Synopsis of TVB Series, “The Ultimate Addiction”

Produced by Chong Wai Kin (莊偉建), TVB series The Ultimate Addiction <點金勝手> will premiere on June 2. Starring Bosco Wong (黃宗澤), Kate Tsui (徐子珊), Nancy Wu (胡定欣), Sharon Chan (陳敏之), Ben Wong (黃智賢), Elena Kong (江美儀), the 30-episode storyline follows the lives of a group of individuals involved in Hong Kong’s financial sphere.

Elite financial predator, Cheuk Yuk (Bosco Wong), sees no problem in stepping across boundaries and using dirty tricks for the sake of his own benefits. As a result, he has always been under the close observation of the local Commercial Crime Bureau. Lost in a world of play revolving around money and power, Yuk neglects his family and friends.

Yuk feels no guilt even after his wife and mentor later pass away due to his behavior. Instead, his harmful tactics only continue to intensify. As a member of the Commercial Crime Bureau, Yuk’s brother-in-law Chow San Yung (Ben Wong), vows to arrest him. Yung’s senior, Ho Sheung Yi (Sharon Chan), and subordinate Chi Nga (Kate Tsui) team up to gather evidence against Yuk.

Yung initially had high hopes for Nga and saw her as his potential apprentice. However, Nga suddenly resigns from her position and joins Yuk in his company. She works her way forward by first earning the trust of Yuk’s second wife, Fong Ming Yu (Nancy Wu). Nga then helps Yuk defeat financial powerhouse Chai Pui Fan (Elena Kong). Eventually, Yuk’s ambitions seem to be swallowed and engulfed by Nga, who is now in control of everything. Who will decide the final victory in this high-stakes financial battle?


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  1. is that the official poster? they put mc jin in it but not ben wong??

    1. There’s another part of the poster, with Sharon Elena and ben

  2. This better be good. I can’t wait when JTTW is over. Tvb can you air 5 episodes of JTTW each day to get it over with.

  3. Maybe kate is undercover?! To try and get close to bosco?! :/

    1. I really hope not because the undercover plot is really overused, but I’m guessing this is the most probable inference.

    2. that was my first thought when i read the synopsis too! there is definitely a high chance!

  4. So… No love story o.o? Since bosco is with nancy o.o who is going to be with Kate o.o?

    1. Probably still Kate and Bosco but Nancy probably leaves the picture in some way.

    2. Well there is Kate and Nancy but I doubt it’s a genuine romance kind of thing it has been hinted theres a possibility of Kate and Bosco since from the trailer released a while back it showed them being intimate with one another but not sure if it’s all an act or a hate turns into love sort of thing.

    3. Uhm, I’ll give it a try, though dont feel very promising. I love Kate, but not really bosco lol

  5. Sounds like a doggy dog series but my guess with the prictable TVB scriptwriters, it is actually Kate infiltrating Bosco’s company to get the evidence to bring him down.

    1. “prictable TVB” should read “predictable TVB “

  6. If Kate is undercover, then it sounds like another boring recycled script. If not then this will be an interesting series. (ruined by poor dialogue as usual lol)

    Still would have been cooler to have Michael Miu in it,(if this is the one he declined because he was busy)

    Still, I’ll give it a go and see if it’s worth watching 30 episode sof it.
    I think this year is the slowest for me with TVB series. I have only watched like 1 or 2 at most. The rest didn’t interest me.

  7. Looks great to me! A bunch of talented cast members adn the plot sounds great! I don’t think Kate is going undercover since Bosco’s mentor was her dad, maybe it’s a personal thing. Interested to see how this will turn out.

  8. Wasn’t it rumored that Kate is an UC cop? She’s only getting closer to get info from Nancy…unless that changes in the final production.

  9. Not knowing that Bosco’s mentor was Kate’s dad in an earlier post, now I am more certain that Kate is an undercover role because she is probably trying to right the “wrongs” that Bosco has inflicted on others. I assume Bosco was skewing the lessons learnt from her father to get to his current rich and powerful position and bring him to “justice” whatever that may be – the poor house, incarceration or both.

  10. first i thought it was called mihtest buts it’s acually the ultimate additin

  11. No real action just drama, suspense and talk…

  12. oh sound great!also gotta watch it for bosco n nancy.

  13. wow can’t wait to watch it!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOSCO wong
    looks very serious in that pic indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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