Kent Tong Celebrates 56th Birthday with “Lord of Shanghai” Cast

Filming has been going smoothly for TVB’s upcoming television drama Lord of Shanghai <梟雄>. The cast is currently filming in Shanghai and will return to Hong Kong by late October or early November.

The period drama, which stars Anthony Wong (黃秋生), Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), Kent Tong (湯鎮業), Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Louisa So (蘇玉華), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), and Ron Ng (吳卓羲), is set during the years of the Chinese Republic. The story follows the historical events that occurred in China from the 1920s and 1950s, including China’s warlord era, the Japanese invasion, and ending with the Chinese civil war.

Kent Tong Celebrates Birthday with Cast

Kent Tong, who turned 56 years old on September 29, had the opportunity to celebrate his birthday with the cast of Lord of ShanghaiAlice Chan (陳煒), who portrays Kent’s wife in the series, also gave him a birthday kiss.

In the series, Alice portrays the leader of a triad. Kenneth Ma, who plays the younger version of Anthony Wong, has a crush on Alice and also shares a relationship with Myolie Wu, who portrays a Peking opera singer. Anthony Wong said that whenever he sees Myolie and Louisa practicing their Peking opera songs, Anthony would also join in the practice for fun.

Ron Ng Injured Himself While Running

Ron Ng, who portrays a lawyer in the series, said his filming schedule is not very hectic, which has allowed him some time to work out. While running, he pulled a calf muscle. Fortunately, the injury did not affect his filming schedule.

“I wasn’t jogging. I was sprinting,” said Ron. “There’s a lot of oily foods here so I really have to do this consistently to keep fit. I already started the work out when I was in Hong Kong. There’s no point in quitting now!”

Ron, who is accustomed to action scenes in his past dramas, gets to rest more on the set. “The only action that I have is other people beating me up. The drama is about the Japanese invasion, so there will be many scenes where I have to protect Myolie and Louisa.”


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  1. It is great to hear that they are all getting along well and enjoying filming, I really hope Anthony and Kent come back again for more series in the future. Great to hear that Ron is keeping fit and that he finds time to rest too.

  2. 湯鎮業 Kent, you are right! Happy celebrating your 56th Birthday while Barbara is watching you from her coffin! Not all Barbara’s fans will be as forgiven as your own buddies like Anthony and Wayne. You caused the death of a talented soul!

    1. Ouch!! But, so true. Barbara Yung was talented, beautiful and had such a promising life ahead of her. Who knew? Life is not always as it appears.

    2. I cannot believe some fans just cannot forgive and forget. Also,for the 10 millionth time,Kent should not be held responsible for Barbara’s death. If it was not like he murdred her,but if it was sucked,she made the decision to take her own life. I have a good feeling that Barbara had way more serious problems than just breaking up with anyone or any love related issue. None of us know for sure what happened so we should not keep on blaming Kent. It has. Been nearly 30 years but sadly some just cannot let bygones be bygones. Honestly people that continue to hold grudges are not hurting anyone except for themselves.

      1. Meant to say suiciide. Gosh,I need the edit button. Also,i am a fan of Barbara as well but that does not mean I need to be bitter and aimlessly blame everything on Kent.

    3. Wow, talk about holding grudges!  This is the same old argument that comes up every time Kent Tong’s name is mentioned.  Didn’t any of you watch the interview clip that Michael Miu did about 3 years ago with a Mainland talk show?  During that interview, he said something that most of us who’ve looked at the facts of the case rather than let our emotions do the talking already knew ages ago – when Barbara committed suicide, she and Kent had already broken up for some time….not only that, BOTH OF THEM were already dating other people.   This is a fact that all of Kent and Barbara’s friends knew – it’s just that they kept it low key so the Media wouldn’t hound them.   And after her death, neither Kent, nor Michael, nor Felix, nor any of their close friends at the time revealed this fact out of respect for Barbara’s memory.

      How is it fair then, to continue blaming Kent after so many years, especially since only Barbara herself will ever know the true reason why she felt compelled to commit suicide?  Hasn’t Kent paid enough of a price already by having to live with all the criticism and hatred for 30 years and perhaps even the rest of his life (plus essentially losing his career in HK)?   If people still feel like they have to blame someone for Barbara’s death, then what about the guy she was dating at the time, Stephen Chau Sai Lung?  If you look at the facts, Stephen Chau was actually the one who told the media that Barbara claimed to still be upset over her breakup with Kent, thereby implying that was the reason for her suicide.  How do we know that Barbara didn’t have an argument with Stephen and that’s why she killed herself and when Stephen found out, he conveniently blamed Kent, since majority of the public didn’t know about the breakup at the time anyway (and then the whole situation spiraled out of control after that)?  Of course I’m not saying that’s actually what happened (Barbara and Stephen arguing), since none of us will ever know, but in my opinion, that makes much more logical sense than people saying that Kent was responsible for her death.

      Bottom line – what’s done is done.  It’s in the past.   Why can’t people continue to respect Barbara’s memory by reminiscing about her works, her acting, her past performances, her personality,  etc. instead of continually dragging up her death and continuing to place blame on others (and in a way, tarnishing her memory)?  Again, my two cents….

      1. Well said llwy12! I agree with everything you just said,and very well said! There are some that just hate and hate regardless of what the facts/ reasons are. I also feel that if these soul called Barbara fans love her that much then they should remember the good things about her instead of constantly mentioning how she died and who they suspect is responsible and blah blah… She should be remembered for how she lived not how she died.

      2. Thanks llwy12, I’m so glad to finally read someone with a logical or rational mind here. I hope more ppl will read what you’ve written. Those who choose to continue to hate Kent Tong blindly have problems. They never try to put themselves in Kent Tong’s shoes. Is that fair to blame this person for like 3 decades? Move on to all haters, it’s the past, Barbara Yung could have reincarnated.

    4. Pls move on, why some ppl can’t stop associating Kent Tong with Barbara Yung? She took her own life! He didn’t kill her! Did you witness that he killed her? No one saw it I’m sure.

      At that moment, she was most likely to be very down, pls read the news again, I think all haters, give a break. Be rational, be logical, grow up please.

  3. This upcoming period drama is definitely must watch series, big budget and great cast!

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