Yoo Ah In Suspected to Be a Habitual Drug User

Critically acclaimed South Korean actor Yoo Ah In, 36, is currently being investigated by the police for illegal use of propofol, marijuana, cocaine and ketamine.  Suspected to be a habitual drug user, he may face criminal charges. He is due to report to authorities on Friday, as part of an ongoing crackdown on the criminal organizations behind local distribution.

In February, Yoo Ah In tested positive for the four banned substances. Since 2021, Yoo Ah In’s prescription purchases for propofol have been too frequent, which attracted authorities’ notice. He allegedly injected propofol 73 times in one year and used a total of 4,400 milliliters of propofol during that time, indicating his strong reliance on the anesthetic which induces relaxation and sleepiness.

Police have submitted a warrant for Yoo Ah In’s phone records, attempting to trace the illegal networks which supplied cocaine and ketamine to the actor. In addition, authorities are clamping down on the doctors’ offices and clinics that prescribed him excessive amounts of propofol.

Yoo Ah In has already finished filming Netflix movie Goodbye Earth and original series The Match. His other new movie Hi Five has just finished filming, and the company has not confirmed a release date. The companies that have invested in Yoo Ah In’s projects are left in a tough spot, as there has already been public outcry around the drug scandal and netizens voicing they would not watch his new works. This is worsened by the fact that he is likely a habitual drug user, and this was not a one time mistake. If none of his upcoming works were to air, Yoo Ah In will likely have to repay a large sum for violating his contracts.

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This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

Yoo Ah In Investigated for Use of Illegal Drugs


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  1. So many of them take illegal drugs, but they are more careful than the Western celebs. I had some silly Billy tell me that Asian celebs, especially idols, do not do drugs or drink to get drunk and stupid, only a little social drink.
    I know a few Taiwanese that smoke so much dope. One has several photos on his instagram where he looked rough from drinks and, or drugs. He also had two live segments to promote his book, and he looked rough in the second one. Another one, who is a friend and sometimes lover, when he is high, curses out his friend with benefits, insults him, pushes him around and then demands s*x, which he can’t perform, in his iniberated state. Not that he is capable even when sober, lol. The friend with benefits spills the tea when he is hurting. I could go on all day about drug orgies and parties in the Asian entertainment industry.
    Yoo Ah needs some serious help if he is taking all these drugs. I hope he gets the help he so badly needs.

  2. So many celebrities take drugs…
    Like Robert Downey junior… I hope they will also give yoo in ah a 2nd chance… but knowing korea… I doubt it…
    He s just unlucky for being caught.
    Such a waste… he is a great actor. I will miss his acting and movies 🙁

    1. I won’t say he is unlucky for being caught. It could be a life saving blessing that he got caught. Maybe now he can get the help he needs. It is good he got caught, so that his well manufactured image can be seen for what it was, an image, a false one too. Too often these celebrities pass themselves of of parogons of virtue, who are worthy of a halo, and have the sheep believing they are the next Messiah. One thing about the West is the celebs are humanized by their peers, the fans and the media. We get to see them in their weak, scandalous moments, and their moments of glory. The fans, media and the management teams of the Asian celebs paint them in shades of angel dist, and the celebs soon believe that they are pure, angelic and perfect too. I want more of them to be exposed so that the Asian community can start coming to grips with the awful reality I see. Public exposure will, and can also save their lives.

      1. @teddy I fully agree with you…being caught may hurt his career but it may save his life and health. Who knows what happens in a few years…

    2. @aktf To be honest, recreation drugs taking are very common in Europe and US…. I was surprised just how many of my own friends do so but it does not affect their daily life, those friends are all in medical/science field, doctors/scientists/ pharmacists. I dont like all substances as I hate losing control over myself. So I tend no to judge others who enjoy them. Just hope they do so in moderation..
      But I will miss Yoo Ah In on screen…he is a talented actor… Who knows he might return one day… At least in SKoream, it is possible. Unlike China.

  3. Nothing news, they are not angels… Drug users is everywhere, so artists too… i m sure he is not the only one

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