Roger Kwok’s “Black Heart White Soul” Premieres July 14

TVB will turn back its focus on antiheroes and villains with Amy Wong’s (王心慰) latest television drama Black Heart White Soul <忠奸人>, which is slated to premiere on July 14. The 30-episode drama will take over TVB Jade’s third prime-time slot, which is currently occupied by The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手> starring Bosco Wong (黃宗澤).

Starring Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), and Ron Ng (吳卓羲), Black Heart White Soul is a crime thriller about a once-honest man who slips into a point of no return after he becomes physical impaired. The style of the series is likened to the 2008 drama Last One Standing <與敵同行>, an acclaimed thriller that was also produced by Amy Wong and starred Roger Kwok.


A heist case brings crippled barrister Ko Chit Hang (Roger Kwok), CID investigator Cheung Lap Fan (Ron Ng), and Portland street girl Tam Mei Ching (Kristal Tin) together, twisting their fates. Mei Ching, who gets embroiled in a series of break-in crimes due to her relationship with a triad boyfriend, is sentenced to jail for robbery. Her defendant lawyer Chit Hang helps her through the hard times and the two develop an unlikely romance. When Mei Ching is released, Chit Hang patiently mentors her and guides her through life after prison.

While investigating a case, Lap Fan discovers that he was the one who accidentally shot Chit Hang in the legs years ago, which caused Chit Hang to lose his ability to walk. However, not only does Chit Hang forgive Lap Fan, he also befriends him, but with ulterior motives.

The accident caused Chit Hang’s closest friends and family to abandon him, but this only made Chit Hang stronger, more ambitious, but also, more risky and cunning. To survive and overcome the discrimination and lost pride he suffers through his disability, Chit Hang crosses extreme borders to win legal battles. He becomes obsessed with money, and chooses to represent wealthy businessmen Ma Kai Yuen (Louis Cheung 張繼聰) and To Yi Hang (Waise Lee 李子雄) even if it means to sacrifice his honor. Virtue is no longer possible. All characters are forced to trek through black and white in a battle for victory.

“Black Heart White Soul” sales presentation trailer

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  1. Sounds mighty interesting. Will definitely watch this one!

    1. YES!!! Looks interesting. I like Amy’s production of Last One Standing too. Roger was very good in that series and i recalled the people from the street scolded him for his evil character especially towards the “grandma” hehe

      1. The plot sounds really like Last One Standing omg..

      2. I am really interested in this series I hope it will be as good as last one standing or even better.

  2. unbelievable roger kwok starting 1986 as siu san, now anno 2014 still is….just wow.

    1. Because if not him, who else? Ron Ng as the lead? Or worse, Jason Chan?

      1. thats why tvb invites many big names back,because we dont want to see jason as lead.

    2. Boy, time sure does fly! Hard to believe that it has been 28 years since Roger first debuted in TVB sitcom Ciy Japes (still my absolute favorite TVB sitcom of all time!).

      Despite the fact that I can’t stand Ron Ng, I’m still going to watch Black Heart White Soul because of Roger, especially since I’ve been waiting for him to take on another dramatic role for a long time already (most of his roles in recent years have been comedic). Though Roger has never failed me when it comes to delivering the goods with his performances, I still hope that the script for this series is relatively decent for once so that I can actually enjoy the series instead of just Roger’s performance. Let’s see what happens…

      Also good to see Waise Lee again — it’s been awhile since he’s participated in a TVB series. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing all the green leaf veterans who returned to film for TVB this year (Waise Lee, Choi Kwok Hing, Poon Chi Man, Angelina Lo, etc.)….brings back memories and serves as a nice departure from seeing the same people in one series after another…

      1. What’s wrong of Ron? What can’t you stand him? Do you got personally hate or what. I personally blame TVB for giving Ron the same old police role. If your going give him a police role make it more challenging like Raymond Lam role in Highs and Lows or a Undercover smart cop.

  3. Plot sounds interesting to me, only thing stopping me is RN’s involvement. Never a fan of his acting.

  4. Everyone! Glue your eyes to the TV and watch if Roger is consistent or did his leg just move? Ahhh the anticipation!

    1. Lol I’m sure it’s going move a little some where in the series like when he’s laughing hard or getting pushed by someone else.

