Finale Spoilers for “Bounty Lady” Revealed

With half of Bounty Lady <My盛Lady> already broadcast, the TVB comedy has been receiving positive feedback from viewers. Dayo Wong’s (黃子華) return to the TVB screen with his portrayal of the hilarious Heung Gwong Nam is a success. The relationships between different characters in the drama are building up and well underway. Leaked finale spoilers reveal Gwong Nam and Shing Fa Lui’s (Kate Tsui 徐子珊) relationship will soon be intervened by a third party member. This segment is considered to be the most hilarious part of the storyline.

In the first half of the series, Gwong Nam had always been helping out Fa Lui in every possible way. He had hurt a girl in the past, and decided he should treat them better to lessen his guilt. It turns out the girl he hurt was a kindergarten teacher, Law Na, portrayed by Harriet Yeung (楊詩敏). In the drama’s initial trailer, viewers may have noticed one of Dayo’s lines – “I want to eat your…meat patty!” Actually, meat patties marked the beginning of Gwong Nam and Law Na’s past relationship.

Back then, Law Na had a big crush on Gwong Nam, and made him meat patties every day. Dayo had no interest in her, and finally issued a breakup. Leaving Hong Kong to heal her heartbreak, Law Na unfortunately got involved in a plane accident. Since then, Gwong Nam thought she passed away, and felt extremely guilty for what he had done. To his surprise, it turned out Law Na was safe and had spent her time traveling the world. She finally returned to Hong Kong to look for Gwong Nam, only to realize he has fallen in love with Fa Lui. Law Na uses many nasty tactics in order to grab her ex-boyfriend back. Such scenes include forcing Guong Nam to profess his love for her, shooting cheesy video-clips together, and forcing a kiss with him.

Throughout the scenes, Harriet wore tank tops and shorts, which is not her normal style. She revealed, “It’s a big challenge, since I usually don’t dress like that. My body figure isn’t as perfect as Kate’s, and I don’t want to disrupt the city’s beauty standards. I feel like I’m Kate, but two sizes larger!” Harriet felt a mix of nervousness and excitement while filming with Dayo, since he is her idol. She recalled her first scene with Dayo, in which she had to run up to him and force a kiss. Although retakes were needed, Harriet complimented Dayo for being a supportive costar.

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    1. She did well in comedy partly because Dayo guidance. She sexy too in this drama.

    2. yeah, I think her expression really funny. every emotion was expressed on her face just like a little kid and I think it’s cute 😀

      1. I agree Kate is very cute and sexy in this drama. She’s very great and cute like a child. Support Kate all the way!

    3. Yh she’s really Gud at them! Aww loved today’s episode aww it was so sad watching sharon chan celebrate her b day all by herself!!

  1. I’m glad they chose Harriet and not some skinny, hot, sexy girl (too typical). Looking forward to their chemistry!

  2. who know the latin song in this series? i love it so much

  3. Just catch the last night episode and I have to say Jennifer is really hilarious, sometimes I think Jennifer is really a little girl inside the body of an adult, it’s really cute
    Looking forward to this final. As the spoiler above Heung Kwong Nam didn’t love his ex-girlfriend, right? he just felt regret, right?

  4. Love this drama so much!!! Support Kate all the way, can’t wait to see next episode.

  5. This drama is great! Kate is very cute and funny like a little child! Support Jennifer support Kate all the way!

  6. Jennifer is very cute and hilarious. Kate is very funny. This is a great drama. I support this drama and Kate all the way. I love Jennifer’s childlike facial expression. She’s a cute child in a sexy adult body. This is a great drama.

  7. Jennifer was funny and cute in last night’s episode. Kate is very funny. I’m supporting Kate till the end and I hope she has good ending with Heung Kwong Nam. I don’t think Heung Kwong Nam loves his ex. This drama is great and I support Kate all the way.

  8. These aren’t really spoilers. I expected happy endings anyway.

    I am enjoying this series immensely but I shall say this. Save for Dayo Wong, everyone else is replaceable.

    And I don’t get the Kate Tsui love. She is trying too hard that it isn’t funny. But at least she tries. The fact that she is better that situation comedy (as opposed to comedy) than drama says a lot about her acting abilities. She can’t be dramatic but she can be made a fool. I love Samantha Ko more.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Don’t know if it’s Dayo or the producer, but there are unexpected performances. Grace somehow shines in her scenes. Same for Samantha as the ditzy model. Dayo is the saving factor.

    2. Kate isn’t spectacular but I think a lot of her critics have been very harsh on her. It’s a comedy and there are bound to be a lot of exaggeration. We have seen her act in a lot of serious dramas being a very serious character normally afflicted by tragedy or a temptress in some cases.

      However, the fact she is willing to do the more sinister and double edged roles appeals a lot to both the female and male audience.

      Take Myolie Wu and Linda Chung for example, they will never change their current portrayals and try out new roles.

      Hence why I think Kate deserves a lot of praise for playing other characters outside of her experience (and comfort zone) and not worry about what others think.

      1. Myolir started out as a mentally challenged girl in golden faith. Gained popularity through her comedic role in war of in laws. First got nominated as the fat girl in growing pains(?). Then ultimately won with curse of Harlem. That’s a pretty wide range. Yes, Linda has limited range but not myolie.

        Kate, she’s never able to ditch her high heels, spider leg eyelashes or stopped her squinting of eyes and pouting those sausage lips of hers. She is not sexy and very very very ugly. She ties with cake face woman in ssss.

      2. Myolie DID a play a wide range of roles, but now she’s just BORING! And let’s not even start with Linda.
        I love the way you criticized Kate. It’s all wrong, and it tells me you’re secretly an admirer because if not, you would not have noticed the ‘spider leg eyelashes’ and the ‘sausage lips’. There’s a fine line between love and hate, and in your case Allen, I think you’d love to hate Kate, and you hate that you love her.

  9. This drama is so hilarious, 20 episodes are not enough. I want to watch Kate and Dayo more.

    1. omg i agree! it’s so good! kate is improving so much with her acting. C: she’s better off with comedy than those bloody police crime scenes!

  10. Anybody else noticed that there are way too many Sharon scenes….?

    1. I do, there are rumors about Kate’s scene was cut. And I notice there are some of the scene in the promote clip and trailer and even picture never appeared in the actual drama, they’re mostly Kate’s

      1. Yes I noticed it too especially since the scenes between dayo and kate doesn’t flow too well. Anyway, the producer is well-known for favouring Sharon. Just find it pretty unfair for Kate.

      2. I know about the preference of that producer for Sharon too
        and yeah, the story of Dayo and Kate is kind of messy edited. I thought I didn’t catch the whole thing because I watched Bounty lady with English sub, But now with you saying this I know I didn’t miss anything. So, the drama The Apostle which will star Charmaine and Raymond, there could be a possible chance that Charmaine may not make it and TVB arrange for Linda to step in, some of my friends say “why not Kate?” But I tell them “No Kate please” with this producer plus Sharon then as a fan I’m afraid the same thing will happen just like Bounty lady

      3. Whether Charmaine or Linda, good luck to whoever that takes up that role. We can expect the “quality” of the drama. Not expecting much.

  11. this drama must end before the 16th dec but it won’t happen D: so unfair! have been saying it thousands of time. but realize the past years all drama will air finish before the award day.

  12. After watching Bounty Lady episode 15 won’t be surprise Kate will grab the TVB queen

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