Linda Chung Ready to Tackle Violent Cop Role in “Tiger Cubs 2”

TVB’s Tiger Cubs 2 <飛虎> held its costume fitting press conference yesterday. A continuation of 2012’s action crime drama about Hong Kong’s elite paramilitary force Special Duties Unit, Tiger Cubs 2 sees the return of regular cast members Joe Ma (馬德鐘), Him Law (羅仲謙), Oscar Leung (梁烈唯), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), William Chak (翟威廉), and Christine Kuo (苟芸慧), reprising their original roles. Linda Chung(鍾嘉欣), Timmy Hung (洪天明), Koo Ming Wah (古明華), and Matthew Ko (高鈞賢) will be new additions to the SDU cast.

As yesterday was also Joe’s 45th birthday, TVB organized a surprise birthday cake event for Joe at the press conference. Joe told the press that he is “happy to don the uniform once again on [his] birthday” and expressed that he hopes to wear the suit again next year.

Joe, who ended his TVB management contract in early 2012, disclosed that he has signed a two-year per-series contract with TVB. “It’s great to be back at TVB,” said Joe. “I wonder if I’ll be able to shoot Tiger Cubs 3 [next year]?” Asked how he is preparing for his role as SDU senior inspector, Joe said, “As a returning cast member, it will be hard to find another breakthrough in my acting. There is a lot of pressure.”

Replacing Jessica Hsuan (宣萱) as the series’ new female lead, Linda portrays a scarred undercover cop for the Criminal Intelligent Bureau. Traumatically tortured by triads when her identity gets discovered, Linda’s character eventually develops mental problems. Linda described her character as “bipolar, violent, and very ruthless and impulsive. She is not afraid of dying and will do anything to achieve justice.” A physically and emotionally demanding role for Linda, she also expressed that her character has great memory and is always “on the edge.” Linda laughed and added, “I’m not a BB anymore!”

New cast members Timmy Hung, Koo Ming Wah, and Matthew Ko will be portraying SDU officers. Jade Leung (梁琤) will be portraying a mute woman who is skillfully trained in combat. “I have to use hand motions to express my inner thoughts. It’s a very challenging role and I’m very happy and excited to do it.”

Grace Wong (王君馨), who portrayed a guest character in Tiger Cubs, will be reprising her role as the Malaysian heiress “Fanly” in the sequel. She will become the third wheel in a relationship shared by Him Law and Mandy Wong’s characters.

Unlike its predecessor, which was produced at 13 episodes with a running time of 90 minutes each, Tiger Cubs 2 will have 20 regular hour-long episodes.

Tiger Cubs 2 Linda Chung Joe Ma  Tiger Cubs 2 cast

Source: Ming Pao

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  1. I believe she is capable of acting as a violent cop, but her overall outer image does nothing to help her deliver her character convincingly to the audience imo. I feel as if she’s going to portray Miss Koo with scarrs on her arms.

    But definitely looking forward to TC2 and her role. Her character does seem very complex!

    1. I was hoping that her 造型 would resemble more of Jessica Hsuan’s character.. the jet black hair and more professional wear. She looks like a casual cop in the pic.

    2. Her outer image looks like a teen gangster than a cop. She should have short hair and no scars on her arms but needs the Jessica’s acting skill then she will be able to play good this roll.

      1. she’ll look ugly with short hair. no no no!!! xDD she’ll look like wu chun O_o ewww! HELL NO! i think she need to pin her hair up~

      2. I wish Linda would cut her hair if she is serious about breaking the image of a good girl, and wants to be a more versatile actress. A short hair cut like Mandy looks nice. Linda has pretty features, I am sure she can carry any hairstyle.

  2. I’m curious to see how they are going to explained the end of Joe/Jessica relationship. Will they kill her off, or is she moving?

    1. or it could even be both LOL Having her move, then killing her off.

  3. Too bad they killed off Vincent Wong’s character in series one. I think he’s should have killed William Chak’s character off instead, he was pretty unconvincing and boring in my opinion.

    1. omg Vincent’s death was soo…:'( i remember crying. Shame they had him killed, really liked him in TC1

    2. Yeah agreed.. They shouldnt have killed off vincent’s character.. But he did quite a good job at that scene, if william chak was to be killed and couldnt carry it off, then the killing scene wouldnt be etched in our memories even till now..

