[TV Commentary] “Eye in the Sky” Episode 15

Eye in the Sky <天眼>
TVB Drama 2015

Executive Producer: Catherine Tsang
Genre: Crime Thriller
Number of Episodes: 20

Cast: Kevin Cheng, Ruco Chan, Tavia Yeung, Tony Hung, Vivien Yeo

The following is not a recap but a commentary on the particular episode in the title. Major spoilers and Ruco Chan-love alert. Originally posted at www.point2e.com.


No more obligatory eyecandy pic of the day. Things are getting ugly.

I forgot to add in Episode 14 blind owner basically forced Kevin to leave without explaining why but again this is a series where everybody know everybody’s secret so frankly, they need not explain why to one another. They just know.

So in this episode Kevin leaves and there is smirking Ruco waiting by the car and basically sneered sarcastically;

“I thought I had to think of a plan to force you to leave but in the end, I didn’t have to”

But Kevin explained he may have left but he is still there watching over Ruco, hoping he doesn’t take the bad route. Ruco of course told him to mind his own business, in a not so gentle way.

At home things are awkward between brothers and before Kevin can say anything Ruco rushes to Kevin and asks;

“Surely something can be done?”

And he explains to his parents he got Kevin fired because of a mistake he did. Kevin looks at Ruco, startled at Ruco’s ability to twist facts. His parents blamed neither. Alone, Kevin asked Ruco why he did what he did and Ruco sneered (a lot of sneering);

“I gave you a perfect excuse so they need not ask too many questions, moreover I gave you opportunity to look like the good guy”

Again Kevin patiently hopes Ruco don’t become bad but two factors will bulldoze that;

1. Shallow Jan who in this episode turns exceedingly shallow;

2, Angry Ruco who after this episode will become bad Ruco thus justifying Shallow Jan and Frowning Kevin to be together. Urghhh.

First, point 1.

Tavia’s father sold the house and wants to move to Philipines to open a detective agency and all I care is my precious time wasted at some useless storyline. Tavia had to move to Samantha and on the way, proving HK is indeed so very small, she bumps into Kevin and asks what’s wrong. There Tavia hiccups yet again which stopped being endearing like 5 episodes before. Anyway she told him to mind his own business and guess what? Ambulance passes by, Kevin runs towards it and inside is Tavia, very sick. Apparently got something to do with the hiccups, some hereditary thing which means it will happen again and Ruco will cause Tavia to die and Kevin to go full war on Ruco, I think. Anyway he stays the whole time and Samantha asks why he is denying his feelings and Kevin says it is personal and he leaves to go hiking and camping, alone. Very very solitary stuff.

Tavia waits for Kevin at the hospital but he never arrives. Samantha tells Tavia how concerned he was and finally Tavia said;

“I know what he is wary about. Let’s go, he won’t come”

So.. Shallow Jan finally smartens up.

Meanwhile point 2.

Ruco is now head of security and Vivien asks boss why not get rid of both brothers but he says;

“One was a cop and he will never bend the rules. The other one was a thief and once a thief, always a thief. Perhaps he will cooperate with us”

We are told who blind guy is when he visits an old accomplice. Apparently like Ruco and Tony, he was once a thief selling works of art. He became rich through own hard work and investment but when he can’t buy whatever he wants, he will steal for his own private collection. The friend has something he wants. Some painting and that is where Ruco comes in.

Ruco sees Vivien and old man having a drink at the cafe and at the same time smoke is coming out of Vivien’s room. He goes in and discovers the secret passage way leading to the old man’s room and a secret door and he tells that useless Jonathan to stall old man and he takes his gadget and get into the room and inside, collection of stuff and one of which is the necklace. He takes it and discovers it is a fake and that’s when Vivien walks in pointing a gun at him and this is where the most badass scene occurs.

The old man marvels at Ruco’s ability to get inside under 10 minutes and Vivien even compliments Ruco that his surgery was so very successful and “Your surgeon did a fine job”. I agree!! Anyway old man propositions to Ruco for one final job; to steal a painting and he will get the real necklace as a reward. Ruco sneers yet again and threw down the fake necklace angrily and says;

“Do you think I will help the people who ruined my life and my face?!”

