“Madam Cutie on Duty” Synopsis

TVB police comedy Madam Cutie On Duty <師奶Madam> starring Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), Mandy Wong (黃智雯), and Raymond Cho (曹永廉) will premiere on January 12.

Pinky (Priscilla Wong) was not blessed with good looks since young and was always the laughing stock of her school. Due to an accident, Pinky undergoes plastic surgery and transforms into a beautiful little girl. Despite growing up and becoming a police officer, Pinky’s entirety revolved around staying chic and beautiful. Much to her chagrin, Pinky had to drop her glamorous image and brand-name clothes in order to go undercover as a housewife to undercover CID officer Law Dai Shu (Edwin Siu).

Forced to work together to solve a prostitution ring case, Dai Shu and Pinky do not get along in the beginning and they start off as a bickering pair. Although reluctant to work with Dai Shu, Pinky enlists his help to make her crush, Ying Lam (Hugo Wong 黃子恆) jealous. As Dai Shu and Pinky spend more time together working on the case as a married couple, they slowly develop feelings for each other.

Having befriended housewives, Hung Dan Dan (Mandy Wong), So Fung Lei (Leung Ka Ki 梁嘉琪) and Lau Lin Heung (Rachel Kan 簡慕華), Pinky initially infiltrated the group to gain leads in the case. Instead, Pinky soon realizes that all clues are pointed at the trio. Determined to crack the case as soon as possible so she can go back to being her original fashionable self, Pinky targets the three housewives as the suspects and puts her problem solving skills in full gear.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. just had show about a goofy guy cop…now on with a goofy girl cop…wow the creativity

    and why is it always the same combination of people it seems

  2. News flash. Niwadays housewives re the hot mamas. This series is wayyyyyyyyyyy behind.

  3. why does it look like mandy is relegated to the supporting actress role for this drama? that’s just plain wrong.

    1. She has never been lead actress to begin with. She’s filming her first series as a lead actress right now.

      1. yeah but was priscilla *ever* a main actress? compared to mandy, she’s not even close on the playing field.

      2. When either Priscilla Wong or Grace Wong gets female lead before Mandy Wong, seriously…

      3. coralie – Priscilla lead quite a few series and is definitely ahead of Mandy on TVB ranking. Acting wise are subjective to individual taste. I personally prefer Priscilla.

      4. Reality Check, Karma Rider, Swipe Tab Love, Madam Cutie on Duty..she was definitely second lead behind Krista Tin in Return of the Silver Tongue..So the honestly truth is Priscilla been leading since her debut. Mandy is nothing in comparison in term of leading role.

      5. Lol coincidentally I didnt watch any of the dramas you listed. Not on purpose but either I thought the plot wasn’t so good or just too busy to watch.

        But we’ll see how she does in here, I guess.

  4. not interested in the female leads but I’ll watch it for Raymond and Edwin. Been their fan since “the confidant” 大太監!

  5. Will watch first ep for Edwin and Raymond. Here’s a thought…why does TVB keep using the same names in different series in a short time span? (e.g. Pinky – used 2 -3 times or Man)

    1. haha exactly what I was thinking – havent I heard of the name Pinky in another recent series?

  6. “Due to an accident, Pinky undergoes plastic surgery and transforms into a beautiful little girl.”

    IMO Priscilla does not have the look for the role.

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