Yoo Ah In Used 8 Drugs

Embroiled in a career-breaking drug controversy, South Korean actor Yoo Ah In is now suspected of using not five, but eight different banned substances, in violation of the country’s narcotics control act.

Hid the Full Extent of Drug Use?

The actor in award-winning 2018 film, “Burning”.

In May, an arrest warrant was issued for the acclaimed actor on suspicion of his illegal use of 5 different drugs after testing positive. With the South Korean drug crime authorities delving deeper into the 36-year-old’s drug use and the sources where he procured his supplies, it surfaced that Yoo Ah In did not come clean about the true extent of his drug habits on questioning, but rather based his confession of guilt on however much was detected in the tests.

Adding on to his alleged recreational use of 5 drugs initially including propofol, marijuana, cocaine, ketamine and Zolpidem, the actor is now also suspected of using two more banned substances – midazolam and alprazolam, both psychotropic drugs. He had also tested positive for another unnamed banned substance that is used as a sedative whose name police sources have not revealed.

One of South Korea’s top actors, he allegedly took propofol, a sedative, 73 times in 2021. Reacting to the massive extent of Yoo Ah In’s use of at least 8 different drugs so far, shocked netizens commented that it’s a marvel he is still alive.

Meanwhile, his upcoming projects, including Netflix’s The Match and Goodbye Earth, face the fate of being postponed until further notice.

Source: WorldJournal

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  1. None of this surprises me one bit. There are a lot more baby face, so called righteous celebs doing the same thing, and worse. It is just they have not been found out yet. yet. Maybe I should expose a young BL actor and his controller who do drugs together at her house., hotel rooms and elsewhere, while their spouses are nowhere in sight. She brazenly accompanied young stud recently to promote an animal cause, and she was high as a skyscraper.
    Even when they attend weddings, and he does back to back interviews and podcasts, you can tell when he is high.

    Please nook the popcorn and make the tea cause a lot is coming.

  2. Isn’t alprazolam a prescription for anxiety and insomnia? Not saying he is innocent but would he using that to help him to sleep?

    1. Yup, apparently he has trouble sleeping. And it seems the drug doesn’t work as well as time goes on, so he increased the doses. It’s one of those double edge sword, and also he’s not getting to the root of his problems. It’s rather sad, because he’s extremely talented 🙁

      1. He is a talented artist…They do say, many artists express themselves best when they take drugs… It is very common in Europe and US.

      2. So if he is able to prove the medical prescription then public opinion and legal system might be more sympathetic with his overdose.
        However for the rest of the tested drugs and that the police does not find him honest, his career will be affected, at least in the next few years.
        Feel that SK are more forgiving on drug abuse than say, drink driving. Wasn’t the leading actor in that zombie period drama once caught with drug abuse and he’s still taking on leading roles after lying low for a few years.

      3. @BearBear I feel SK is more forgiving towards drug users… but harsh on drink driving… I am interested to see if Yoo Ah-In will given another chance to act again in future… And yes, Ju Ji-hoon came back after his released and became stronger and better….I love his projects very much. He is a great actor.

      4. @Hohliu Ahh Ju Ji-hoon, he did return with much better acting than his wooden crown prince role.
        Only time will tell for now what lies ahead for YAI. For one, we both agree that SKs seem more forgiving towards this crime and SK entertainment till now continue to have demand for their matured actors/actresses in leading roles, unlike C or HK so there seem to have a fairly decent chance for him to start again, provided he stays clean from addiction and has not stepped onto the toes of the powerful.

  3. This arrest is good for him…often these druggies just dont know how to stop. Since they started taking drugs, enjoying it and of course having enough money to keep buying.
    A trip to jail be will good to detox him and turn his life round for the better…. But he has been doing this for so long, I bet there are many regular drug users in SK… he must have offended someone to be caught…

  4. I like YAI as an actor and have been following him since ~2008, but something felt off about him even back then. Not sure when his drug activities started. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise and he can get the help he needs.

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