Yan Yikuan and Wife Share Daughter’s Photo

The new parents got contemplative recently when their daughter fell ill.

January 24, 2019 was actor Yan Yikuan’s (嚴屹寬) 40th birthday, but the happy occasion was marred by the fact that his daughter came down with fever and flu, and was sleepless through the night. Yikuan and his wife Sunny Du (杜若溪) did not catch a wink the entire night as it was the first time their daughter had come down with fever since her birth in June last year.

Yikuan pushed away all the jobs he arranged previously to stay home and look after his seven-month-old daughter, nicknamed “Little Meatball”. She was crying through the night and only fell asleep around noon the next day. Looking at the situation humorously, Yikuan feels that this is the present Little Meatball has for him – she is so reliant on him that she “fell ill” so Daddy could stay home and be with her.

Message of Love

Two days after the fever episode, Yikuan’s wife Sunny also wrote a heartfelt post, in which she mentioned about wishing she can suffer instead in her place. “(It was) the first time you had a fever; the first time you had to take very bitter medicine; the first time I had you in my arms for the entire night before you were willing to fall asleep. I was heartbroken when you cried, but Mommy can’t suffer in your place; life is a long journey and you are growing up day by day.

“Along with life’s beautiful flowers you will also experience the bitterness, I want to give you enough security and love, no matter what you encounter in the future. Remember that you are worth loving and deserve the best love. Do not underestimate yourself, as only those who are kind, brave, determined and who love themselves have the ability to truly love!”

Reveals Daughter’s Photos

Perhaps because Little Meatball is so cute, Yikuan shared photos of his daughter’s face in recent posts. Little Meatball is indeed very adorable with a plump, round face, and evokes heart-wrenching pity with her watery eyes and tearful face now that she is sick. Her big round eyes take after Mommy, while her small mouth closely resemble Daddy.

Source: QQ

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