Kent Tong, Myolie Wu, and Kenneth Ma Join “The Hero” Cast

TVB held the costume fitting for its big-budget drama, The Hero <梟雄>. Once Film King, Anthony Wong (黃秋生) agreed to make his television comeback, producer Amy Wong (王心慰) has been working hard to refine the script and assemble a first-class cast together. Aside from Wayne Lai (黎耀祥), former Five Tigers member, Kent Tong (湯鎮業), has signed on board. Myolie Wu (胡杏兒), Louisa So (蘇玉華), Kenneth Ma (馬國明), Ron Ng (吳卓羲), and Natalie Tong (唐詩詠) also star.

Set in Shanghai from the 1920s to 1950s, the series captures the turbulence and struggle for power amongst brothers. The filming will begin next month, and will take roughly half a year to finish. Amy disclosed that The Hero is her most expensive TVB production to-date. “It costs an unimaginable amount! Filming in Shanghai and the different locations, as well as transportation and costumes cost a lot of money. Even with a regular scene on the streets, we need around 200 to 300 temporary actors.”

Veterans Not Persuaded by Money

Although Anthony Wong has not worked with TVB in over two decades, he agreed to film The Hero as a personal favor to Amy for jumpstarting his acting career. “I just want to fulfill a wish and work with Amy again. Back at ATV, I’m grateful that she allowed me to film Wang Zhaojun <王昭君>.”

Despite receiving a lower salary from TVB, both Anthony and Kent emphasized that work is not all about pay. Anthony had to reject other projects in order to film The Hero. However, he feels that being happy with his work is more important than money itself.

Kent Tong revealed that he was impressed by the good script and agreed to star in the drama, even booking a hotel to stay in Hong Kong for two months to accommodate filming needs.


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  1. OMG Myolie and Louisa! cant wait! so excited!

  2. “Kent Tong revealed that he was impressed by the good script and agreed to star in the drama, even booking a hotel to stay in Hong Kong for two months to accommodate filming needs”

    W…wait! He’s from Hong Kong. I don’t understand why he had to book a hotel. So he didn’t have family there, did he?

    1. His career is focus in mainland now, and has a family there too

    2. Yes,he has been in mainland for a long time so it us great that he back in HK. Great to know he and Anthony have joined the cast.

    3. Considering how much TVB pay, I wonder if he will be losing money after he pays his hotel bill lol.
      He better hope the series is good enough to get him positive promotion + more jobs or it will be an overall loss.

  3. Wayne,Louisa So, & Nat! I love them, can’t wait to see them in the same drama

  4. Oh gosh, he’s ageing very badly. Compared to him, Michael Miu looks so much younger though he’s actually older.

    1. Micheal I only one year older so it does not make that much difference. Also, Micheal has lesser kids and not as stressful of a life. Kent has had it harder and has more children to support and take care of.

      1. Bloom,
        He has 3 from his first marriage and 2 or 3 from his second one if I remember correctly. He had a daughter and a pair of twin boys from the first marriage and a pair of twin girls from the second marriage and I think one more child. He has 5-6 kids.

      2. Whichever way you put it, doesn’t take away the fact that he looks awful for his age. Fat and balding.

      3. “Fat and balding.”

        If Barbara Yung died because of him, sigh. Again, no man is worth it really.

      4. I didnt know it was him that barbara died for. He was a looker back in the day though.

      5. No,Barbara did not die for him. She had way more other problems and I do not think she would commit suicide over a guy.

      6. Thanks HeTieShou,
        That’s a lot for a chinese family. I would think it’s not that easy to raise so many children.

    2. i think he is ageing well,just gain some weight but its common for his age.

      1. I do not think he is naturally bald. IO think he got his head shaved due to all the offers from Qing dramas in Mainland China. Its probably more convenient for him to keep himself bald then to shave his hair every series.

  5. its so good to see all these veterans filming for tvb once again because of good scripts and thats the main thing to saving ratings

    1. Looking forward to Dodo Cheng, Cutie Mui, Michelle Reis and Amy Yip to be in TVB drama again.

      1. What happened to Cutie Mui anyway? It seems like she just disappeared.

  6. Why is Kenneth Ma name in front of Rons they just decide to add Kenneth and now he is getting a higher role than Ron?

    1. Is it weird to see Ron in supporting roles recently?

    2. not surprised,when there is a grand production he had always been degradated to a third line a normal serie he is always co-lead but never leading alone.

