“Sniper Standoff” Big Finale Revealed


It has been a rough ride for TVB television drama, Sniper Standoff <神鎗狙擊>.  Achieving only an average rating of 25 points since its premiere in early September, the crime drama was criticized for its gratuitous action and disengaging plot. As the comeback drama for Kathy Chow (周海媚), fans were disappointed in Sniper Standoff’s underwhelming results.

Now in its last week of broadcast, the explosive final episode of Sniper Standoff will air on Friday, October 11. Maybe in an attempt to increase ratings, TVB prematurely released the synopsis of the thrilling final episode online, which had several shocking revelations – the life-or-death battle between Ho Yeung (Michael Tse 謝天華) and Station Sergeant Go (Eddie Cheung) and the assumed death of OCTB Inspector Sheung Koon (Kate Tsui 徐子珊).

After much deliberateness, Yeuk Ling (Kathy Chow) finally decides to turn in the laundered $40 million to the police. While saving Ling from triad boss Hung escapes from police custody and attempts to murder Ling, Sheung is severely injured and falls into a coma. Although Sheung has performed superhuman feats by escaping various explosions and flying bullets in previous episodes, tabloids leaked that her ending will be tragic.

Ting Hau (Alice Chan 陳煒) plans for an escape to Southeast Asia with Yeung, but he still has one last mission to complete. He abducts Ting Sheung Sin (Chun Wong 秦煌) and Ting Fung (Jack Hui 許家傑) and threatens Go to a life-or-death battle. There are only two rules to the game – each gun can only have three bullets, and if Go is unable to kill Yeung in three minutes, he will detonate the bomb attached to Ting Sheung Sin and Ting Fung.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. This sort of ending can be totally avoided, especially the part on life-or-death battle
    between Yeung and Go. There is no reason why
    Yeung should like to end his life via Go’s hand.

    1. Yes, right. No sane man will go kill himself in the hands of his friendly competitor. What is the point and meaning of this?

      And why Kate Tsui has to die? For what? For no other reason than to make way for Go to pursue Kathy chow without interference in the ending. What a stupid

      And OMG, that Eliza sam is a sure loser. Her acting is mechanical, artificial, robotic, fake and put on. What else? She keeps smiling even when she has to cry. WTF, man!

      And kudos to the girl who played Kathy chow’s sister. She got talent! But as usual, TVB ignored her and promote eliza instead. Yawn,.. what else is new??

  2. To be honest, this series wasn’t that bad after all. It had it’s climatic moments and it had its humorous scenes, so if everyone is bothered with the horrible editing and some witty performances then this series is passable. Also, I share my respect for Kathy Chow for her character in Sniper Standoff; she was the most developed character out of everyone and I can can really empathise and understand her throughout the whole series; so excellent job Kathy!

    1. how come Kate Tsui seem to die nowadays in all her tvb drama…

      1. Haha. I suppose they do that because Kate Tsui has quite a lot of fans; so they would be paying attention to the series more and make it more intense. Viewership ratings would no doubt go whooooopppp

      2. HAL was the only series her character suffered a tragic fate.

  3. wow, if all those things in this article are true, then poor Pearl she didn’t have a mother, then her father died too, a silent love for her “brother”, and possibly die in the end.
    I really love the relationship between Pearl and her father, she was a daddy little girl who sang daddy was the best in the world. And when her father died, she was miserable. Kate made me cry everytime watching her crying for her dad, even watching the swing scene Pearl was with Gogo sir I also cried, I don’t know why though

    1. Somehow, she is a little better than last time 🙂 At least she looks more natural in this 😀

    2. Maybe I’m alone here but I would love her end up with go go sir >_> her death will not only be lame but predictable -.- how to get rid of unnecessary 3rd wheel? Kill them off >_> usual tvb plot twist. If this turn out to be true, I believe I just wasted 23hrs of my life ~_~

      1. Do you think that Gogo sir does have feeling for Pearl, not the brother sister way?
        The recent episodes made me think that Gogo sir has developed feeling for Pearl because of all those scenes in ep 22 then there is a picture which he’s holding her and crying, I’m not sure she’s dead or not

      2. I was hoping, thinking it has 30epi, but only 25, n yup, spoiler was 100% accurate…… Now I want to burn tvb down for killing Ming Chu >_> but it was so sad… But after that, it like her death has no impact, he still went after the other chick………..the ending was uber rush, n killing characters off just a lousy way to eruptedly end it. God, why did I even bother with this series, grrrrrrrrrrr

      3. You’re not alone! I want Kate to end with Gogo Sir too. Man! The ending could have been better. Why did Yeung have to die out of nowhere? Same goes with Kate. All these death is revolving around Ling. Don’t you guys think so?

    3. I hope Tvb let Pearl dies so that Gogo sir recognizes his love for her. 🙂
      Oh, i think Kate’s act looks unnatural because her made-up eyelashes. But, to me, she played so touching, especially, when her father passed away, I even cried. This series is really not bad.

  4. I enjoy watching the show too.

    If the ending will be so tragic, I wil be very sad after watching it.

    1. I also suffer emotionally after watching a tragic ending, I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to watch the last episode.

  5. Crap series with crap actors. If I film myself taking a dump it would be better

  6. It looks like TVB wants to end the story fast. What a stupid ending. To kill almost all the cast just to bring everything to a close. Who is the writer and the producer?

  7. Bloody Kathy Chow is such a series killer – she’s so god damn annoying and fugly! Like, why cast her in this, crap!

  8. I really really liked Miki Yeung! (Kathy’s younger sister)

  9. who the heck was kathy chow playing right at the end? Did go sir meet with another Ling look alike?

  10. Liked the show, hated the ending.

    Killing the 2 best characters for no reason? Awful. Awful. Awful.

    Really bad finish which spoiled the show overall IMO.

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