Yoyo Mung Will Not Have Kids; Wants to Enjoy Freedom

While they were dating, Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧) and Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健) originally did not have any intentions to get married or have children. However, as the couple grew older and witnessed their friends enjoying family life, they changed their mind. In 2013, Yoyo and Ekin quietly got married in Tokyo, Japan. If the couple can change their minds about marriage, would they also change their minds about having children?

When Yoyo was spotted recently with a fuller figure, rumors were abound that she is expecting. However, the 43-year-old actress refuted the rumors in a recent interview. Known for their love of adventure and outdoor activities, the couple does not plan to have any children and hope to maintain their freedom.

Yoyo shared, “My mom is a willful person. As I watched my grandma worry about my mom every day, it made me understand that having children is a lifetime responsibility. If I had a child like my mom, then wouldn’t it be miserable? I like having just the two of us enjoy our freedom more.”

Reflecting on her childhood, Yoyo revealed that her parents divorced when her mother was still pregnant. Yoyo was raised by her maternal grandmother. Growing up in a single-parent household, Yoyo had a very unhappy childhood, which was scarred by the suicide of her half-sister. Yoyo did not believe in marriage and had no plans to wed. That was, until a discussion with her friend changed her mind. “A friended ask me why I didn’t gotten married yet. If something happened to either [Ekin or myself], no matter how close we are, the law will not recognize our relationship and we can’t do anything for one another. This made me reconsider.”

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. It’s good that they got married as she mention if anything were to happen, at least now they have the right to speak on their behalf. As for kids… It’s good to know people who decided against it then those young ones that pop kids out like no tomorrow and then not taking care of them.

  2. Yes…it is always good to be married if both are serious about the relationship…whether or not to have kids is another issue.

  3. If Yoyo and Ekin do not want to have children, that is their right and their choice. However, over the years, Yoyo has given some of the most ridiculous reasons for not wanting kids. She even once said being pregnant and having kids is like being in prison. Not a smart thing to say. That was just one ridiculous example out of many. She is beginning to spill gibberish like Grace Chan. Yoyo should not go there.

  4. quote: Yoyo shared, “My mom is a willful person. As I watched my grandma worry about my mom every day, it made me understand that having children is a lifetime responsibility. If I had a child like my mom, then wouldn’t it be miserable?’

    if she doesn’t want to have kids, that’s her right…but it doesn’t mean that every child will be wilful. having children is a lifetime responsibilty, but to talk so badly about her own mother isn’t a right thing to say. is yoyo saying that she has been an angel?

    1. @janet72 that sentence from Yoyo that you repeated is a very good point. Even if she did not mean to, Yoyo made her mother look like a problem child from hell. I just wish she would say “my husband and I prefer not to have children” and put the lid on her mouth. In the last three years, Yoyo has given us a good few reasons for not wanting kids, and all the reasons ate banal and asinine.

    2. @janet72 I’m sorry, but she is entitled to her opinion. She had a terrible relationship with her mother who yelled at her and beat her for the smallest mistakes. That’s child abuse, so whatever Yoyo wants to say about her mother now, she can. That’s not to say she was an angel herself – she did say she was a bad student and that was the reason behind most of her beatings.

      She’s pretty blunt, and some people will take offense to that. I don’t think she meant to say she was a good child, but she wasn’t witnessing herself grow up – she DID witness her grandma always worrying about her mother, however, and that image probably stayed in her head. Every child may not be willful, but she doesn’t want kids period, so even if the child was a good kid, I doubt she would want to raise one.

      I agree one shouldn’t talk badly about one’s mother IF they had a great/normal relationship. Her mother sounded like a terrible person.

  5. So is yoyo angelic when she was growing up? She didn’t give problems? That’s her mother and yoyo has no right to talk so badly about the person who brought her into this world.

    1. @janet72 doubt she was angelic but from the sound of things she and her mom doesn’t get along. Also if I remember correctly, she was raised by the grandma as the Mom had a new family… Is it wrong for her to say bad things about her Mom?…really depend.. as if it’s really her Grandma who raised and care for her.. her Mom was just someone who gave birth to her and that’s it. And her Grandma is the one who she can relate to. I don’t think what she said is wrong.. some of the reasoning she had before for not having kids are kind of silly. but then I rather they don’t have kids then have kids and be miserable and blame everything on the kid.

  6. everyone IS entitled to their opinions…but putting her own mother down is absolutely wrong.
    if she and her husband do not want kids, just say they don’t want…PERIOD.
    how would yoyo feel if her mother said giving birth to her is a mistake?

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