Hawick Lau and Tiffany Tang’s “Lady & Liar” to Air January 27

The anticipated TV drama, Lady & Liar <千金女賊>, starring Hawick Lau (劉愷威) as a mafia boss and Tiffany Tang (唐嫣) as a wealthy heiress gone missing, will begin airing on January 27. Many netizens are looking forward to how Hawick will romance Tiffany, who is one of wife Yang Mi’s (楊冪) best friends.

Since Tiffany is a close friend of Yang Mi and was even her maid of honor, some might expect that she and Hawick would feel awkward when filming intimate scenes, which are aplenty in Lady & Liar. However, at a recent promotional event in Shanghai, Hawick revealed that once he breaks through his mental barriers, filming kissing and intimate scenes went very smoothly. Moreover, Yang Mi does not require him to report to her about such scenes, since it is for work.

Tiffany was later asked to compare kissing Hawick with kissing Wallace Chung (鐘漢良), her costar in the currently airing My Sunshine <何以笙簫默>. Looking slightly embarrassed, Tiffany replied that the two were completely different roles and from different stories, so of course the feeling would be different for each.

Costars Praise Hawick as Good Husband and Father

Although Hawick maintains a regular exercise regime, he shared that during the filming of Lady & Liar, he added even more workouts and made adjustments to his diet in order to achieve a more impressive muscle tone. Viewers seem pleased with the results, but Hawick confessed that Yang Mi has never directly praised him about his body. In response, Tiffany revealed that when Yang Mi is out with friends, she frequently compliments her husband for being too handsome.

Actress Zang Hongna (臧洪娜), one of the supporting cast members in Lady & Liar, further praised Hawick for being a good husband and father. She shared that all of the photos on Hawick’s private chatting software are either of Yang Mi or of Little Sticky Rice, his seven-month-old daughter.

When asked about his feelings as a father, Hawick answered that his life is full of motivation now that he has a child. Though being an artiste can be very fulfilling and diverse, there are also times when the work is rather depressing. There were previous instances when the only places Hawick went were filming sites and the hotel where he was staying. “It’s really quite terrifying to live in a hotel 365 days of the year,” he confided.

However, now that Hawick has a daughter, the first thing he does when returning to his hotel room is turn on the video so he can watch her. “Although we’re not together, it still feels like we’re in the same space,” he said.

Nevertheless, he cannot help but feel frustrated when he is away from Little Sticky Rice for long stretches of time, since she will occasionally treat him like a stranger when he returns.

“Lady & Liar” Opening Theme

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Source: Sina.com

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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