Ahh old man says;

“I know you won’t so easily say yes. You’re still angry… Hon Sun, stand in front of me” and she obliges, he touches her cheek, takes out a pocket blade (which is a normal usual stationary so one wonders why anyone takes this around if not for sinister reasons?) and basically cut Vivien’s cheek deeply and she doesn’t yell, doesn’t flinch. He asks her is she ok and she grudgingly says she is fine and he tells Ruco;

“She ruined your looks, now I have ruined hers as payback”

And Ruco kinda looked surprised at the badass scene and says calmly;

“I will think about your proposition”.

Quite possibly the best scene in entire series because I don’t know, old man is so cruel, Vivien is so cool and Ruco is so calm. I didn’t expect that scene so kudos for originality in that sense.

Tony takes Samantha home to see grandma and grandma ensures Samantha agree to marry Tony. So Tony tells her the truth; that he is a professional thief. She feels cheated and leaves. Later she realises she misses him and he sends her picture evidence of his crimes and promises never to steal ever again or she can report him to the police with the evidence and then he appears before her, she tearfully tells him she truly loves him and will accept him and she realises she has to be brave to love and he promises he will never ever steal again and will find a way to earn a decent living. Tavia tearfully sees what she sees and says to herself that true, one has to be brave to love.

And so comes the stupidest scene next.

She goes to the hotel to find Kevin, carrying her art book (probably full of doodles of Kevin and hearts and Mrs Szeto Shun every where) and is shocked to see Ruco who sarcastically tells her surely being her mentor Kevin would have told her and if she has anything for him, find him at home and he looks pissed.

So she waits for him at home, Kevin on his way back so Ruco goes down and tells her Kevin is in Taiwan, not here and so she leaves reluctantly. Kevin returns and see Tavia despondently walking away and Ruco turns back and walks past him and sneered;

“And you want people to believe there is nothing between the both of you…”

Oh the sarcasm.

Must stop here for awhile. Yes, Ruco is selfish but come on Shallow Jan, you just dumped him in such a crude and cruel way and now you say you must be brave to love and now wants to convince Kevin to love you? Give it a break! Give the brothers time! Even Kdramas which is ALL ABOUT SA-RANG will say;

“ani, ani, ani , geugeon jeongmal jalmos ibnida!”
Google translates this from “no, no, no, that is so wrong!”

She is seriously annoying. Already this brother is trying to keep the other bro’s one feet from entering life of crime, if he starts dating her NOW, the other foot surely is in and Ruco will be lost forever! In real life, if you want to break a family apart, do that. Love isn’t about being brave Jan, this is not the case. Love is about being patient, just bloody wait!

It wouldn’t be this way if the story is tweaked a bit; that Jan doesn’t know Ruco is Kevin and that they’re twins. That way her actions are more innocent and therefore I won’t feel selfishness and disgust. Unfortunately she knows and all her actions thereafter seems to only concern about herself. Yes Ruco should grow up but come on, common sense! What poor writing or maybe we are supposed to dislike Jan? I mean Tavia is convincing with the hiccups but not for other factors. She reminds me of Princess Rachel from Brother’s Keeper. Oh how I hated that high maintenance girl.

Anyway Tavia calls Kevin and Ruco stares at Kevin who knows Ruco is watching but the one on the phone is Jade Leung.

Kevin sees Jade who cries her heart out at finding romance with all the wrong man and why can’t she find a man like him and she cries on his shoulder and he looks conflicted, a bit.

Nahhhhh his heart is with Tavia and I suppose we are supposed to go “Oh no Kevin don’t deny your heart’s desire, go for Tavia! Go for her and to hell with Ruco!!”

Well, now is too soon. Maybe in a few more episodes. Well, 5 more till the end so it won’t be long but I seriously hope Tavia dies and so Ruco’s end is no redemption but total immersion in his evilness.

Like this dude from My Love From The Star (one of the millions of variations of the title which frankly I am not sure which is the true one);

Shin_Sung_rok_evilIf there is one character that has the word EVIL chopped on his forehead, this man has it. I am not saying acting is fantastic because he is so obviously EVIL that it is painful to watch (but then K-drama acting is always the “Never Leave Any Doubt To The Viewers” school of acting so maybe he is excellent in that sense) but I wanna say this character has total immersion in his evilness that even when an alien with super powers dangles him on top of a building and threatening to throw him off the building, he laughed. Yeap, absolute evilness. I want Ruco to have this sort of badass total emersion in evilness but less comical in a sense. You know what I mean!

