lusi). However, Shaoshang is ridiculed by other palace women of similar age, including the fifth princess, who sent someone to toss her shoes and smashed chinaware all around her and demanded that she jump on and around the broken glass.

In the end, Bu Yi carried Shaoshang and saved her from the humiliation, then proceeded to ask the emperor to grant him her hand in marriage. “In my heart, she is the best woman in the entire city, as well as the entire world! I will not marry another.” The sweet and touching scene had fans swooning.

True to its teasing plot, the swoon-worthy scene was soon replaced with an equally frustrating moment, when Shao Shang’s mother, Xiao Yuan Yi, refused to approve the marriage. Worried that Shao Shang’s brashness may lead to the destruction of the Cheng family if she married Bu Yi, she publicly criticized her daughter for being vulgar, uneducated, and immoral. Netizens found the scene heartbreaking to watch, commenting that, as a mother, Yuan Yi is much too harsh and malicious.

Love Like the Galaxy is split into two parts, with the first part airing from July 5 to July 27 and the second part airing later in 2022. With its slow release and teasing romantic arc, many are worried that the drama will lose its popularity due to the long wait time and separate release.

Source: Up Media

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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