  5. Can’t wait for this. As long as it replaces TUA

      1. He does play cop roles pretty well hot headed cop roles r always good

      2. Lol this comment made me laugh. I’ve never realized before how ron always appears as a cop.

      3. Same old role same old acting by Ron, no breakthrough at all. No wonder there’s no improvement.

      4. I like Ron personality and support Ron but he can act because he isn’t himself in a series he can get into the character he is to play

      5. At least this time Ron is not playing the usual cop roles where he goes around chasing criminals with dangerous stunts, then falls in love somewhere in there. This one involves more of emotion on his part and less action. Something different for him and just can’t wait to watch him. Always love his acting no matter what his character is.

    1. Finally fans of Ron the first few comments I found like 2 haters.

  6. Last one standing was excellent. Cannot say that often these days about TVB. Hopefully this won’t disappoint.

  7. The trailer looks good! But it doesn’t sound like anything TVB hasn’t tried to touch on before. The area of gray theme that Gun Metal Grey tried, but failed to be memorable aside from a great cast. Roger’s expressions and character reminds me of Last One Standing.

    Interested in Krystal’s character since she hasn’t played anything like this since joining TVB. Louis Cheung is also a new fave of mine, hehe. He’s good in villain roles.

    1. Yep also I hope TVB doesn’t be cheap with budget and have only a few cops / criminals. I notice lately Tvb has been being cheap and useing alot less supporting/ extra actors. It makes it just not as real when there is very little actors.

  8. I like Louis Cheung. Hope he could act for in TVB series ….

    1. I like Louis Cheung more than Ron Ng. I think TVB should make Louis the more main character since Ron Ng is better in supporting roles (Triumph in The Skies). Just my 2 cents.

      1. Louis is a great actor. Basically I think he does so well in all areas. Singing, Acting, Dancing, MCing,… The only problem is his face/look. He only looks like a villain and will never look right for more serious characters.

      2. Well we said that about Ruco Chan, but look at his career right now as a protagonist with a few tragic flaws as a lead role.

  9. If anyone thinks he is heavily promoted which series has he been a leading man in?

    1. Just stop your making a fool out yourself you hater.

  10. hi there

    1. ron is excellent in some hot-tempered roles.
    2. roger kwok is still the best.
    3. I like him in the comedies.

    1. Agree with you. Haven’t seen any breakthrough in Ron Ng’s acting. Kinda disappointed of his acting and getting bored of seeing him. Hope he will show more improvement in this drama.

      1. I hope TVB will stop putting Ron in policeman roles. I loved him in The Academy installments, but too much is getting boring. His role in Yes Sir Sorry Sir was lame and unnecessary. Hopefully this character of his will be interesting instead of a boring repeat.

  11. From the above clip, Roger looks really good. Look forward for this series..

  12. roger is the best actor tvb has got left and the highest paid actor in tvb per a series he deserves it

  13. For some reason I just really really really like and enjoy Ron’s acting. Don’t know why the majority don’t like it. I think he does all his roles really well and works well with all actors whether Male/Female, Old/Young. He has great chemistry with everyone. I especially like it when he does characters that have some humor in it like in TITS. Also like watching him do emotional crying scenes. I can never get the scene where he cries over the death of Laughing Gor, out of my head. One of the better actors in TVB definitely. Better than Raymond and Bosco. Just wish TVB would treat him better by giving him more different lead roles.

    1. Ron is a good actor it will be nice if he could be a first lead instead of supporting


    3. I also love watching Ron as an actor. His role as Chung Lap Man (especially in the first installment, The Academy) is my favourite role from him! However, TVB has been giving him unmemorable and boring roles in recent years. I think Ron is much more capable than what he’s getting. He is MUCH better than Raymond Lam in terms of acting. I think Raymond is overrated. Bosco is a great actor though.

      1. You don’t know how many times I re-watched Emergency Unit. He did so well in that drama as an undercover and loved his pairing with Elaine Kong. She also did a very good job acting.

    4. Good to know I’m not the only one here. Currently he is the only siu sang I really love right now. Would like it better if he was more fit.

  14. No..not another Roger Kwok drama! Another one to skip!! Yes Kristal is a great actress but no chemistry with Roger as proven in the return of the silver tongue. TVB really needs to bring back awesome actors like Bobby Au Yeung!!!

      1. That would be hard cause there famous and rich now and in mainland and TVB use to be cheap with pay and rest time with them. Ps mainland pays hell lot more than TVB does.

  15. Definitely gonna watch this for Roger Kwok. And the trailer looks really good.

  16. Will definitely give this a try! Last One Standing was one of my fave dramas and both Kevin and Roger were so good. I personally think Roger excels when it comes to villainous roles. He was so creepy in Last One Standing!

    1. Agreed… Last One Standing was very good. Both Roger and Kevin were so good. Thought they would have won something but…

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