“Inbound Troubles” Ending Week Spoilers

Bad guys will meet their doom and good guys will prevail. Save the date, because the finale week for TVB’s latest hit comedy show, Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>, will be aired on the week of February 4, 2013! The finale will air on Friday, February 8 at 8:30 PM.

In the final week, Siu San (Bob), who not only betrayed his best friend Ka Yee (Roger Kwok 郭晉安) but also stole his girlfriend Shuk Ching (Angela Tong 湯盈盈), is forced to sell fake medicine to make ends meet; the once-innocent and bubbly sidekick of Ka Yee will also devise ways to destroy Ka Yee’s career. His plan backfires, and in the end, he becomes a wanted criminal by both black and white forces. He then threatens Ka Yee by kidnapping his cousin, Choi Sum (Wong Cho Lam 王祖藍).

Our story’s other big bad guy, Chiu Chiu (Louis Cheung 張繼聰), also does not get a very good ending himself. Chiu Chiu heartlessly breaks up with Ka Yee’s musically-talented younger sister, Chi Ching (Ivana Wong 王菀之), in order to get together with fashion icon and model, Monica D. (Whitney Hui 許亦妮). But Monica D. quickly loses interest in Chiu Chiu, who is now in perpetual credit card debt.

Choi Sum helps Chi Ching pull herself back together after the breakup. Choi Sum’s father Yat Kit (Tommy Wong黃光亮) encourages his son to confess his feelings to her. At this moment, Yat Kit falls ill after consuming expired medicine and is hospitalized. Monrole (Mimi Chu 朱咪咪) sits by Yat Kit all night, crying.

Chiu Chiu, jealous of Chi Ching’s relationship with Choi Sum, finds his confidence again and takes his money-earning to the streets, where he performs Michael Jackson dances.

Meanwhile, Ka Yee’s relationship with the social worker Miss Yik (Joey Meng 萬綺雯) takes another jump forward. At this time, Ka Yee makes headlines after he was photographed saving a child from falling down a building. Dubbed as the “People’s Hero,” Ka Yee finds fame overnight. The resourceful Hong Kong paparazzi then expose his family background to the public.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Qiu Qiu is not a villain. He was right to break up with Chi Ching because obviously their personalities no longer match one another as people do grow up and go the other way so to speak. He was tasteless to choose Monica D but hardly a villain. I thought he was right to be tough on Chi Ching so that she can move on and not waste her time. This is one of the best thing about this series actually. I do like Qiu Qiu and his very insistent way on handling certain stuff. I hope he will go back to Chi Ching but in a moment of a writer’s vanity, Wong Cho Lam’s cousin will get the girl in the end which doesn’t quite make sense because I never saw them as an item. If that is the ending, that is a weak but but of course a happy one.

    As for Siu Shan, he just took the money that was his. Ka Yee never bothered much with the management so he was left high and dry but again Siu Shan as Ka Yee said only took what he invested. He didn’t steal the girlfriend but had 2 one night stands.

    Frankly this article is trying to make this series sound so dramatic which might put off some people. The truth is it isn’t that dramatic but yet very enjoyable because it doesn’t succumb to dramatics. However perhaps the ending will be a bit more dramatic so that it has a bang ending.

    1. funn what do you think about monica d’s acting she is quite hot i think.

      1. Shu,

        If I like overbaked overtoasted look, then yes. The thing is I don’t. I understand this is her image in the series. As for her acting, since I am disgusted by her, I think she is therefore effective. She serves her character well.

      2. i also think whitney hui is quite convincing in her first role as a villain.i think she has the charisma to become a star.
        there are many newcomers lately with a miss hk background like tracy chu,im looking forward to see her in on call 36 hour2. she looks like a pretty nice girl.

    2. I guess Qiu Qiu was considered a villain because he cheated on Ching Ching with Monica D. And yet dated for 7 years, so I guess people bought he would’ve at least ended it on a nicer note?

