TVB Plants the Seeds for “Line Walker 4”

*Spoilers included

After the finale of Line Walker: Bull Fight <使徒行者3> aired, many viewers are already speculating that there will be a fourth installment. With added twists and turns, as well as cameo appearances in the last episode, the story can explore new avenues should TVB decide to extend one of its most popular franchises.

In the final episodes, Kenneth Ma (馬國明) was caught in an intense gunfire battle with Michael Miu (苗僑偉), Raymond Lam (林峯), Benjamin Yuen (袁偉豪), and Benz Hui (許紹雄) before Mandy Wong (黃智雯) managed to turn the tables by stealing an important piece of evidence. Although Kenneth became a nationally-wanted criminal and was about to be shot by Michael, Mandy ended up taking the hit for him. While viewers initially thought Kenneth was going to survive and escape, he was suddenly shot by a mysterious sniper.

Despite not showing the face of the sniper, viewers were quick to identify that the pose and general look of the sniper greatly resembled Laughing Gor, Michael Tse‘s character from Lives of Omission <學警狙擊>.  Perhaps gearing up for a possible crossover, Joseph Tsang (曾舜晞) survives his death and has a short scene with Philip Keung’s (姜皓文) character Bingo from The Defected <鐵探>. With Laughing and Bingo being the two most popular undercover cops in recent years, viewers are excited to see how their characters will be weaved into the Line Walker story. 

Unfair Division of Scenes?

Line Walker: Bull Fight boasted an impressive ensemble cast, but only received mediocre feedback from viewers.  While many were excited to see Raymond reprise his role, some thought the absence of Charmaine Sheh’s (佘詩曼) character made the drama lacking. Viewers were also unhappy over the number of different story arcs embedded in the drama and found it very distracting to watch – especially since Raymond’s scenes were visibly reduced.

Explaining the reason behind Raymond’s reduced scenes, Producer MC So (蘇萬聰) explained, “Raymond and Charmaine’s love story was very well written – it was too successful and people had a lot of hope and expectations for Line Walker: Bull Fight. Charmaine couldn’t find time in her schedule to film, and it was unfortunate that we weren’t able to give Raymond more screen time for his love story with Charmaine. That’s why people thought Raymond didn’t have enough scenes in the series!”

As well, Producer So did not deny the possibility of turning the next installment of Line Walker into a crossover special and believes that the addition of Laughing and Bingo would bring freshness to the Line Walker franchise.

Source: Sky Post

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  1. K so when I watched the ending originally I didn’t think it was actually bingo but now videos have come out to say that it is bingo. That would be interesting to see how they back track that. Bingo was shot in the head… but it’s TVB, anything can happen.

    ALSO…. idk how I didn’t noticed but in episodes 10 and 27 at certain points you see someone in the background that looks exactly like deng/Charmaine. It’s CGI for sure but it is definitely her. If she comes back for LW4, with Phillip and Michael (everyone else can go away especially Ben lol) that could be really good.

    1. @tt23 . tell me the timestamps where she “shows up”!
      I’m pretty sure Ben and Foon Hei gor are written out of the story. It’ll probably be more like new characters played by them. I don’t get how when Bingo and Laughing clearly died they get integrated into the LW universe?? but yes it’s also tvb so anything goes. I hope Pakho gets brought back in but unlikely now that there’s Joseph.

      1. @bubbles23 Timestamps below thanks to @deagore.

        I still stand by my theory that pakho and joseph are brothers. I mean pakho’s character did become a UC to avenge his brother who was the real UC… wishful thinking?? Lol

        Ugh I’d be sad if foon hei doesn’t come back but I think his storyline is done. I feel like he would come back tho to tie up charmaines story? Ben thank god. He can never come back I’m good. That was boring.

        Oh I forgot to say Owen!!! Because that was the only intriguing part of LW4.

      2. @tt23 I fell in love with Owen’s character…he is so handsome as 浩洋 and also Sisley’s role as 阿窦. their romance is so very interesting. that Korean oppa hairstyle is suave.

      3. @janet72 I did too. My heart was like ugh in every scene. It was my favourite role he played this year! So happy he got so much exposure this year

  2. Line Walker was golden the rest are just filler and expand to a new level that wasn’t necessarily but if they do the 4th instalment with a crossover it’s gonna be something I’m curious about Laughing gor in all of this but I sure hope Charmaine and Raymond will return to finish their happily ending story arc…

  3. Umm, the producer explanation for Raymond reduced screen time was that they couldn’t get Charmaine. Well here’s a thought develop another storyline for me, don’t give dumb new characters more screen time, Mandy Wong.