This far, I don’t see it that way. The villains in K-drama even when on the run has perfectly combed hair. In fact, good guys = hair down, bad guys = hair combed up, nerdy = centre parting.

Anyway Ruco was fantastic but I fear the writing may fail him. Kevin tries very hard to be very patient and Tavia is given a thankless role that shouldn’t even exist, more so given to a very capable actress and making her seem so very ordinary and annoying.

Blind boss role is intriguing but why he did bad things to me is you know.. shallow. I am not convinced but I suppose there are art collectors who will kill to get what he wants

Vivien may not be the best actress or prettiest but her scene in this episode is to me the best for a female character. I suppose she will hate Ruco from now on? You know what, I want Ruco to have affair with her Hon Sun as a play on 2 similar people with agendas of their own finding each other sexually attractive. Now that’s sexy.

Eye In The Sky has so much promise but I suppose whoever produced this knew 20 episodes may be a stretch hence why it is only 20 episodes and not 25 or something like that. I hope it ends on a good note; happy or not I don’t care. Just let Ruco kill someone so that he can be totally evil like the guy I posted above; maniacally evil beyond redemption.


This commentary is written by Funn Lim, a Contributing Writer at JayneStars.com and was originally posted at www.point2e.com.

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  1. Ruco is doing a great job being mean and sly…I wish I can give him 2 tight slaps. Jan can continue being shallow. Kevin admits he likes jan but cannot do so because of a ‘good friend’.

    I just adore Kevin.

    1. same here, I adore Kevin as well, he is very intelligent and charming

  2. Ruco is great although the script is getting worse. I still don’t find Tavia useful or mandatory to the plot and her character is annoying. We don’t need her father’s story too. Kevin does frown a lot.

    1. Why is my dear Kevin frowning so much? When will I see him smile? Tavia seems like a desperate woman looking for love.

    2. Yes, i feel like all the characters the script was trying to build for the past week or so is unraveling because the writing is crappy and can’t hold it together. Ruco is just angry and mean, Kevin just furrows his brows, and Tavia just bounces around lovesick. And probably two out of three will die at the end. Ugh.

  3. I still don’t like Tony Hung. He’s just another kelefe face who’s being given too much opportunity in Captain of Destiny when there are many more better actors to be pushed up.

    1. Agree totally re Tony Hung being a kelefe face. He still doesn’t have lead charisma. So I’m glad Ruco is in Captain of Destiny holding the fort. Without Ruco, I believe COD will be disastrous. Tony suits more the sidekick role, not lead…at least not now.

    2. Yeah don’t like Tony and his character too. I find that he is really selfish wanting to marry his gal. He is only all talk, but no sincere action at all. How about starting with finding a REAL job???? But it’s tvb we are talking about…. love can overcome anything else….

  4. “Already this brother is trying to keep the other bro’s one feet from entering life of crime, if he starts dating her NOW, the other foot surely is in and Ruco will be lost forever!”
    He already did various crimes before meeting Jan and fall in love with her >_> not his brother or Jan’s love should be the factor to salvage Ruco. It should be from himself, within his heart. Again, you are so bias. It’s other ppls that at fault for ruco to be bad… Sound just like his character, how he justify doing all the bad things…

    And the tone of our review is like that of a teenager :/ shallow jan? Again, if you can’t understand how love works, you should still not call ppls with name like that, especially in a formal review article for a grown up website? Or is this a teen angst website?

    1. You should submit a fairer review maybe they’ll publish it. This whole commentary is really ruco bias and I want to see a review from a more neutral point of view.

    2. If you don’t understand how brotherly love works? When should love triumph brotherly love? If this is how love works, dear lord, there won’t be reunion dinners anymore. You must love me NOW, you must start dating me NOW, arrest your brother NOW so we can start NOW, how selfish you chose your long lost brother to MEeeeeeee.. sort of love, isn’t that a portrayal of teen angst?

      P/s His crime was stealing stuff. Hardly hard core murder eh? But does it matter? Nope. In the end crime is crime to hell with everything else.

