“Cross the Finish Line” Cast Leaves for Taiwan

Him Law (羅仲謙), Sisley Choi (蔡思貝), and Sammy Sum (沈震軒) left for Taiwan for on location filming for TVB drama Cross the Finish Line <衝線> today.

The scenes in Hong Kong have already completed filming and the cast and crew popped champagne bottles to celebrate. However, Him revealed that more hard work is ahead in Taiwan. “On September 19, we have to film over 100 scenes!”

Taking the female lead for the first time, Sisley worked extra hard to prepare for her role. Unfortunately, she recently fell ill with a cold. Stopping to speak with the press at the airport before departing for her flight, Sisley said, “I’m a little sick. I’m scared of losing my voice. I had a day off yesterday and that’s when I got sick. I haven’t had time [to see the doctor], but I brought some cold medication along with me.” She hopes that she will have time to enjoy the local sights and have fun while filming in Taiwan.

Although Sisley was reported to be boldly flirting and pursuing Him Law on the set, she did not take the rumors to heart. After the negative reports arose, many of Sisley’s coworkers, including Him, offered comfort and kind words to cheer her up.

Sammy Conquers His Fears

Flying to Taiwan to film for a cycling competition in Cross the Finish Line, Sammy expressed that he feels slightly worried for the upcoming scene despite practicing for a week on his bike. Having fractured his hand while filming a bicycle scene in Line Walker <使徒行者>, Sammy said he will need to be more careful this time. Once he checks in the hotel, Sammy will make sure to get adequate rest prior to filming.

Asked to comment on Anthony Wong’s (黃秋生) outrage over TVB’s travel policy for artistes when filming outside of Hong Kong, Sammy said, “I feel that we need to give Anthony special treatment because it takes a lot of money to hire him, so we need to treat him with special care.”

Sources: On.cc; On.cc

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  1. She looks very ordinary to me, TVB seems to be lacking of true beauties nowadays. Hopefully she can act.

    1. It doesn’t matter it only matter inside everyone says that’s how Veronica won daa

    2. I’m very happy by the comments above.

      For what I know, the HK media labelled her as “Karena Ng 2.0”!


  2. so many cute guys in this series! sisley reminds me of mandy wong, hopefully her acting lives up to it!

  3. Knowing tvbs cheapskate policies, they’ll probably have to share a room or something. Him and Sammy get to sleep on a bunk bed whilst sisley gets to have a couch on her own.

  4. Female lead?? Y don’t TVB promote other more talented actress? Elaine Yiu? Natalie Tong? They are more talented n deserve to become leading role after so many years.

    1. I guess it’s because they have other dramas to film on hand. Natalie is good to lead but Elanne may still need some time to brush up on acting.

  5. It baffled me how she actually got placed in the Ms HK pageant!!! She looks really ordinary. Hopefully she can act. TVB is really lacking of star quality these days lol sad sad sad

    1. Lol, did you watch last year’s pageant? Alt. her interview did sick a little, she was very confident throughout the night. Her ability to speak German really wowed me right at the start of the pageant.

      And she was quick in her feet for the pairing interview with Peggy. I still laugh at how she said Peggy has poison on her and hence the dog played with her!!

      I do agree facially she is not that pretty. But then again, which of the top 10 girls last year were that facially strong? Not many actually.

      I think the ones comparable to her last year are #9 Virginia and #5 Miss Chu. Fortunately, both are hired by TVB now so hopefully Virginia can brush up on her Cantonese and #5 can land some acting roles (rather than hosting on TVB Entertainment news) soon.

  6. I’m quite surprised by some of these comments.

    She is not stunning but I think she has a pretty face. When she came out to crown Erin this year, I so hoped she will continue her reign lol.

    I mean how much do you expect from TVB now lol? Even Charmaine and Myolie aren’t that pretty too lol and I’m sure they were criticized for being promoted so early initially (just like Linda did) but look at them now!? It’s never too early to promote a newcomer.

    I hope she is better than Sire.

    1. I think she has a cute face too. It takes much more than a pretty face to be successful in this business. Let’s hope she has talent.

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