  4. These coming back from the dead stories are aggravating. Phillip is awesome and should be a new character. Joseph has so much potential and I want to see him again, but they shouldn’t have killed him off that way if they want him back. Michael is unnecessary in both acting and character of we already have the other 2 along with Raymond and Michael Miu.

    Almost every character was shot or left for dead at the end. It really ruined any suspense and was lazy storytelling. Pakho’s character never should have been resurrected in LW2 so his absence in LW3 made it even more innane.

    If they want a LW4, they need to have Charmaine back or else Raymond’s character would remain in limbo and useless.

    I am disappointed that Ben and Priscilla didn’t get a happy ending. They could have written them off without the melodrama of a poisonous virus/bacteria. Especially now with the pandemic, it was an unlucky choice. But overall, the entire series was poorly written. I liked Sisley/Owen, Ben/Priscilla, Raymond/his son, and Anthony Ho’s comic relief. Michael and Elena were are also sweet but I wish to see more of Elena. Mimi should have had a bigger role too. Kenneth was terrible. Mandy didn’t fully immerse herself in the role but she will likely win BA anyway.

    1. @potatochip You basically described every feeling and thought I have to a tee.

      I was excited for phillip but then found out it was bingo -_- Not that I don’t like Bingo but he should play a new character.

    2. @potatochip yes!!! They basically took away all the awesomeness (Michael & Elena, Ben & Priscilla, Raymond & Charmaine) and filled it with the unnecessary (Kenneth and Mandy). Typical case of trying to recreate success by throwing a huge bunch of cast…but not enough time to develop their characters. I’ve also never been a fan of Kenneth or Mandy…

  5. Ugh… I couldn’t bring myself to keep watching LW3. I think I managed like 6 or 7 episodes then I couldn’t take it anymore. And from reading this article, sounds like it’s a good thing I stopped. I thought the first few episodes about the organ harvesting was great and watching Mayanne was refreshing. But I couldn’t take Owen’s metro look as some boss of a triad seriously. And it irritated me to no end that everyone… literally, EVERYONE is an undercover. Whether you’ve been in jail, quit the police force, go onto being a KOL, etc etc. Everyone still comes back as an undercover. I’ve been joking for years that the twist is not to find the UCs,
    but to find out who isn’t a UC lol. And no one ever really gets killed in these stupid series, except I guess Priscilla in this one maybe? But I wouldn’t be surprised if she comes back again in LW4. Everyone comes back. If Pakho didn’t have that political drama, his role would’ve been back too. Anyway, I’ve said it before and will say it again that it’s quite annoying they keep milking this whole undercover storyline ever since Infernal Affairs and keep making sequels. They literally have beaten the horse so much, it has reincarnated for 20years and still getting beat… lol. Now stop it TVB, JUST STOP THIS NONSENSE ALREADY! Everyone is an undercover! OK WE GET IT. LOL. Ok. I’m done ranting. Just wanted to get it off my chest. Haha and yes, nobody forced me to watch this. Hence, I stopped. Thankfully.

    1. @gnomageddon You did better than me! I watched like 2 episodes and was like nope yuck..everyone is uc.. boring..enough is enough.. lol…laughing got got boring now line more please…..

      1. @stmlw20 lol I need to be like you… throw in the towel early. I always give way too many chances to a crappy movie or series, then the more time I’ve invested, the more I hope it’ll still get better! But NOPE. lol just give up already haha. No more line walker or any undercover garbage for me from now on! I quit! lol

  6. Not sure why people think it’s the Laughing Gor character that provided the Kenneth kill in the finale. There had been no signs of Laughing Gor using a sniper ever or being an antagonist. It resembles a lot more of Michael Tse’s character in Sniper Standoff but that character is already dead too…

  7. Its unlike Charmaine will come back for LW4, based on viewership response from the previous instalments. She’s pretty much rooted in the mainland market with appearances and product endorsements. Occasionally, she may film if there’s an interesting script but the UC storyline lost its appeal since it has been milked to death by TVB.

    Even RL’s comeback could not save LW4. Hence, I’m not putting my hopes up for a Raymond/Charmaine reunion. LW1 is still the best.

  8. Does anyone know which episode does Michael mui and Mandy Wong have a kiss scene?

    Did TVB cut this out? As I swear I never saw this ?

    But Mandy and Michael were talking about this scene in promos?

    1. @mulder99 Mandy did talk about it in a news article. I think that scene was cut. Thank goodness. I was dreading it and mad that they killed off Elena for some awful triangle. Glad they didn’t go down that route. Mandy with Kenneth was bad enough.

      1. @potatochip
        Ok, thanks, so I didn’t miss it,
        I have a feeling the scene would of been in the elevator as Elena was already killed off then, so no triangle…
        and before Mandy and Kenneth started dating..

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