“Tiger Cubs 2” Cast Spills Intimate Scenes Ahead

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Him Law (羅仲謙), and Mandy Wong (黃智雯) made a special appearance at a local gym yesterday to help promote Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎II>. Airing every Sunday, Tiger Cubs 2‘s viewership ratings have steadily declined since its initial broadcast in October. The November 9 ratings averaged 21 ratings points and peaked at 23 points.

Cast Reveals Intimate Scenes

Unlike its prequel, Tiger Cubs 2 emphasizes the characters’ relationships more. Linda revealed that she will be hugging Joe intimately when they are both caught in a walk-in freezer. Linda’s legs became numb because the scene took four hours to film. Although her stamina was challenged while filming the action-packed crime drama, Linda said she would be interested in taking part in a movie version of Tiger Cubs 2 if production were to take place.

Him and Mandy share a fighting and make-out session in the series. Recently caught driving girlfriend Tavia Yeung (楊怡) in his new Mercedes Benz sports car, Him said he is not worried that Tavia would be upset over his scene with Mandy.

Oscar Leung (梁烈維) and onscreen girlfriend Christine Kuo‘s (苟芸慧) intimate scene may be the most intense in the series. The original scene was deemed unfit for broadcast, and an alternate version was filmed. Oscar disclosed, “The most intense version won’t be aired; the intensity was not within the legal boundaries! It’s not considered highly explicit but I can’t discuss the details – the results would be too shocking! The version being broadcasted only shows me hugging and kissing Christine once on the forehead.”

Hoping that there would be a sequel of a movie version of Tiger Cubs 2, Oscar and Christine mutually agreed that they should break up in the next installment. Oscar said he wanted to try to date other women onscreen. Oscar laughed, “I want to try it out with other people. I hope it would be Anjaylia Chan (陳嘉寶)! She gives off a feeling of a first crush and girlfriend.”

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This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What would be the point of a movie version? The show is already in a movie format anyways.

  2. 4th’s worse. There’s no point at all. There’s no chemi between Linda and Joe. I prefer his and the mute girl’s storyline better. His grandfater is ultra annoying. Overall, TC was good but this sequel sucks.

    1. 4th episode really makes the CIB look bad. They couldn’t figure out any intelligence until after the suspects were dead

    2. yes…TC I was good…sequel sucks.
      linda chung and joe ma have no sizzling chemistry at all. Oscar leung the sniper is good.

  3. The series is entertaining enough although there are cringe-worthy moments which I think should have been cut, like all the scenes with Christine Kuo and Oscar Leung calling each other baby (in Cantonese) and all the scenes with Linda Chung. She is the biggest casting mistake ever!

    1. Yup, linda tries to hard to be cool and tough. She can’t pull that look. In order words… She cannot act!

      1. If she can’t act, you think you can act better than her?! Stop complaining, dont watch it then if the sequel its bad…

      2. I hate it when “die hard fans” become so defensive. I am not attacking your idol… I am giving my opinion. Look at what you wrote… Sound like an idiot.

      3. When there is a few people complain, and a lot of people say good. Then, we may raise the question. But look at Linda’s case, people complain weight more people who say she is good.
        @Jessica, I agree Linda sucks.

      4. Dw, I have stop watching TC 2 🙂 Linda is so bad, it’s almost like she’s a rookie >_> and her serious face make me laugh XD which is not good >_> I was thankful that tvb didn’t have a lot of Linda scenes, because of how ridiculous her story and scenes are… But half way through ep3, I just have enough with Linda, the prospect of more Linda’s bad acting, n how this series is just ruining my TC 1, why didnt you just demand more money and accept TC 2, Jessica 🙁 I miss you >_<

      5. Don’t start calling names because this is a respected Jayne’s forum.

        The first TC was not a masterpiece but no doubt I enjoyed watching it and now I’m continuing with TC2 and with or without Jessica I think TC2 has it’s own creativity although the same group of people complained on Linda’s acting I’m giving her credit as this is her first attempt handling a different role. I find her mood swing fascinating as required in the script.

      6. what I can’t stand is linda with that murderous look. tvb is nuts to cast her in this sequel.

  4. The sequel isn’t as suspenseful as the first! Episode 1 was amazing, episode 2 had a cool plot twist but then episodes after that went downhill I’m only looking forward to the last episode for Nancy to show up!

  5. Agree that Linda was a miscast. I don’t get tvb. Why fix something when it’s not broken. The prequel focused on the sdu, their training and their camaraderie. The sequel seems to more on them assisting cib. However, I’m still lapping it all up as I find it to be the nicest of all 3 anniversary series. COC is pointless whilst OA is a big yawn ( at least to me).

  6. WOW opinionated indeed! I like EP1&2 anyways u know 3&4 sux big time mann!!!!!
    Coz theres not much of CWY TVB!!!!!!!!

  7. Did Linda Chung wear a big hoodie so that Christine kuo looks better? 😛

  8. The first installment of TC was definitely way better. I actually was ‘chasing’ the first installment every weekend whereas with the sequel, I don’t even feel like watching anymore. I liked episodes 1 and 2 (minus all the Linda scenes of course) but episodes 3 and 4 were boring.