      I don’t like Sui San he’s soo obsessive with Suk Ching. And the 2 nights they slept together she was drunk, and she kept calling Ka Yees name… So to me he looked like a villain.

    3. I think Chiu Chiu was considered a villain because there was a period of time where he cheated on Chi Ching and dumped her for Monica D eventually. The audience would strongly sympathize with Chi Ching and consider Chiu Chiu a villain. No one likes a cheater I guess

      1. Oops I just realised that my comment is eerily similar to Daisy’s comment.

    4. i agree, Chiu Chiu i dont think he can be considered a serious villain as breaking w/someone who is not compatible with you anymore is not the worse thing in the world. He could have handled it better yes but i don’t think he can be called a villain in a serious sense. the chubby friend who had 2 one night stands is kind of an inconsistent character b/c i thought he will be a good n supportive friend thru n thru but apparently his obession w/siu ching is a bit weird. also, shorty choi sum is suprising w/his sudden admiration for an older cousin hahaha…thats a bit weird but this series s/b lighthearted and TVB have too many typical endings anyway w/a bit suprising twists is NOT bad either.

    5. Chiu Chiu is hardly considered a villain. He’s a cheater, yes. Despite this, I’m still enjoy watching the actor (at least in earlier episodes, he doesn’t have much scenes after he broke up with Ching Ching). It’s very refreshing to see so many new faces in Inbound Troubles. 🙂

      As for Siu San, his obsession with Suk Ching is insane and unreasonable.

      1. “He’s a cheater, ”

        Not quite. He did tell her they needed space to do their own thing which she agreed.

    6. I agree. Even if he cheated on Chi Ching, it’s still to exaggerated to call him a big bad villain.

  2. I didn’t know Louis Cheung is Kay Tse husband. He look so different.

    Whitney, who’s she?? She’s annoying with her big eyes. She can’t act.

    I’m glad Tommy is in here. It’s good to see new faces. There’s not much TVB actors left that plays a father role. Tvb stop treating your employee like crap. Everyone is leaving your company left and right.

    1. Whitney was a contestant for Miss Hong Kong 2011 I think she won one award. Yeah her eyes were pretty googly… Was she wearing circle lenses?

      1. I just know when she being a B, her yes are 10x bigger. Hahaha

    2. Whitney Hui was a strong contender for the Miss HK crown.. I think she won second or third place. I find her acting pretty good for a newcomer.

    3. Whitney came in as second runner-up and third place in MHK 2011. She also won the Miss Photogenic award.

  3. “Tommy Wong”

    I think I am most surprised by him. I suppose I an used to seeing him as a villain. His voice is very pleasant, very gentle. Very surprised.

    1. Coincidence last few days saw a old movie 1987 ‘Prison on Fire ‘ staring Chow Yun Fatt, Tony Leung .Tommy Wong one of the Big Brother at the prison

  4. So much spoilers, wondering if this is a good thing for the series or not?

  5. Haven’t seen Wong Kwong Leung in a TV series in like … never. Did Eric pull some strings here too? I should say that with Divas In Distress and this show that TVB is making some small but positive inroads in the light-hearted drama department. Ther are still cliches and try and true melodrama but the few changes of direction from the usual ridiculous tropes are notable and interesting.

  6. I think Tommy Wong as picked as he really look alike with Cho Lum, quite like true father and son.

  7. If Choi Sum liking Ching Ching isn’t that kinda incest? I rather not have them together at the end. Not after that i build them as cousins in my head.

    1. Not incest. He is from mother’s side and from the description, they are very very very how to say, not close relatives. Like 10th cousins thrice removed.

      Wong Cho Lam looked very handsome in the episode where Ivana saw him differently.

  8. “Our story’s other big bad guy, Chiu Chiu “

    Watch until episode 18. Chiu Chiu is hardly a bad guy, let alone a big bad guy. The guy’s just a dreamer.

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