Bosco Wong’s “Young Sherlock” Enters Post-Production

The mainland Chinese detective drama Young Sherlock <少年神探狄仁杰>, which was shot in Hengdian World Studios this past winter, has entered post-production and may premiere on HunanTV by late 2013. Filming ended on April 10, 2013.

Contrary to past Di Renjie productions, Young Sherlock stars a refreshing young “idol” cast, with Bosco Wong (黃宗澤) starring as the young Di Renjie, who is tasked by Empress Wu to solve a string of mysteries that is occurring in the Tang capital of Chang’an.

Ruby Lin (林心如) will star as Empress Wu, Yuan Hong (袁弘) as Emperor Gaozong, Ma Tianyu (马天宇) as Renjie’s sidekick Wang Yuanfang, and Stephy Qi (戚薇) as Renjie’s love interest, Li Wangqing.

The action-packed mystery drama is produced by H&R Century Pictures, best known for their investments on popular idol drama blockbusters, such as Palace <宫>, The Queen of SOP <SOP女王>, and more recently, Wine Beauty <紅酒俏佳人>. Told in a serialized, case-by-case format, the script of Young Sherlock had to go through many months of revisions before it entered official production. The writers ensured that the storyline would be gripping, climactic, and historically acceptable for the audience.

At 40 episodes, Young Sherlock took nearly three months to complete. Cast member Ma Tianyu exclaimed that he was on set almost every day in the past three months, and thus developed a close friendship with his costars. On the last day, Tianyu thanked the cast and crew for their hard work and care, and expressed his wishes to collaborate with the crew again in the future.

Young Sherlock tells the story of 26-year-old Di Renjie, who travels to the capital city to take the Mingjing imperial examinations. At Chang’an, Renjie comes across a rumor involving a ghost and a murder. After solving the chilling mystery, Renjie is sent to court and receives praises from the young Emperor Gaozong and his wife, Empress Wu, who asks him to stay in Chang’an to solve a string of terrorizing mysteries.

Young Sherlock Bosco Wong 7  Young Sherlock Bosco Wong 5  Young Sherlock Bosco Wong 6


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  1. Sounds pretty cool but I’m more interested to see Ruby Lin and Yuan Hong (袁弘) in this drama than Bosco Wong. 😀

    1. I’m actually more interested in seeing Ruby Lin and Bosco Wong although they aren’t lovers in the drama…? 🙂

      1. You make me wish to see them as onscreen lovers now. No they aren’t lovers here. Ruby is guest starring as Empress Wu and she’s also the executive producer for this drama. I must say: Ruby looks good in the official stills. She’s looking better and better as she aged 😀

    2. like like RUBY LIN !!!!!!!!! i didnt care for her theat much in Princess Returning Pearl seriously but the more I watch her other series the more I like her.

  2. I missed Bosco onscreen. I will give this drama a run for his performance as Detective Dee.

    I watched the movie Together recently and for a 6 or 7 minutes appearance, he was awesomely evil without being OTT. He should do another “evil” character once in a while. Angelababy is gorgeous.

    1. I miss seeing Bosco onscreen as well. And I think he should do another evil character as well! He’s a really versatile actor.

    2. You should watch “My Sassy Girl 2”, the one with Lynn Xiong where Bosco plays an evil char-

      …you know what, don’t watch it. It sucks.

  3. The news should’ve mentioned that Bosco and Ma Tian Yu had publicly play BL openly in their weibos hehe.

  4. Don’t judge a mainland drama by its’ cast! This Det. Dee drama might look good aesthetically with the attractive faces of Bosco, Ruby, 7Gor and 13th Prince but sometimes the story will be bad and boring.

    For example Kevin Cheng’s recently aired IP Man was bad despite the expensive budget for choreography. I fell asleep through it.

    1. Yup, as I always say do NOT just go for the cast. I am not sure if Ruby is suited for a role as Empress Wu, but luckily she is only a guest star.

  5. I’m looking forward to Ballad of the Desert and Yun Zhong Ge more because theycome from great novels. Sorry Bosco, Ruby, 7Gor and Prince 13 but this one look like a normal detective series. Prove me wrong.

    1. Ah I hope Yu Zheng’s YZG won’t disappoint fans of the novel. I guess he tweaked some characters’ ages too, because two of the actors casted are and looks twice the age of the main characters.

      1. Actually I think Lu Yi dun look too old to the chac, since Hua Xi Yin, anything is acceptable to me :P. Do you see the new outfit for Hua Xi Yin, the one which look like a chicken’s cage.

  6. Looks good! Too bad I can’t understand Mando or else I would have a lot more options on watching dramas

  7. Looks good. Will watch.

    That is ma tianyu? At first thought I thought what a pretty actress in disguise as a man!!

    1. looks lame and bad. won’t watch!

      ma tinyu’s good beauty puts many tvb actresses who look like males such as kate and tavia to shame! i thought he was another girl bosco was flirting with as usual of his flirty self in the first place!

    2. I think Ma Tian Yu must have double eyelid surgery. Don’t remember his eyes are that big.

      1. nvr mind, I think my memory does not working right. He looks different in every picture. Not sure can’t pin point his face.

    3. Haha. I was going to ask whether he is a girl in disguise or a young boy. 😛

      1. are you jealous kidd? most of the hot guys do have a face that looks feminine and boyish,haha.

    4. What the series of Ma Tianyu with Wallace Huo I don’t rmb name, his chac often disguised female in that one.

      1. And I don’t recall him being often in female disguise. he was male, in an opera as a female.

    1. miriamfanz: Have you ever read Chinese Detective Judge Dee mysterious books by Robert Van Gulik? They are pretty interesting, and the author captured that era and Judge Dee’s character pretty well with his words.

  8. I guess you all forgot about Ma Tian Yu in BBJX.I don’t think he had any PS from what I know. I have followed him for awhile and he looks about the same. He has a really nice singing voice.

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