      Or they can conveniently have vincent’s twin brother appear, just like bosco in change of heart.

    1. totally agree! Should of made Jade Leung the lead instead

      1. I also think Jade Leung will be more convincing in Linda’s role because: 1) Jade is more mature, 2) she acts better, 3) Jade is a lot better in action drama series than Linda.

    2. I totally agree with you guys. Linda is not convincing as a tough it violent cop, more as a good girl image again. Jade is more of a convincing cop than she is, I rather have Jade as the female lead,

    3. Maybe Linda is trying to break free from that good girl image with this role????

      1. im sure she wants to break free from the innocent good girl image, but this constant similar character images doesnt do her justice at all..every single time it seems like she’s going no where in changing her style.

      2. Linda is going nowhere in changing her style or good girl image. Her acting is still the same in all her roles

  4. I liked Mandy in the 1st series. I liked her in the Sergants Tabloid too.
    And after watching her in ACOH episode 19, the part she soaked in the rain at the pier with Bosco, I’m amazed that she is so beautiful!!
    Actually I feel her makeup, hair do and everything in ACOH suits her so well. She is really beautiful.
    Wish her to get promoted to Fadans’ soon 😉
    I first noticed her in “A chip of the old block”
    She really transforms a lot!!
    Can’t wait to see her in TC2!!
    I’m eager to watch her more than Linda =_=

  5. Man if they are making TC2 have hour-long episodes, it will lose the ‘movie’ feel.

  6. I’m more excited to see Mandy rather than Linda though her role sounds promising too.

    I do hope they’ll continue the filming style they ahd from the first installment. Is it the same producer?

    1. I really do hope its with the same producer and scriptwriters. They did a pretty epic job with the first installment! Hope they continue for the second…

  7. Mandy is much better than Linda in acting. Mandy or jade should take the lead instead

    1. I like both Mandy and Linda, but I have to agree, I feel Mandy’s acting is a lot more versatile :S

    2. It’s true. Probably because Mandy actually look acting classes whereas Linda got the easy way in thru pageants. So sick of tvb pushing mediocre acting on us only because they were Miss HK/vancouver/etc whatevr. This is why you suck so much now TVB, corrupt and always settling for less than you are capable of

  8. aiyo! why linda always use the same hairstyle? boring le

    1. Agree. She will look like another good “next-door-neighbour” girl with her usual long hair. I think Linda should have her hair cut short in order to give her audience a totally new image. An artiste should always be able to give people new images to suit her new roles. It will be a lot more convincing.

      Other top fadans do, such as Jessica Hsuan, Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Myolie Wu, Kate Tsui, etc.

      1. I agree with you-and it doesnt EVEN have to be crop boy short hair like as daring as Charmaine and Tavia’s previous short hair cuts…even a good shoulder length cut would be of a difference. SHe literally has the SAME EXACT hairstyle for each series o__O LOL Not sure if it’s in terms of her contract with advertisement brands or whatever, but tbh she wont fully convince the audience of her change of characters if she doesnt change her image.

      2. Her hairstyle changed in Daddy Good Deeds. Her hair was parted in the middle. I think Linda’s hair is precious to her. People already criticize her face shape. If she changes her hair people might insult her more. Her face shape doesn’t suit short hair.

      3. She did wear a short wig in “Daddy Good Deeds”, but it was quite fake and not natural.

        I think Linda insisted on not cutting her long hair. She said she always had her long hair ever since her young teens. However, if she wants to create new images and assume new character roles, she needs to wear different hair styles.

      4. Linda Chung looks the same to me in all her roles in every drama series. Still the same good next-door girl!

  9. I guess it is a good change for Linda, no longer the girl-next-door role. But her outer appearance is not convincing enough..they should have cut her hair shorter or dyed it even. She looked the same as every other characters she has portrayed within these years. Hope her acting will allow us to tell the differences:)

  10. Who knows, Linda may impress us. There are some roles people thought some actors could never do because of their usual image but most of the time they prove the audience wrong and provide a very memorable performance for us. I don’t really want to judge without watching it beforehand, I’m sure she can handle this role, she’s not that innocent looking either. She can look pretty bad@ss at times.