    I also think it’s a bad idea to focus more on the relationships in the sequel — TVB has enough series that are relationship-focused…besides, Joe and Linda have zero chemistry, Oscar and Christine’s scenes are basically fluff at this point (please remove Christine — can’t understand a single word she says…looks like her Cantonese got way worse, probably due to lack of practice), and don’t care about the Mandy / Him / Grace love triangle.

    This was one of the few sequels I was actually looking forward to, but so far, it has been a huge letdown….

    1. Please remember Joe n Linda just met! What sort of chemistry do u want???

      1. Lol! What kind of lame excuse is that? They’re actors! They’re supposed to act! What’s it gotta do with “Joe n Linda just met”?! So next time an actor and actress act as lovers, they have to first date each other and do the stuff lovers do before they can act as lovers?

      2. @Christine: “Chemistry” does not necessarily mean romantic chemistry. Two characters in a series can have chemistry even if they are not in a romantic relationship (they can be friends, colleagues, lovers, even parent/child, sibling, or any other type of family relationship etc.) — therefore, the “they just met so they have no chemistry” excuse has nothing to do with the argument. For me, chemistry has more to do with the “vibe” that the artists send to the audiences via their interaction onscreen and also their compatibility — we’re almost halfway through the series already and I feel absolutely nothing for Joe and Linda, whereas with Joe and Jessica in TC 1, I was actually able to feel their chemistry from the beginning, even before their characters started dating (and that’s saying alot, especially since, to me, Joe is a very “wooden” actor most of the time, so he needs a very good female partner in order to generate that “chemistry” feel…he had that in Jessica, but unfortunately, he won’t get that in Linda…).

  9. I agreed with Jenny, Don’t watch it if u really don’t like.
    No one force you to watch, so stop bloody complaining to much. Nothing wrong with Linda Chung.

    1. I stopped watching, but I still like to complain. It’s as much my right to complain as your right to praise. Everything is wrong with that girl in TC 2 >_> she’s one of the main factor that ruin this series for me, so shoot me if I like to complain about that fact :p

    2. Thanks Shin! People are complaining too much..Tvb took 6months to filmed a series and its take 1-2months to broadcast and what they got in return is conplain from the audience..seriously..

      1. if its a bad series it doesnt matter even if they took a year to film it. long time filming doesnt mean a good serie.
        i was a linda fan. watched all her series from bitter bitten to missing you. she was a decent actress in her early series but went downhill as time goes by. in missing you she was pretty ok. but since brothers keeper her acting is worse than a rookie. it was difficult to watch her so i stopped watching all her series. since brothers keeper i just watch an episode of all the dramas that she was in and im done with linda. as an ex-fan i didnt want her image in me to be worse

      2. pp complain so that tvb can do better next time. if there’s no complain tvb wont improve. the series will get from bad to worse. we need complaining to become better

      3. Jenny just ignore this ppl…they think they can act better! No use getting angry, for me I just watch n support Linda all the way…she is one of the purest n unpretentious actress..

  10. I think the second half of the drama have interesting cases. Only episode 4 was boring. So far episode 1-3 was good enough for me. So not sure why so much complaining. It’s tvb. What do u expect? Chill out. Seems like everyone complain about every drama that is out there now.

    1. Agreed because Linda has not much scene in episode 4…Linda 加油!

  11. Since Oscar Leung and Christine Kuo revealed that they should break up if there were to be a next installment does this mean that there won’t be a wedding lol

  12. Honestly Ep 1 was alright though I was too busy laughing at Linda Chung acting tough, too used to seeing her onscreen crying. Ep 2 was only okay due to the twist, I was genuinely surprised and ep 3 was just boring. Ep 4 was okay, maybe I enjoyed it more because they focused more on Him Law, Oscar Leung and Mandy Wong. Hope Ep 5 won’t disappoint.

    1. Linda should stop clenching her jaws to nake herself look tough for a start. It’s pretentious.

      1. Agree. Not trying to put her down but she needs more practice portraying a ‘tough’ look. Not that I’m an expert but it takes more than just clenching her jaw and enlarging her eyes to portray such a look lol. While I wasn’t a fan of the leading lady in the previous installment, she was more convincing.

  13. TC2 is a failure seriously. It can’t compare to part 1 and the leading lady Linda Chung is bad.

  14. I can’t wait for the ratings to drop below 20. That will be more exciting than the series itself.

  15. Nooo not another stuck-in-a-freezer scene! Why is TVB so fond of locking people in freezers? C’mon!

  16. Now I get why a lot of people say this drama is boring. I tried watching one episode (i think was ep 4) and almost got bored out of my skull. It’s a pain watching Joe Ma who can’t act his way out of a paper bag. To make up for the poor storyline, the producer tries to entice viewers with the buff bodies of Him, Oscar and several other nameless guys. It got to the point of being painfully obvious. Major fail!

  17. Episode 1 and 2 were good, but however in ep 3 and 4 there were not much suspense in the plot, ep 5 and 6 were much better, hope to see more suspense in the plot.
    Linda 加油!!!

  18. Wow so many negative comments here! Am I the only one who find this quite watchable and entertaining actually ??

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