Alex Fong Will Not Sign with HKTV

Alex Fong (方中信) and his costars gathered together at an event held in Tsim Sha Tsui’s Shangri-La Hotel on Thursday to promote medical drama, A Great Way to Care 2 <仁心解碼II>, which will premiere in Hong Kong on Monday, March 18.

Starring Alex Fong as senior psychiatrist and criminal psychology expert, Ko Lap Yan, the story of A Great Way to Care 2 will pick up where the first series ended. With the help of his team of psychiatrists, Yan will aid the Hong Kong police force in cracking a manifold of unusual cases.

Tavia Yeung (楊怡), Yoyo Mung (蒙嘉慧), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), and Aimee Chan (陳茵媺) are new additions to the A Great Way to Care 2 cast and attended the promotional event. Yoyo Mung, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen.

TVB Dropped Yoyo Mung Out of Promotional Tour?

Rumored to have already signed with Ricky Wong’s (王維基) HKTV drama station, it was reported that Yoyo did not receive TVB’s call to appear at the event. Tavia said, “I haven’t seen her since Yoyo’s marriage [with Ekin Cheng (鄭伊健)]. Even if she doesn’t show up today, we will have many opportunities in the future to meet again. Many people still showed up today! There is Uncle Fong! He has many housewife fans!”

Tavia also gave Alex, who will be turning 50 years old on March 17, a loud kiss on the cheek. “I hope Hoyan Mok (莫可欣) doesn’t mind!” Tavia laughed. Asked if boyfriend Him Law (羅仲謙) would get jealous, Tavia said, “He is actually applauding! He really likes Alex Fong.”

In regards to Yoyo’s absence, “Uncle” Alex Fong said, “Big companies have their own standpoints and set of rules. If she were to wait until after the promotional tour before thinking about moving to a new station, the matter would be less complicated.”

Alex then expressed that he would rather earn money in mainland China than at HKTV, putting big smiles on TVB executives’ mouths. “I’ll rather earn RMB in mainland China. Ricky Wong did reach out to me through a mutual colleague, but working with someone I know is better than working with someone unfamiliar. I will not limit myself to only TVB, but if they call me, I will meet up.”

A Great Way to Care 2 producer, Marco Law (羅永賢), insisted that Yoyo is still helping with the promotions, “She did some photo shoots for the drama’s official poster. She has reached a consensus with the company. She wants to have better career development and explore her options. I am happy for Yoyo.”

TVB executive, Tsang Sing Ming (曾醒明), stated that Yoyo is currently in talks with TVB to appear at next week’s round of promotions for A Great Way to Care 2.

Aimee Chan has the “Chan Mo Disease”

Aimee Chan’s real-life romance with Moses Chan (陳豪) was once again put in the spotlight by her cast. At the event, Aimee was chosen to play a patient in an interactive game. Her diagnostician costars claimed that Aimee’s heart will beat unbelievably fast when she drinks coffee or when she sees six-foot tall males. She was concluded to be infected with the “Chan Mo Disease.”

Aimee said afterwards, “They always tease me like that! I do hope that audiences who are infected with the ‘Chan Mo Disease’ and ‘Aimee Disease’ will support our drama.”


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  1. Yes, Alex Fong!!! Finally, he’s back. Miss him. Can’t wait to watch something good this year.

  2. I’m looking forward to this! I like series with cases.

  3. Awe I wish Yoyo could participate in the promotions! And I can’t wait to see Yoyo’s acting and how she handles her promotions. 😀

  4. Can’t wait to watch this! Looking forward to Yoyo, Tavia, Alex and Ram! 😀

    1. Is Power in this as well? Makes everything more exciting 😀

  5. Looking forward to this! Great cast also! looks like a great role for tavia 🙂

    the cases also look interesting! definitely a must watch

  6. Base on long trailer , tis series seems promising and much more darker from first installmennt. Cant wait to watch Tavia,Yoyo and Edwin , and Ram

  7. Auntie tavia calling Alex Fong uncle? At least Alex Fong looks good for his age, tavia looks years older than her real age. Can’t imagine how she would look in 10 years. Granny tavia?! Eewwww

    1. you dont have to be mean but haha i like her but she does look older than her age.

    2. LOL…kind of mean but funny.

      Although, the truth is always hard to take sometimes… 😛

  8. Alex Fong will be the Kenneth to Tavia in the Great way to care 2 !! I am excited for this medical drama!

  9. What’s w/this Chan Mo Disease and Amiee Disease?

  10. the trailer looks really good! is tavia evil? and i don’t think she’s paired up with alex fong. alex is with yoyo and tavia is with ben wong.

    tbb so slack to artists who have contact with the rival tv station. yoyo hasn’t even signed the contract yet. she’s negotiating still. if tbb wants to keep yoyo, then they should be more friendly. an hostile approach to negotiating contracts is not the way to go.

    my feeling is, tbb probably doesn’t like yoyo. i mean she hasn’t been heavily promoted than the other actresses for all the years that she’s been with tbb. they probably think she’s expendable so why bother re-signing her. same situation as steven ma, he wasn’t heavily promoted so they didn’t attempt to keep him and they were really slack to him in the few months before his contract ended. again was wong he.

  11. Tvb drama is getting deteriorating day by day with actors move to mainland.

    1. I would not say that.. Dramas are successful because of the director, producer,scriptwriter,and many other crew members that work behind the scenes as well. It is NOT just the artists that you see onscreen. Of course since they are the only ones that you see on screen so it is easy to blame it on them. Even if they stayed and the behind the scenes crew left, the series would still go downhill…

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