Synopsis of Roger Kwok and Kristal Tin’s “Return of the Silver Tongue”

Head-starting TVB’s 2014 drama line-up will be the upcoming Qing dynasty legal drama Return of the Silver Tongue <舌劍上的公堂>, starring Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Kristal Tin (田蕊妮), Priscilla Wong (黃翠如), Evergreen Mak (麥長青), Jerry Lamb (林曉峰), Cheung Kwok Keung (張國強), and The Voice of Stars <星夢傳奇> winner, Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘). Premiering December 17 on TVB jade, Return of the Silver Tongue will take over the time slot of The Hippocratic Crush 2 <On Call 36小時II>.

Produced by Lee Yim Fong (李艷芳), who also produced Reality Check<心路GPS>, Return of the Silver Tongue is loosely based on a short story extracted from the classical Qing dynasty novel, Little Bean Shed <小豆棚>. Roger Kwok stars as the scholar Cheung Sei Wai, who opens a school to cultivate new educated talents. He is good friends with his student Chow Kuk (Priscilla Wong) who, though brilliant in her own right, is not very good in school. Sei Wai is righteous and genuinely believes that education can purify one’s mind and heart.

He meets the ambitious and articulate Chan Jan Jan (Kristal Tin), a female lawyer, and quickly befriends her. As Sei Wai also has an interest in the legal business, he and Jan Jan become close working partners. The villainous Poon King Chuen (Cheung Kwok Keung) and his son Poon Yi Ming (Jerry Lamb) consider Sei Wai and Jan Jan their enemies, and often caused mischief for the pair.

Sei Wai’s good friend, the court guard Ha Hau Mo (Evergreen Mak), dislikes lawyers and Jan Jan, as her father Chan Mung Kat (Li Shing Cheong) framed his father, who ultimately received capital punishment. Believing that Jan Jan is more than what meets the eye, he launches an investigation on her. A 20-year-old cold case is brought back to light again.

Return of the Silver Tongue is Roger’s first Qing dynasty drama with TVB. He reportedly turned down the offer to star in Wong Wai Sing’s (黃偉聲) Gilded Chopsticks <食為奴> in order to fit his schedule to shoot Return of the Silver Tongue, which ended its four-month shooting duration this May.

The opening theme song “Two Sentences” <兩句>, written by Yip Siu Chung (葉肇中), will be performed by Fred Cheng and Kristal Tin.


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  1. Looks like a comedy but synopsis is not a comedy. Very interested. And if Kristal says she is not favoured, here is her in another lead or shared lead series. I see others in worse position than her.

  2. Looking forward to Jerry lamb roger is not favored roger is a an amazing actor roger is the best every producer likes roger

    1. Ikr don’t like her she was Favorited to be main for series just like in Reality GPS.

      1. Yea saw that news somewhere earlier this year too. Feel bad for Kristal, luckily it’s not true at least I hope.

      2. Me and most people believe that Priscilla was Favorited to the top as first lead. She didn’t even do supporting roles yet and some how got roles as first lead actress.

    1. Except this serie is not a romantic comedy well is more like an action comedy.

  3. Wow! very interesting especially Roger K and Kristal Tin collaboration both my favorite can’t wait for this drama to air…mannnn.

  4. A fresh collaboration! Looking forward to this and hoping Li Shing Cheong will get plenty of screen time.

    1. Li Shing Cheong is a very good veteran actor. I also hope he will get more screen time. He’s just so great to watch.

  5. Kristal and Priscilla together in a series again? I bet Kristal will get sidelined again.

    1. Why “again”? i thought it’s their first series together

      1. By “again”. It seems like Priscilla will have more screentime than Kristal.

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