Michelle Ye Turns to Livestream Selling

Online live shopping has become very popular in China as of late. It is similar to The Shopping Channel but with an interactive aspect. Michelle Ye (葉璇) decided to join the fun for livestream selling.

Michelle hasn’t made an appearance in awhile and wore a loose fitting shirt that still seemed a little tight. The audience also noticed that she has gained weight and her face appeared rounder.

Michelle was very dedicated to her work and even took off her shoes and socks to try a foot soreness relief sticker. While introducing a certain product, Michelle noticed that there were some errors in the documents. She immediately used her cell phone to take a photo and sent it to the company.

However the problems did not end there, as many netizens mentioned that they were not able to buy the products and their promotional coupons were not valid. Michelle continuously apologized and said that the company should not have made these mistakes and pointed out that they were not acknowledging their faults either! She also asked for staff members to blacklist this brand and personally sent a voice message to the company stating all these issues.

Many netizens were in awe over Michelle’s aggressive, straight forward attitude. Since this is her first foray into live selling, many were wondering if she would have difficulty getting business after publicly making the company lose face.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Kiki for JayneStars.com.

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  1. What a bunch of shills. So fake.
    There are few products where you can use it for a few minutes and can claim that it’s actually ‘good’.

  2. Wow!! She looks like she’s in her 50’s. haha lol….and what is she wearing?? Lord!!

  3. She has aged terribly and looks like a dai ma! Fits with her personality, I guess.

  4. Michelle seems like she’s on some sort of downward spiral since she started working in the mainland. I wonder if she doesn’t have some sort of mental disorder going on.

    At least you can’t complain about her professionalism even though she was a mess everywhere else.

  5. these are extremely unflattering pictures of her to be fair. i never thought she was pretty but not like these pictures….

    1. @m0m0

      It’s posted by an HK media that support pro-democracy. It doesn’t surprise me that they would choose the most unflattering photos of her since she works and lives in the mainland now.

  6. Sticking feet out online and holding canned food isn’t exactly celebrity like but at least Michelle isn’t one of those fake pretentious actresses who would do anything for image…

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