Michelle Ye Announces Breakup with Mr. Xiao Mo

In 2015, Michelle Ye (葉璇) announced that she was dating well-known fashion stylist, Mr. Xiao Mo (小默先生). The couple often shared sweet photos on social media and Michelle openly praised Mr. Xiao Mo. Despite wearing promise rings and Michelle even stating that she feels as though they are already married, the 39-year-old actress announced today that they have broken up after four years of dating.

The announcement came as a shock to fans, as Michelle had praised Mr. Xiao Mo incessantly during a recent interview. She acclaimed, “He is very worldly and is an intelligent man. He taught me a lot of things. We live together and he would get up earlier than me every day to make breakfast. Living together cohesively, I don’t mind letting him know that I love him. He has changed a lot for me. When he is with his friends, he doesn’t speak much. But in order to pursue me, he changed himself and became more talkative. He would always call and talk to me. I was very touched. Sometimes, when the weather is cold and I have to work early, he would get up earlier and make sure the water is warm for me to use.”

During the interview, the reporter had asked when the couple plan to tie the knot. The 39-year-old actress sweetly expressed that she already feels as though they are married and will walk the rest of their life’s journey together. “You may as well just consider me married. There’s no difference between us now and being married.”

The interview was conducted a little more than a week before the breakup announcement. The sudden turn of events utterly shocked everyone. However, the four-year relationship was not without its fair share of breakup rumors and drama.

In regards to the reason for their breakup, Michelle divulged that they split amicably due to the couple’s diverging paths and values in life.

Source: On.cc

This article is written by Huynh for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wow. It finally blew up in her face. First off, she looks very mature for her age. She does not look 39, more like 49. He is prob 34-36 yrs old and was using her for her money. Clearly, if they broke up because of “different paths and values ” that means she wants to marry and he doesn’t. He looks shady and when a woman talks so confidently all the time about the relationship, that’s overcompensation. That’s the impression that I get when i watched her last 2 interviews. Knew the end was near listening to her. Good thing she froze some eggs. Time to defrost them and cook them up.

  2. Like it’s a shock? hahaa LOL…The overly excess praising and compliments and calling out an ex like she knew what went wrong in that relationship? She has serious issues. lol

  3. @babycakes @wm2017 – it is a bit of a shock to me, because she displayed so much confidence in her relationship with him. but it can be overcompensating. i still find it weird how she can go from “consider us married” to break up in the span of a week. something must’ve went down…maybe he wanted to get married and she didn’t. or something that can’t be worked around. with the way she’s been going about her relationships, it would not surprise me if there’s another announcement next week that says they’ve reconciled. she’s been dabbling in a lot of drama these past few years.

    1. @coralie Actually, I have found her to be overconfident in everything. Well, saw clips here and there on youtube sometimes. When she replies to rumors on other male leads she will say something like oh yes there’s always a possibility as we are both single blab blab. One time this supporting female actress was really pissed as she said something like I was at least a lead I can say this and that as I have experienced it and you are only a support or something in that direction. She either needs to tone down that confidence or say fake niceties. She even made remarks at an ex saying she should look for her own shortcomings or something in that sense on social media? What was she trying to proof I got the dude now? What kind of current g/f comments and blasts past g/f w/your current beau? What do you know of that relationship? So weird. As far as announcing I love you today and breaks ups tomorrow. It happens alot either Hollywood stars or Asians. Think Chris Pratt & Tatum Channing? They praised their exes like they are soulmates/goddess how long did those last? haha That Chris one already gotten hitched w/a much younger gal after the divorce. Again, Reality Bites!!!

      1. @wm2017 To be fair, Michelle only did that out of retaliation ’cause Miss Lu (Mr. Xiao Mo’s ex-GF) made a declaration on her social media that he was two-timing her during their relationship. She defended him and tried to sue for defamation of character. I don’t think that’s wrong, per se, as she was doing this out of loyalty and protective of her BF + her own image.

        Lots of female stars had to deal with this kind of drama from their partner’s ex…like Tracy Ip and Zhang Ziyi, though they chose to stay out of it. Some people are just much more protective than others.

        I don’t know about the supporting actress story. Where’d that come from?

        I suppose it is harder for celebrity couples to stay together for long. But I just find the flaunting of the relationship even though it’s heading to its demise, so stupid & immature…but I can see why they do that so the papz doesn’t write negative things and cause more drama.

      2. @coralie I saw that clip long ago on the supporting actress. She is not at all popular I think but I can try to find it when I have time hahaa..Lol..Shes older like probably late 30’s or early 40. She is ok looking too and she married a much younger guy that is actually not bad looking that is also I think not very popular. Like I don’t even know their chinese or English names unless I am on that clip. lol haha

  4. That dude gives off such a creepy vibe. He looks like a serial killer who’d lure you into his apartment and film himself murdering you.

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