Jade Leung to Star in “Tiger Cubs 2”

Jade Leung (梁錚), best known for her action roles in 90s Hong Kong films and performance in Burning Flame <烈火雄心>, will be returning to TVB this year. At TVB8’s International Chinese Kung Fu Championship in Malaysia, acting as a judge with Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年) for the 2013 martial arts competition, Jade revealed that she will be shooting TVB’s Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎II> next month. The action-crime drama will be Jade’s first TVB drama since 2004’s War and Beauty <金枝慾孽>.

A few years ago, Jade nearly walked away from her showbiz career in order to take care of her father. After his death, Jade renewed her employment in the industry and returned to TVB management in early 2013.

Jade revealed that she will have many action scenes in the new TVB sequel, also expressing that she does not mind getting typecast as an action star. On speaking about getting invited to be the judge for a kung fu event, Jade found it ironic. “I never formally learned kung fu or wushu before. The skills I’ve picked up over the years were from the teachings of action choreographers from filming movies. I guess I will consider myself a learner of the ‘filming style’ of kung fu.”

Unlike Jade, Ka Nin has been a practitioner of wushu since a young age. “My father forced me to learn it. I didn’t like it much at first, but Bruce Lee (李小龍) influenced me as I got older, and I slowly began to appreciate kung fu. Now, I am encouraging my younger siblings to learn it.”

Source: 21CN.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Interesting. I thought she married, had kids, retired. It was actually for a noble reason. I welcome her back.

    1. they wrote it so but it doesn’t mean it’s the whole thruth

    2. As if getting married, having children and deciding to quit showbiz to look after your husband and children wouldn’t be noble? Lol

  2. Jade Leung was very pretty in “War and Beauty” acting as Charmaine Sheh’s sister. However, she looks that has aged quite a bit in the above photo.

    1. yeah yeah i remember her. When i watched it i was like wow who was this actress so beautiful but i havent seen her before. Yay!! I think i will watch tiger club 2 just for her.

  3. I’ve always found her to be one of the most elegant tvb actresses and a timeless beauty. It’s great that she’s back in the business.

  4. wonder what her role will be. will she over power Linda in terms of screen-time or acting?

    1. great that jade is back but don’t be silly. linda has a breakthrough role in this tiger 2.

      linda’s role is a very violent and ruthless cop who has a tragic history with her involvement in triads, she has lots of scars on her arms. tell me that’s not a super complex and breakthrough role.

      1. Thanks, sel-fi-wu! i didn’t know that about Linda’s role! Very exciting! Like…a Miss Koo, but darker.

      2. only considered a break through if she can really pull it off, which doesn’t seem likely

  5. I thought she retired for good so great to know she is coming back. What a sweet and filial daughter for giving it all up to take care of her father.. I am sure her late father will be proud of her.

    1. Who doesn’t age?? It is a bit unrealistic to expect artists to be forever young and beautiful. It is very normal to age but do you age well or not is the question.

  6. She is 44. How come you do not look age at 44?
    It is nature of human.

  7. I wish she was the lead instead of Linda. She would be a much more convincing violent inspector, but it looks like she’s just going to have a small part in this series…disappointed

  8. Always feel that Jessie Shum somewhat resembles Jade Leung. The air of elegance, maybe.

  9. Great. I like her acting skill and of course her kungfu. Cant wait for the drama to be out.

  10. Interestingly enough, I just finished re-watching Burning Flame (the original and ‘best’ one) not too long ago…she was excellent in that series! She was quite good in War and Beauty as well, despite that role being so opposite from her ‘image’.

    I’m looking forward to seeing her back as well, though it does look like her role in the TC sequel will be relatively minor. Hope that changes though because I definitely prefer her over Linda….

  11. OMG! She was my fav artist in the 90s and she still look damn good! Kudos to TVB for brining her back. Hope that she will get a leading role in this.

  12. Agree that she looks good for her age. If its all natural, then all the better. Wouldn’t want to be like to Korean entertainment industry where everyone goes under the knife.

    Enjoyed her in both Burning Flame and War and Beauty. She was a tragic figure in both, but I thought she was excellent. Pulled off the tomboy and weak maiden personas very convincingly. I also saw her in another 90s tvb fung fu series with Yuen Wah, Kingdom Yuen and Derek Kwok. Can anyone help with with the name of the show?

    1. I thought Jade is the prettiest in War and Beauty, unfortunately, her role was so small. I’m glad that she is back. Hopefully she will get bigger roles. The series that you asked is called The Kung Fu Master from 2000.

      1. I thought the same. She was the prettiest and GiGi Lai second one IMHO.

      2. Who did she play in War and Beauty? I don’t remember her even being in that series.

      3. HTS, she played Charmaine sister who lives in the Cold Palace in War and Beauty.

  13. She should have stayed in China. She’s a talented actress that deserves promoting but TVB killed her career with supporting roles at best.

  14. Am I the only one here that thinks jade leung in the picture above looks like gigi lai, especially the eyes? Though they do not look similar in real life.

    1. Yeah she does, if you watch War and Beauty, then you should see they look alike. But Jade have more of a boney structure face, Gigi have more rounder face.

      Gigi Lai is pretty but when she cries, her mouth make her look ugly, LOL!

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