    3. Yes, agree with Little Fishy
      Very convenient to blame every thing on Jan….

    4. I agree, the reviewer is very baised towards Ruco (perhaps ruco’s fan) And i find that a bit annoying, she/he keeps calling “shallow Jan” i just want to read a fair review also.

  5. I think the ending might be that ruco actually had blood clots in his brain that cause his change in bahaviour, instead of he is really truly evil type that Jayne hoped for……

  6. Really amazed by the scene of Mr Kong, Hon Sen and Lik at the end. Vivien Yeo is cool. She saids ‘your surgery was pretty good, good job!’ that half smile, half innocent, half i-dont-care way of saying thing is very cute. contrastly, in the other 8:30 cycling drama, Jinny was suppose to be innocent and sweet, but in her not great acting i found her predending to be innocent and doesnt convince me at all

  7. Love this drama so much, too bad it will be ended soon. Hopefully, Kevin, Tavia and Ruco will film another drama soon.

    1. I thought it is 30 episodes?

      Ruco has turned bad and a little greedy after he saw the loot in the blind man’s safe. tavia is supposed to be all innocent and trying to get kevin to fall in love with her but this part about her is a little overboard because she is no longer a sweet young thing.

      1. I think they mad Tavia character lil bit to annoying all i see her doing is trying to get Kevin to fall in love with her in this series I dont know whatthe script writer was thinking

        I do hope ruco will turn back into a humble person like what dramadrama said hopefully the ending will be more meaningful I dont really want Kevin and Tavia charater to be together wish she will end up with Ruco lol

  8. I heard Ruco died at the ending scene..
    is it true???

  9. at the rate Ruco commits crime, it will be hard to stay alive till the end.
    he has killed a cat, indirectly caused 二姑 and 韩晨’s death. next, he will eye the blind man’s loots. I sure miss the innocent puppy love in the beginning.

  10. the clip show that’s Tavia will die at the end? I hope not, I hope she will end up with Kevin since Kevin actually fall in live with Jan too.

    1. Kevin fall in love with Jan so much , but he had to hold his feelings because of Ruco. It was touched.

      1. yes so touching, he has to hold his feeling because the sake of his brother. I love Jan end up with Kevin instead of Ruco.

      2. yes same here, when saw him with tears I’m so touching, he is such a gentleman. love Kevin 🙂

    2. I think only Ruco will die. Tavia might be saved and end up happily ever after with Kevin. She’s too lovesick like a schoolgirl to die.

      1. Hope Ruco not die at the end, I hope for happy ending for every one. its sad to see Ruco die.

  11. I hope ruco doesn’t die but be jailed…he didn’t have a happy childhood which caused him to be so bitter. give him a chance…he didn’t ask to be swopped.

  12. Hey, guess you’re the shallow one. Can dish out insults but can’t take one? Deleting my previous comments just goes to show you can’t take criticism and is well, SHALLOW.

    1. Fyi i have no AdministrAtive control and i am not the moderator . Get the facts right before start shooting sacrcasm. Cant take criticism is not shallow. Check the dictionary. Making childish immature accusations like yours is.

  13. What I heard is Ruco & Jane both died, Kevin is injured and he needs to have a plastic surgery on his face, after his recovery he is another Ruco. Meaning the surgery made his face changed to look like Ruco. Surprised?

    1. really??? oh no I like him have his Kevin face, how did you know that? I hope Jan and Ruco not die, I prefer happy ending.

    2. I was kinda thinking the same. Maybe at the end Ruco dies and Kevin is injured and changed his face to Ruco and lives as Ruco, while everyone else thinks the one that died is Kevin. Thus turning ‘Ruco’ into a good person.

      I actually wanted Jan to love Ruco and don’t find out about his evilness, but Evil-Ruco and uses her. But Kevin saves her and gets hurt. When Kevin replaces Ruco, he dates Jan who thinks Kevin is Ruco (and doesn’t know Ruco was evil) – me and my twisted thoughts.

      Yeah… I don’t think a ‘happy’ ending would work for this. A dark one would make it more interesting – like Roger’s ending in BHWS.

      1. Me too! I was hoping that Jan would love the evil guy. At least that is less cliche.

      2. Roger in BHWS had a happy ending for everyone. He gets his woman to visit him again, his woman thinking perhaps he is a changed man, that sort.

