Kevin Cheng’s “Ip Man” Premieres on TVB International Channels

Martial arts television drama, Ip Man <葉問>, is currently airing worldwide through TVB’s overseas affiliates and cable broadcasters. It is the first mainland Chinese drama to get an overseas release prior to a wide domestic broadcast.

Ip Man stars Kevin Cheng (鄭嘉穎) as the titular Wing Chun master, best known for being the teacher of Bruce Lee (李小龍). After Donnie Yen’s (甄子丹) successful portrayal of the martial arts legend in the 2008 film, also titled Ip Man, the grandmaster became a popular subject for many commercially successful films, bringing Ip Man into popular culture. Kevin Cheng’s Ip Man is the first television adaptation on Ip Man’s life struggles during the early 1900s in southern China.

Produced by Suzhou Funa Films and Television, Ip Man also stars Liu Xiaofeng (刘小锋), Cecilia Han (韩雪), Chrissie Chau (周秀娜), Yuen Wah (元华), Leung Siu Lung (梁小龙), and Ringo Yu (于荣光).

The drama first premiered through mainland China’s Qilu TV, a local channel in Shandong, and was a ratings success. For eight days in a row, the drama was the number one most-watched program in Shandong.

Hong Kong’s TVB, also Kevin Cheng’s management agency, secured the overseas broadcast rights in early 2012. The show’s first episode was aired on Monday, March 11, 2013 through a variety of TVB International’s overseas cable affiliates, including Singapore’s Starhub VV Drama channel, Malaysia’s Astro Wah Lai Toi, Europe’s The Chinese Channel, United States’ TVB USA, Canada’s Fairchild TV and Talent Vision TV, Australia’s TVBJ, and New Zealand’s WTV.

Mainland China’s satellite channels from Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hunan, Hubei, and five other provinces have secured the broadcast rights for Ip Man. However, a premiere date on these channels has not been set yet.

Nonetheless, Suzhou Funa Films and Television are confident that Ip Man will be successful. It was earlier reported that the studio is currently preparing for an Ip Man sequel.

“Ip Man” Trailer

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Ip Man Kevin Cheng 11  Ip Man Kevin Cheng 6  Ip Man Kevin cheng 10


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  1. We will likely see TVB employ the strategy of airing mainland dramas featuring its TVB stars on international cable networks.

    Bosco Wong’s “Young Sherlock” will likely get the same treatment as TVB is reportedly the financier of the project.

    1. The financier and investor of “Young Sherlock” is Huan Rui Century/Light Media Film and Television company, confirmed on the official press conference on 28 February 2013.

      The company also invested on “The Four” and “Wine Beauty”. All 3 series had a joint official press conference on that day.

      1. Sorry Jayne, only feel the need to add some “confirmed” fact, instead of letting “alledgely reported” hearsays being passed around.

      2. you are so going be ban from this site b/c u make Jayne looks bad! lol..

    2. Yea, ATV did aired many series that were not theirs for a long time. However, they just bought the rights to air it on their channel even though none of their artists starred in them. That is a good strategy since they are sinking ship..

    3. The next one seems to be Purple Hairpin as Txb already bought its copyright to distribute it in HK (also get its main cast to dub Cantonese themselves).

  2. Jayne, any idea if we being able to watch this drama from the internet online? anyone know which website? have been waiting this for long time, cheers

    1. not worth watching….i find the entire set up of the scene are not very realistic and it is hard to understand their cantonese.

  3. Anyone know where to watch this? And the article is wrong: it’s not airing on Canada’s Fairchild TV

      1. Although TVB secured the broadcasting rights, Fairchild TV tends to broadcast the current dramas one year later. It may be on Talentvision’s channel since it is mainland:/ I also want to see this drama.

      2. Fairchild TV should have gone to same day Hong Kong releases by now. Times change, they are screwing themselves. I laugh at people who still have to subscribe to Fairchild to watch 1 year behind TVB releases.

  4. love kevin so much. glad for kevin that ip man can premiere international at so many tv stations!

  5. Jayne and anyone ,where can i watch this drama online ,anyone know?

    1. Try Youtube and search for Ip Man Kevin Cheng or its chinese title. If it was broadcast in China it will be in youtube but maybe no Eng subs or cantonese version.

  6. I was pretty surprised how come this was shown on ASTRO AOD which is exclusively TVB series. So TVB bought this series broadcasting rights, I see. Got cantonese and mandarin version with subtitles. Frankly saw 5 minutes of episode 1 and I switched. Maybe the name Ip Man just makes me feel like I have seen it a million times. I did record it and will watch it properly later.

    However, how was the ratings and the actual numbers?

  7. where and when I can watch this movie.
    I am looking forward to watch this movie.
    The premiere ody so interesting and I an sure it will be a success.

  8. Well, including me, there seem quite a number of us who would like to know how to access the series! This seems really something exiting to look forward to. Good for Kevin!

  9. couldn’t find it in youtube, if anyone know where to watch online please inform, really looking forward to watch this series.

    1. Better download first because they might be removed since this is also TVB territory which they might monitor youtube.

  10. How many more of this IP MAN movies and series are they going to do??? It’s like doing 500 movies about Bruce Lee! The horror!!!

  11. Saw the first episode and boy it was bad.

    A total miscast of the most famous TVB Uncle export.

  12. Watched three episodes already. The storyline too slow. Boring. Cantonese audio weird. Ended up listen to mandarin n found Kevin’s mandarin weird too. The way he fight looks so fake. Hmmm. Hopefully the drama gets better later. The drama will show till may. So long drama.

  13. You are a gem, Funn, thanks for your latest website posting on Ip Man. Whatever they say I think Kevin is great in it.

  14. thanks Funn….you’re awesome will watch tonite 🙂

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