Priscilla Wong Prefers Rumors with Tony Hung than Edwin Siu

Priscilla Wong (黃翠如) made an appearance yesterday to attend the promotional activities for the TVB period drama Return of the Silver Tongue <舌劍上的公堂>, which is currently airing on TVB. Currently shooting for TVB’s comedy drama Madam Housewife <師奶Madam> starring opposite Edwin Siu (蕭正楠), gossip reports claim that Priscilla has been flirting with Edwin, who portrays her love interest in the drama.

“First off, thank you for putting me in the headlines,” Priscilla joked. She expressed that she originally thought her rumors with Edwin were discord rumors. “That’s what they wrote about Mandy Wong (黃智雯) and I earlier. I thought [this time] they would be the same thing. Never expected them to be romantic rumors!”

Asked if the gossip reports had some truth to them, Priscilla shook her head, “We only sleep about three hours a day. How could we have the time to make such rumors?”

Though Priscilla does not mind sharing gossipy headlines with Edwin, she admitted that she felt a bit offended about the reports claiming that she was being “flirty” with him. “That word and I don’t match at all. I am not very feminine.” She also said that she would not feel embarrassed if she encounters Edwin’s current rumored girlfriend Gigi Ho (何傲芝), saying, “It’s their business. There’s no reason for me to butt in.”

She revealed that she will be spending a few months in Europe and South Africa after the shooting of Madam Housewife, stressing that she has no time, nor is she interested, in starting a possible relationship with Edwin. She then added with a laugh, “I want to have rumors with Tony Hung (洪永城) again. It’s much safer to have rumors with him. I’ll just not ignore him this time! They’re gone after a few months!”


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  1. she seems to be rich if can take few months off in europe and south africa…or maybe its work commitment to work in europe & south africa…so nice leisure and work

      1. Priscilla has been hosting many travel shows, and this can be a new one.

  2. Good that she will not be filming series for several months. Thank god! I love you!

  3. From their expressions and body language at an earlier episode go Super Trio, it seems Priscilla and Tony are more than just friends.

    1. Ya I had the same thought. She seems to be flirting with him and making first moves. Gosh.

    2. I must check out that episode of Super Trio. I like Priscilla and Tony. They are good hosts and have lots of chemistry.

    1. Yes, I hate her voice and the way she talks acting all cute. Her looks also very common. No aura as a leading actress. Please stop producing her series. It’s hard to watch her act.

      1. I actually skip all her series. I started to watch one of them but she was so annoying that I had to stop.

    2. I don’t like Priscilla Wong’s either ….. very annoying.

  4. Sorry, but she can’t act, poor acting skills.. Her voice, hate it. She definitely is NOT lead actress material at all.

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