      3. Ruco is this year’s Roger in BHWS, but I hope Ruco will get an ending where he paid for his mistakes. I don’t want to read or watch the spoilers.

      4. @Funn Lim

        Roger’s ending may have been happy for him but it was dark. As in, he stayed evil and manipulated everyone else into thinking that he’s good.

        A true “happy” ending would have been Roger actually turning good and Kristal forgiving him – happily ever after sort of thing.

        And technically it was never revealed whether Kristal actually went to visit him again.

      5. “And technically it was never revealed whether Kristal actually went to visit him again.”

        She is a good person so in the end she will.

        To have that sort of happy ending is cliche. BHWS has the best ending and it is in his own way and in everyone’s way a very happy ending, dark or otherwise. I dont see EITS going that route.

      6. What I mean is EITS will have that cliche happy ending.

    3. I hope not! When I first wrote that a few episodes ago I was only joking. if it is true can’t believe I hit the jackpot! NAhhhh I hope not. Maybe Ruco won’t die. Depends. If Jan dies, Ruco won’t because he needs to pay for his crime. If Jan doesn’t die Ruco will die because remember the Reunion Dinner theory? Can’t ever see that happening. For sure Kevin won;t die but his career as a cop does down the drain. I believe next 2 episodes is Kevin trying to stop Ruco Rampage against 3 people; brother, sworn brother and ex girlfriend, all 3 he believed wronged him.

      Maybe sworn brother will live to be with his Samantha. But between brother, brother and ex GF, one of them has to die. If suddenly everybody has a happy ending, or Ruco goes insane, etc, that is too Vanilla for me.

      In fact when Ruco suddenly says “If I can’t have her, no one can!!!”, it seems to be a sudden declaration of a possessive boyfriend which he never was until suddenly. But then Kevin’s idea of helping someone is to tie them up and throw them to Vietnam is to me counter productive. I can just imagine Ruco swimming like crazy back to HK with the determined narrowed eyes thinking I WILL KILL THEM ALL!! and that is to me wayyy better than what is presented right now.

      1. Does anyone else think like me that this drama is actually more epic if they just wipe out Tavia, Samantha and Tavia’s father entirely? After episode 17 I think these people are just wasting space and development for the true main of Ruco and Kevin. So irritating.

        Some overseas fans have watched episode 19-20 and they all said that Ruco will create a Roger BHWS after the ending! His performance is said to be flawless and stole the spotlight from Kevin near the end. I can’t wait!

  14. With the exception of Ruco and Kevin’s character, pretty much all the rest of the characters were a waste of talent. Seriously, do we need a TV Queen to play Jan’s character? Such a waste of Tavia’s acting abilities. How about Susan Tse? A great veteran who’s only purpose was to die. How about Jade Leung? What was the purpose of her character? The relationship between Tavia and Kevin, Tavia and Ruco, and Samantha and Tony’s were totally underdeveloped. When did any of these relationships go from physical attraction to love? I love all these actors but the script has gone from quite exciting to totally stale…

    1. The script will be a lot better if it doesn’t show Tavia’s irritating behaviour and her father is not needed at all. But from what I heard the last two episodes are epic and will make Ruco a phenomenal talk like Roger in BHWS last year which will increase his chance for TV King! Imagine that Ruco finally his chances to get credited after all his great performances this years!

  15. Please don’t be offended. It takes a lot of time and confidence to do what you’re doing. I just wanted to exercise my right to express myself as well and perhaps spawn further discussion.

    I’ve objectively tried to read all your commentaries and just felt obligated to chime in. Your reviews seem very biased. I enjoy watching all three actors, so I don’t question their abilities to deliver their characters. It seems your issue is with the characters themselves. You think Jan is shallow, but I respectfully disagree. She stated her type in epistle 1 (handsome and cool). It’s not shallow to have a type. Anyone who claims otherwise is a liar. Kevin’s character was the one who very chok-ly saved her life and she was smitten. She thought Ruco was Kevin, hence the confusion and misplaced affections for Ruco (before surgery). She found out Ruco was the Kevin she made out with, so that further complicated things internally for her. She tried to avoid Ruco at times and hung out with him as a friend at times. Sprinkled in a little “maybe I can learn to like him” (purely my opinion) that helped motivate her to hang out with him. Never once did she tell him she liked him or wanted to be his gf. They were not a couple.

