Michelle Ye Recalls Going to Karaoke With Myolie Wu

Michelle Ye (葉璇), who has a large fan base thanks to her down-to-earth personality, often updates fans on the Chinese video-sharing website, Bilibili. She generously shares hot topics surrounding her life in the short clips that she posts.

In a recent video, Michelle took a trip down memory lane as she recalled her filming experience with Myolie Wu (胡杏兒) during Lost in the Chamber of Love <西廂奇緣>. Since the two really liked Edison Chen‘s (陳冠希) music during that time, they would go to karaoke after their long filming hours to sing all of Edison’s songs. Michelle expressed how much she and Myolie used to idolize the singer.

After sharing this experience, she then went on to discuss whether one’s ability is more important than having interpersonal skills. Though both are important, she said not all actors have both qualities. “Some have great interpersonal skills, but no matter how much they act, their acting isn’t convincing or realistic. Other people have incredible acting, but they don’t have the greatest interpersonal skills,” Michelle shared.

From this realization, she conceptualized that those with poor acting abilities will rely on their interpersonal skills, whereas those with personality tend to be savvy in their art. She said, “Acting isn’t acting; it is the ability to bring your true self and investment. Everyone has their own perspective, including the cameras, directors, crew, and audience, so it is important to show the real you to better your acting.”

From her video, it is evident that she thinks talent exceeds interpersonal skills, and many fans agreed with her thinking. However, others commented that Michelle was finding an excuse for her limited interpersonal skills.

Source: HK01

This article is written by Hailey for JayneStars.com

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  1. How did she ever become so successful in China?? Especially when she has neither the acting nor interpersonal skills… Kudos to for being natural though, ie no fad diet, PS, filters, make up, etc. She’s from “down to earth” as this article claimed. She’s quite opposite actually. She seems like a closet-Karen imo.

      1. @dramafan “Karen” is a slur for people who are entitled, demanding, and OTT angry. Coined and popularized in the US. There hasn’t been news about Michelle being caught or flat out Karen. To me, she seems like she can be one or is one, just haven’t been caught -hence “closet.” This is all my speculation, of course.

      2. @jjwong thank you for the explanation. I have never heard of that. I am from Australia, not sure if it is not widely used here, or I am behind with the times.

        Re: Michelle Ye. I thought she lacked class when she defended her then bf- Mr Xiao Mo and had the online spat with his ex. Very crude and crass and the end result was that Michelle and her bf broke up anyway.

    1. @jjwong Could not have agreed with you more! I don’t even know how she got to leading lady status at TVB – her acting is subpar and she can’t emote. I only remember her mouth moving in Eternal Happiness.

      Furthermore, her antics in recent years were very Karen-like. I bet she has spoken to managers numerous times in restaurants.

      1. @dramafan Karens are mostly white women; but I think people of any race/color have Karens among them, lol.

        And exactly. That ex-gf incident and the one where her dog attacked someone at a party gave the Karen-vibe.

        @hazel Haha, yea, I can see her asking for a manager behind closed doors. Acting talent and interpersonal skills are apple and orange. She’s just making excuses for being rude = which is a Karen trait, lol.

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