Ruby Lin’s New TV Drama “Flowers in Fog” to Air on August 5

Fifteen years after her immensely popular Princess Returning Pearl <還珠格格> series, Taiwanese novelist/screenwriter Chiung Yao (瓊瑤) brings forth another original screenplay. Flowers in Fog <花非花霧非霧>, which was filmed in France, will blend Chiung Yao’s anticipated love story with suspense and horror elements, will begin airing on Hunan Satellite TV on August 5.

Flowers in Fog begins with the story of four friends who grew up together in an orphanage. Musically talented and devoted to looking out for each other, the four are eventually separated when fifteen-year-old Xue Hua (later known as An Qi) is taken away to live with her aunt. Following that, Huo Hua is adopted by the Ye family and becomes Ye Fan, whereas Lang Hua and Yan Hua are adopted by the Bai family.

Sixteen years later, Ye Fan learns that An Qi committed suicide by throwing herself into the ocean. Suspecting that An Qi was killed by her boyfriend Qi Yuan, Ye Fan enters an art institute in France to get closer to Qi Yuan’s younger brother, Qi Fei, with whom she falls in love. In order to avenge An Qi, Ye Fan transforms herself into a black angel to carry out justice, hoping to uncover the truth behind her friend’s untimely death.

In an unexpected twist, the two female leads of Flowers in Fog played starring roles in Princess Returning Pearl, albeit in different adaptations. Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin (林心如), who plays the role of An Qi, portrayed Xia Ziwei in the 1998 adaptation, whereas mainland Chinese actress Li Sheng (李晟), who depicts Ye Fan, played Xiao Yanzi in the 2011 remake. Flowers in Fog also marks the first time that Chiung Yao is using a Korean star, namely Joo Jin Mo (朱鎮模), for one of the male leads (Qi Yuan).

Thanks to the eerie background music and goose bump-inducing scenes in the recently released preview, many netizens asked if Flowers in Fog was meant to be a ghost film. In response, the production said, “Suspense is an innovative idea in this drama. In the story, everyone has a devil inside him or herself. On the surface, it may seem like a ghost film, but it is actually conveying a more profound meaning.”

“Flowers in Fog” Trailer

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  1. I love Joo Jin Mo… he and Ruby look so good together.

  2. the storyline doesnt sound very good. lol
    why is her friend trying to get close to joo jin mo’s brother but not joo jin mo LOLOL

    1. b/c if that happen then it would be similar to one of her book (old) one about a girl getting closer to her death sister’s boyfriend (by using his younger brother)to revenge for her sis.. only to fall inlove with the guy (hate the book though, cuz I feel sad for the death sister)

  3. They are such a cute couple. Too bad they are not the main characters.

  4. 張睿 and 李晟 make the perfect couple:) Can’t wait to see their on-screen chemistry again!

  5. so did ruby direct this tv or shes just part of cast??

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