Yoo Ah In Did Drugs With a Group of Celebrity Friends

South Korean film star Yoo Ah In is under investigation after he was exposed for the illegal use of propofol, marijuana, cocaine, and ketamine. Ah In is said to have visited nightclubs almost every week to take drugs with other celebrities. Police are currently also investigating all members of the group.

According to Korean media reports, Ah In was spotted frequently at three nightclubs in Itaewon since October 2022. In one of the clubs, an innermost corner table would be reserved just for the actor and his friends.

Some eyewitness accounts revealed seeing Ah In along with a group of models and celebrities smoking substances which did not smell like cigarettes. The group behaved suspiciously as they did not order any alcohol and yet, appeared muddled when they left the clubs.

Yoo Ah In Releases Apology Statement

On March 28, Ah In apologized for disappointing everyone through an Instagram post. He felt regretful and shameful over his actions, and acknowledged that there were no acceptable excuses for it. He was deeply  sorry for his colleagues and staff who had their work impacted because of his mistakes, and asserted that he would take full responsibility by cooperating with the investigation and accept the criticisms and legal consequences.

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This article is written by Minna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. So who is covering up the rest?? Drugs taking must be common in SK clubbing scene but only few get arrested….

    1. @Hohliuit is so common, but like you said, only few get arrested. In Taiwan, and Hong Hong, there are so many who take drugs, and I have personally witnessed this. Some of the righteous ones will shock the fans if their habits get exposed. Then again, the fans will say it is not true. It is so, so true. One Taiwanese even Puff with his manager. If fact, he does everything with, and to his married manager.

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