    1. Then she needs super good acting to impress her audience with her “every-drama” image.

    2. She doesn’ t even look like a tough cop, more of a weak & and clumsy one. She won’t be as good as Jessica nor Jade. Her look seriously considering is not convincing at all

      1. Shouldn’t judge before we watch the series, some actors didn’t look the part either but did a phenomenal job.

    3. @Austin- you have a point there, you are right, image doesnt necessarily define an actor’s acting. But imo, image does play a major role in forming their performance to make it complete and convincing. To put to in an exaggerated example, you wouldn’t be convinced if an actor was to portray to homeless person, with flawless makeup,neat hair and wearing designer labels from head to toe. If it’s not part of a contract or a matter of life/death, I think artists’ should be able to move out of their comfort zone and change their image every so often to avoid being stigmatised to a certain image, which is the case with Linda..

      1. **Correction: To put IT in an exaggerated example..

    4. Very well said Austin! You do not just look at the image only. Just like there is way more to a person than looks.

  11. TVB really need a Raymond/Linda relationship drama to get their rating back up. trust me. and better, Karena gets dump~

    1. Their on screen duo wasn’t that great in my opinion, it wasn’t even memorable.

    2. Tvb may even get worse with ray/Linda relation. It wasn’t even memorable

  12. I want to break freee, I want to break free (suddenly Queen song played in my head)..

    Linda look so Tan, look wise quite believable. Hope same for performance wise..

  13. Just skip this series and don’t watch it. Why so much complaining? Linda is the main female lead! Confirmed! Cannot change even if u complain a million times so just don’t watch it if u don’t like her.

  14. If she cuts her hair; she’ll probably lose a lot of endorsements etc…
    She makes a lot of money looking how she does lol. HKers like it!

    1. In that case, Linda is only good for advertisements and endorsements. She is not a really good and professional actress. Money seems to be more important to her than good and successful acting.

      I don’t like or dislike Linda Chung. She seems to be a very good and down-to-earth girl in the entertainment industries, but I just find her the same and boring in every single character that she acts. In fact, I enjoyed watching her in “House of Harmony and Vengeance” 耀舞長安 as a leading dancer though she was no good in ancient dancing. At least she looked different to me.

      1. It is the producer’s fault for choosing a wrong actress.

      2. Many times they do. In order to make the characters and drama series more convincing and successful, producers should take all the details into consideration. It is good for every artiste to try out different roles, but producers should also make sure the artistes’ images and acting skills would suit the characters and their characteristics. Either they make fool of the artistes for not using the artistes’ best potentials and abilities, or the artistes make fool of themselves by showing off their worst.

      3. ah well, we don’t know unless we first try 🙂
        hopefully the producer and linda will surprise the public!

  15. Linda played a convincing “bad girl” in The Gem of Life. I think she will surprise us.

    1. a bad girl is different from a violent cop. Her outer image is suited for a bad girl like teen gangster but not a cop. Make-up artist should find a way to make Lida looked more convincing.

    2. She wasn’t that convincing as a bad girl image in gem of life nor journey of life with steven

  16. Well, kenneth ma was able to show us that he. Was capable of playing baddie roles despite his adorable boy next door look in TC1.. Hope the character and director will be able to pull that off for linda too, fierce cop..

      1. get out of here pi. thought you were banned. kenneth was a rare very versatile actor in tvb who can excel both nice guy role and ruthless killer role and still look hot! only kenneth and ruco can do this in tvb, no other! even moses failed and was fake!

      2. on call and tiger cubs roles for kenneth are the evidences! look how polar opposites kenneth in both roles showing he’s super versatile!

      3. and kenneth don’t even need to overact like tavia in beyond the realm to show great acting as a ruthless cruel killer!

      4. Kenneth overreacts in like every role.. 3 Kingdom, THC (crying scenes — or maybe he naturally cannot cry properly). But I give credit for his performance in TC. He was alright, maybe a bit more than alright.

        And I don’t know how you compare a female actress to a male actor. I don’t quite get it. Also, I would like to add is if you compare Tavia’s fan base from when she began her career to now, it is steady, meaning I don’t know what made up netizens you were talking about, but she has a solid fan base ESPECIALLY in Hong Kong. If anything, she needs to lure fans from elsewhere, but she got no problems in Hong Kong. So I don’t know what you talking about buddy.