    My point is, it seems you call the character shallow in every commentary. Yet, I think it’s a very unfitting word. I’d use stubborn, because the Kevin that saved her life and seemed so cool was the one she wanted and nothing can change that. I think she has a damsel in distress syndrome where she seeks a hero to save her in her time of need and that is what attracts her most. Yes, presurgery Ruco saved her too, but the whole time, she thought that was Kevin as well. The question is: If a whole different character saved her that time from the triad guys (King Kong), then would she be attracted to the new hero? Or still yearn for Kevin? I personally think, she’d still want Kevin because he’s her whole package (Samantha/Fa mentions it in Episode 1.

    If she thought presurgery Ruco was Kevin (which he didn’t clarify), then she always like Kevin and only Kevin. Therefore, how can anyone fault this character for being loyal? Why should she give Ruco a chance if she just plain doesn’t like him? I can’t comprehend the shallow accusation.

    I think it’s great that you take the time to write these commentaries, but as a writer, it’s important to put your personal opinions aside and look at everything objectively. It’s not what you think of the storyline or characters. It’s the correlation between them and how it plays into reality for your readers.

    1. Totally agree.

      1. It is important to write/view objectively.

      2. As I stated earlier in my comments, I think Jan has always liked the first/good Kevin the whole time. In my opinion, if Jan knew there was another Kevin (but not the one she met, even with the exact same face, she wouldn’t have slept with him that fast).

      3. Ruco(aka Kevin-pre-surgery) did save Jan but that was when she was doing her job to get that criminal dude, in contrast to the first Kevin who(as a cop) saved her while she was in dangerous and that left a big hero image in her.
      It makes sense in such a way that Jan was helping Ruco(although she gets paid) and thinking that she was helping her first/good Kevin.
      Her father in epi. 1 even said that Jan usually doesn’t accept dangerous cases like the one Ruco asked for. Thus, Jan did that b/c of her “good” Kevin so she could spend more time with him. I don’t think Jan ever falls for Ruco even just a bit.

  16. I think Jan is a pointless character. Her only purpose was to be the main trigger for Ruco’s character to change. But she really wasn’t needed, they could easily have made Ruco change just from the family issue. Seriously they Just wanted Tavia in it to make the cast look good.

    I felt that Tony did a really good job in the previous episode and he does have potential (alot more than the more recently promoted actors) although he does need to work on his ‘angry’-act. Tony and Samantha’s characters are underdeveloped. Vivian Yeo also did a great job in this drama.

    TBH only Ruco’s and Kevin’s characters make sense. As for who’s hotter? Usually I would say Ruco, but somehow I think Kevin has more charm in this drama.

    1. Kevin is the good guy who always look out for his brother it’s natural he’s more likeable, but in terms of performance and complex character Ruco nailed it. He’s a much better actor than Kevin although Kevin has improved a lot from when he first won the underserving TV King award.

    2. Ruco will get BA award this year! His performance in EITS is epic!

    3. As for Tavia, I have no inpression of her except for: irritating, pointless and waste of screentime.

      Tony is acceptable as a supporting role, but I still don’t think he has lead face and his acting still not enough to carry a series as a lead, but he’s better than the promoted Him Law and Sammy Sum in YC. I can’t stand them!

      1. Yes I agree.
        Although I do think Sammy has great potential, I’ll give him a few more years and a good breakout performance before I let him lead though – but so far he is a great supporting actor. Him on the other hand hasn’t had his breakout performance yet, eventhough I believe he has enough experience – in other words I think he has the skills to lead but none of his performances make me want to watch him.

        For example Michael Tse had a lot of experience in supporting and a breakout performance in EU and Ben Wong and his performance in Live of Omission. Same goes for Wayne, Tavia ect.

        Although with TVB running out of actors they don’t really have a choice.

    1. We will know in two days. I just wanna know yes or no.

      Will someone die?

      1. I predict that Ruco will die but in a way that he redeems his mistakes. Maybe died saving Kevin or Tavia or others which will make him endearing and complex, although it would be sad.

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