Michelle Ye Stars in “The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate” TV Adaptation

The television adaptation of Tsui Hark’s (徐克) classic Dragon Gate Inn film series is currently shooting in Yinchuan and Hengdian. Produced by the Bona Film Group, Henry Fong (方平), and directed by Choi Jing Shing (蔡晶盛), the TV drama is based on Tsui Hark’s 1992 Hong Kong film New Dragon Gate Inn <新龍門客棧> and his 2011 reboot, The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate <龍門飛甲>. Both films were remakes of the 1967 Taiwanese film, Dragon Gate Inn <龍門客棧>, directed by King Hu (胡金銓).

The adaptation stars Nie Yuan (聂远) as Zhao Huai’an, a former Ming dynasty soldier who is wanted by both the Eastern and Western Bureaus of the royal government. Huai’an and his team of rebels arrive at the Dragon Gate Inn, where he meets the mysterious innkeeper, Jin Xiangyu (Michelle Ye 叶璇).

“She’s a very enchanting woman,” said Michelle in a recent interview with the mainland Chinese press. “It’s all acting in her eyes.”

Jin Xiangyu – internationally known as Jade – was first portrayed by Maggie Cheung (張曼玉) in Tsui Hark’s 1992 version. In Maggie’s portrayal, Jin is a cunning and manipulative woman who seduces and murders her guests for money, but was willing to sacrifice everything for Huai’an, whom she eventually fell in love with. In the 2011 reboot, Zhou Xun’s (周迅) portrayal of the innkeeper “Ling Yanqiu” has more redeeming qualities of nobility and resiliency.

The new television adaptation seeks to balance both the qualities of Maggie Cheung’s Jade and Zhou Xun’s Ling.

“Jing is both heroic and a hopeless romantic,” describes Michelle. “In a way, this character has become much more dimensional compared to the original versions. It’s a fresher take.”

Louis Fan (樊少皇), who also starred in the 2011 film version, will star in the television adaptation as well, reprising his role as lieutenant Ma Jinliang, a loyal servant of the Western Bureau. John Chiang (姜大衛) stars as a government official.

Flying Swords of Dragon Gate is produced at 30 episodes, and is expected to air in mainland China in 2014. A high-budget production, the TV adaptation hopes to emit the feel of a cinematic movie rather than a television drama. The director also revealed that he has incorporated an ambiguous homosexual relationship to the story.

Source: 21CN.com; 163.com

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Loveee Michelle ye!! Wish she would come back to film for tvb…although unlikely

  2. Do not really care too much for her – don’t find her that great an actress to be cast in so many dramas/series!

  3. This type of role suits her well. She will do fine. I just cant get why she chose a role like Huo Xiao Yu to act, the role didnt suit her so she cant fully act it out.

    1. I thought she took a step back in her acting there. She was unnatural at the beginning, but got better as the series progresses. I suppose Michelle can’t pass for the young, bubbly roles.

      1. In eternal happiness she played a young bubbly role and i think she did a great job there

      2. She was good in EH, but that was years ago. Now, I prefer her with serious roles.

      3. Yes, 13 years ago when she was young. Now she is already 33, she dun suit those types of bubbly role anymore. She is perfect in strong woman roles.

  4. Great to see Michelle in an ancient series again. Hope this one will have a good plot. It also good to hear that Nie Yuan is paired up with her too.

  5. She’s one of the few ex-TVB artists who found success in Mainland, lol Kinda weird how she’s not active in movies after winning a HKFA.

    1. No, she does act in movies but she also acts in series as well.

      1. I know she does, but it’s not like she’s getting big roles ya know? Seems like she’s still guest starring or playing supporting.

    2. Yea, she’s still active in movies. She got two new movies coming out next year.

      1. Drug War and Overheard 3 right? Her roles in there are small though, lol

      2. Drug War is this year. Next year: Overheard 3 and Insanity (暴疯语). yea, the roles are quite small but like others have mentioned, she got TV series and her production company to deal with.

      3. Her roles are small b/c 1. the HK movie industry is very male oriented. Most of the time female only plays a vase anyways. 2. Michelle normally participates in Johnnie To’s or Dante Lam’s production which are always actions and again male lead strong. Then they always cast a famous China actress to get the Chinese audiences leaving Michelle with a minor role. As much as I love Michelle–I’m not sure if she could draw in the box offices $$$ with her as a lead. Someone would have to take a major risk doing that. Wish the best for Michelle though–she’s inspiring.

    3. Michelle is a bit different compared to ex-TVB artists. I believe she’s more of an entrepreneur than an actress despite the fact she is still acting. If that makes sense.. lol

      1. she’s a triple threat—HK movie actress, mainland actress, and a producer. This role looks like it will suit he. Gorgeous pics.

      2. Yeah, I know but at least this time it’s not her own production, lol So I guess she’s in demand after all.

  6. There is currently a modern Taiwanese version of Dragon Gate airing with Sunny Wang. Has anyone watched it?

  7. Looking forward to this adaptation. Hope the storyline will be good and kept at a good place.

  8. Did anyone watch Ni Shui Han? Is it similar to this story?

    I wish they can do another remake of Hi Shui Han though, one of my favorite plot.

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