      5. To add, I’m not a super fan of hers either. Just kind of tired of you bringing down random actors/actresses for no reason. Seriously, find another way to praise your Gods and Goddesses.

    1. That’s because Ma Ming started off playing as minor characters or baddie roles for many years before rising up the ranks. Playing a villain is nothing new to him.

  17. Blahblahblah…….such brutal sarcasm lol

    D show hasn’t even debut mann! Either watch it or skip it ✌

  18. i’m sorry but I. AM. SO. SICK. OF. LINDA. She is one of those actresses whose popularity that I will never understand. She is not talented – she can’t act (despite years in the biz she still can’t act well in different roles) and her singing is merely karaoke level. Tbh, I think HongKongers only like her bc of her nice conservative image and personality, but it’s sad when they overlook the substance she has to offer – which is zero. She has yet to convince me that she is a good actress. I’m still waiting, Linda.

    1. She is faker. The directors are served bed services to accept her

  19. She reminds me of Jennifer Aniston with the sweetheart girl look. They both act the same role in every movie which makes them so boring and n

  20. She reminds me of Jennifer Aniston with the sweetheart/innocent girl look. They are both very like able but they don’t have any talent in acting cause they are the same in real life and they act the same role no matter what their character is in every movie. I think they are boring to watch but ppl like them cause of their positive image.

  21. audience judge an artist on their looks and if their facial expression suit the role but the main thing is how enteraining an artist can be is the main thing

    1. and as a ron ng hater he cant act or be enteraining but tvb loves his looks and hus got the looks no matter what so when people stop hating ron ng that much he will be back filiming tvb drama back to back instead of china dramas back to back please no more ron just get rid of wooden ron best thing tvb can do

  22. If you guys hate her so much, then you must puke hearing her name. Dont even bother expressing your hatred here. Not welcome here. No matter how you write, she is still going to be the lead girl. There are many many ppl who loved and adored her. The fact that she outlived so many others and remained in the industry for so long and is so successful, she has a sustaining star power. And all your blasphemy cannot stop any of that.

    1. Really?!! I didn’t realize that this news site was actually a fan forum in disguise. Also didn’t realize that she was a god of any sort. Though I do want to puke when I see her on screen, but that’s just me.

      If the dreadful acting in House of Harmony and Vengeance is anything to go by as far as “ruthless” is concerned, then I would say that our “blasphemous” comments are justified. Ten years and I still don’t think she’s on par with the other fadans.

  23. i just dont like her as an actress either. not sure why. its just how she comes across, she’s neither exciting nor special to watch. i never understood why tvb uses her in everything. it seems like tvb just pushed in all directions for her when the response is just “mehh” from everyone else.

  24. this will be linda’s breakthrough role since she will be a clever but violent cop who has to rely on medication because she has trauma from being tortured by triads after her undercover gets exposed causing her to be hidden for a year and stop cop jobs for a while and her mission is to find out who exposed her all the while relying on medication for her mental state.

    1. i’m sure linda can do better than tavia’s so so performance as the mentally sick cop in great way to care.

      1. Are you kidding me? Tavia was brilliant in that role! Her insanity made my spine chill and my hair stand.

        Well, we all know you dislike tavia, so no matter how brilliant she is you wouldn’t be able to witness that due to your biasedness.

      2. netizens in hk forums at that time criticize tavia for over acting. of course if you only read fan forums you won’t see the review from non fans or general audience

      3. I dont read fan forums. I’m speaking from what I personally think. To each their own I guess..

      4. It is all down to a matter of opinion. Just because netizens say something or think anything does NOT mean that it is a fact. I don’t know why you constantly use that to back your comments up sel_fi_wu. It just does not make sense. I think those netizens can get really annoying since they probably think their opinions are the true facts or something.

    2. this series will be a regular weekday prime time series and the equipment for explosions and action scenes have been upgraded by tvb

  25. in the picture, Linda reminds me of her other character in Daddy Good Deeds. She kinda had the same hair style and had a similar fashion sense。

    1. she reminds me of miss koo more but this time her role more tragic and more breakthrough than miss koo because she will be violent and has mental trauma problems that requires her to depend on medication for the entire series. if linda can’t get tv queen this year she’s sure get it next year with this breakthrough role!

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