“A Great Way to Care 2” to Feature Dark and Gruesome Criminal Cases

Be prepared for some psychotic, blood-drenching thrill, because the long-awaited direct sequel the medical crime drama, A Great Way to Care <仁心解碼>, is premiering Monday tonight on TVB’s Jade! The sequel sees the return of professional crime fighters portrayed by Alex Fong (方中信), Ben Wong (黃智賢), and Ram Chiang (蔣志光). New additions to the cast, Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), and Aimee Chan(陳茵媺) join together to solve forensic mysteries.

A Great Way to Care, a 2009 warehoused drama that did not get a chance to broadcast in Hong Kong until January 2011, finished its midnight rerun on March 15, 2013. With the first series’ episode finale still fresh in the audience’s minds, ratings for the sequel are expected to reach at least 30 points (approximately 1.92 million viewers).

The first episode of A Great Way to Care 2 will start off with Dr. Ko Lap Yan (Alex Fong) mourning over the death of his wife, Mandy Mok (Kate Tsui). To continue Mandy’s legacy of justice, Yan resigns his senior psychiatry position at the hospital and is recruited to the Forensic Psychiatry Department to become a psychiatry consultant for the Criminal Investigation Department. There, he meets his future work partner Cheuk Wai Yiu (Yoyo Mung). Yan also develops a growing admiration for Chung Kwok Ban (Ben Wong)’s subordinate, Lam Chung Yan (Tavia Yeung).

In regards to the differences between the two series, Alex exclaimed that the sequel will be more daring and darker than its predecessor. Such storylines include an arc about Yoyo asking Alex to donate his sperm, and gruesome and bloody cases that involve rape and murder. Alex admitted, “When I was shooting the series, I asked the producer several times if our drama would be released. I feel that the second series crosses too many extreme boundaries. There will definitely be complaints.”

Power Chan (陳國邦), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), and Oceane Zhu (朱璇) also star in the sequel.

“A Great Way to Care 2” Trailer

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Source: Ming Pao via kuangaitvb.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Why is it always like death to female lead in first series in the 2nd series? TV is showing, haven’t watched series 1 so I will skip this unless with compelling reason to switch back. If I want gruesome I can just switch on Criminal Minds.

    1. It’s so the male lead can have more character development.

      1. And also, wasn’t it because Kate Tsui had to pull out because of conflicting filming schedules? So [sort of SPOILER ALERT] the most she could do was put in a guest starring appearance/cameo to explain her absence.

    2. Criminal Minds will always be better than the crap TVB spews out, Spencer Reid <3

    3. Don’t even compare criminal mind with any show!!! Criminal mind is awesome!!!!

      1. I heard the new series the Following is quite good too, in the gruesome department of course.

    4. because kate tsui couldn’t make it

      it’s always like that

    1. The cases are to me are ehh… lacking that “want to watch so badly” factor

  2. i love these kinds of series! always thought tvb should do more daring series!

    Also such a great cast. Definitely tuning in every night 🙂

  3. So Great Way to Care is seguing into something like Every Move You Make sequel?

    1. Yes, I have to say she aged well and still looks very pretty.

  4. Look forward to watching this series, even though I haven’t seen the first one yet. I seem to enjoy TVB series more if I don’t know what level of quality to expect lol.

  5. Im very much looking forward to catching on this series. Ive always loved this type of crime and investigation genre. And meh…if they receive complaints it’s the usual from HK viewers. 14 or so complaints out of the how many thousands who may watch it, that’s considered nothing.

  6. Yes Alex Fong. I’m glad to see him again. So tired of the same old male lead. At least he’s got. I want Burning Flame 4 with Alex Fong.

    Ram Chiang should get an award. Cuz he’s in every series. Good job

  7. Just watched the first episode, it’s great so far and def darker. A bit more realistic in terms of the cases in the old days like the DIF series.

    Compared to Criminal Minds the crime scenes does look somewhat gruesomely similar but dialogue and the crime solving process is def more sophisticated in Criminal Minds. TVB will never live up to the U.S. series standards but it’s nice to see these type of dramas from them. I know there will be tons of complaints but hey if you don’t think you can handle it then simply turn off the TV.

    1. Dang, I LOVED the DIF series! One of my favorite criminal serials from TVB.

  8. Btw Edwin got some horse teeth. It’s annoying cuz he barely can talk. They over did that.

    1. i’ve always hated when TVB had those characters with the buck teeth. it’s so corny and unfunny.

      the first episode wasn’t bad btw.

    2. I totally agree. So irritating and annoying. Edwin is obviously trying to make a difference but it doesn’t help when he is not audible.

  9. Good, happy to see they are doing something different. however, im sure they won’t show the gruesome parts since its TVB:P I just saw first episode, not bad pretty good so far. Looking forward to it.

  10. There was a scene in the trailer where Tavia is about to kill someone in a room full of plastic covers. Isn’t that very reminiscent of Dexter and his kill room? C’mon TVB, try to be original.

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