    3. Because Ron is yesteryear and Kenneth is the leading man. Face it; Ron has been demoted. He needs to work hard to get promoted and he should avoid Toby Leung and pool parties. Then he should be fine.

    4. even wayne isnt first lead in this drama… ron is usually in dramas with veterans that usually lead…. ron has enough screen time any way in each drama.. and ron is a main cast in each drama so does it really matter that much about if ron name is listed where abouts

      1. Wayne is still the lead. The story is about three brothers, therefore, he is still one of the main leads

    5. a big budget drama always has a big group of main cast in my eyes ron is a leading man in every drama who cares about the name ranking

      1. maybe in the next article ron name be placed in front of Anthony that would be nice for ron fans i like ron

    6. Kenneth is just guest starring. Ron will play Anthony’s lawyer.

      1. Good but Ron do need work out and sleep more.

  7. hi there

    1. the five tigers of the 80s: kent, tony, andy, Michael and felix
    2. kent does not age well as compared to the other 4 cubs.

  8. i’m curious to see how the characters all play out….how are they going to divide the screen time between Anthony, Kent, and Wayne? Ron and Kenneth obviously are only going to be supporting roles

    and really wish that the female cast was also more extravagant

    1. There is way more to a series than just the cast and it is great that Kent and Anthony will be in it too. I really hope the script, plot and other things will be good too. It must be great for Ron and Kenneth to work with all of these veteran actors. It will be a lot of pressure for them but good for them as well.

      I am still disappointed that it will not be an ancient/wuxia/historical series since TVB has been lacking in that era of series for a very very long time. I thought it would be perfect with this great ensemble of cast if it were an ancient series instead of a pre modern one… I am getting nostalgic again since I love ancient/wuxia series so much…I guess in spite of how much money TVB claims to spend on some series, they still refuse to put out the money to make a very high quality ancient/wuxia/historical series. Modern or just premodern series only can become very boring…

      1. Hi HeTieShou,
        If you love ancient/wuxia series so much… why not also try your hands at western type ancient series like Game of Thrones??

        Of course Asian style medieval dramas have their merits, but I just find the Western ones way more ‘realistic’. Like, the grittiness comes off really well – some of the sex and violence are a bit gratuitous, yes, but at least western dramas make a serious attempt at depicting life in ancient times as they actually were. There weren’t very many upright heroes or principled scholars like the ones in Asian shows; life was generally horrible for most people, particularly women.

        I think Asian dramas tend to ignore those aspects. In many ways, Asian ancient dramas are hyper-surreal – it feels like a very glossy, all-too-goody, and generally pretty fake world – and they just depict the same stock characters over and over.

        But of course, I guess they have their charm. I just wonder when Asian audiences will start demanding more from their TV/drama experience – when they’ll start going for shows more like GoT…

  9. Have any of you watched any old ATV series?? I recently rewatched some and saw the young Anthony. It was great to see him as he has come a long way just like the many famous artists of today. I saw him in Bitter Conflict and that was a sad but touching series. I hope that ATV will be able to make great series again just like they did in the past.

  10. So no Myolie for Wu Dang? Personally, I think Wu Dang looks more interesting.

    Fact that I have never thought Kent Tong is good act acting. Never in my life, even his significant role Yin Ching. His brother in the other hand is way better.

  11. i watched a few of kent old tvb dramas.. and a few of kent ATV dramas… a few of kent mainland dramas… kent is a legend and even anthony said kent is a legend in acting anthony called kent big brother how maany people has anthony called big brother

  12. Anthony always strikes me as someone crude crass loud arrogant and gangsterish. I still rmbr his crude comments at the tvb anniversary awards last year. Will give this drama a miss cos I don’t want to get nightmares watching him.

    1. To Rofl,
      Whenever I see Anthony Wong I recalled this movie that he acted “yan yoke char siew pou” he really did it very well.

      1. He may be a good actor but I dislike him as a person.

  13. Male-oriented. Focus will be on Anthony, Kent and Wayne. The rest are just supporting. But, it’s a grand production. I guess it’s better to be a part of than nothing at all.

  14. in a inteview at scoop yesterday kent looks very relaxed,he was joking around with wayne and anthony,its refreshing to see him like looking forward to see this grand production.

  15. I’m super excited to see the old veterans back in TVB

  16. Yay! Wayne, Louisa and Natalie tong. Love the cast already

  17. I always remember his role most as Dian Yu in the old tvb drama. He made a better one than benny chan.

    1. I think he is the best Duan Yu too. I believe his portrayal was the most accurate to the novel.

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