Vivian Chow Invited to Film for TVB Again

Forty-six-year old Vivian Chow (周慧敏) has maintained her young and innocent looks that stole the hearts of many in the 1990s. With her big round eyes, slim figure and long black hair, Vivian’s return to the show business has many wondering what her next project will be. According to sources, Eric Tsang (曾志偉) has extended an invitation for Vivian to return to TVB to film a series. After all, it has been 21 years since she last graced the small screen in The Greed of Man <大時代>.

It is Eric’s hope that Vivian can team up with 47-year-old Veronica Yip (葉玉卿) and 54-year-old Teresa Mo (毛舜筠 ) to star in a female-centric series.  Veronica has already verbally agreed and Teresa is still considering.

A source revealed, “Vivian is very good friends with Virginia Lok (樂易玲). Vivian even returned to help out during the Lunar New Year show. Because all the fadans recently left and the audiences keeps seeing the same faces over and over, Ms. Lok wanted to approach Vivian about returning to TVB. She also asked Eric to recruit some new faces to partner with Vivian instead of the same cast. Seeing the success of using a new cast and production team for Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>, they are hoping to use the same method to breathe some fresh air to the TVB series.”

The source continued, “Tony Leung Ka Fai (梁家辉) already agreed and Vivian really likes the script, so filming is slated to begin later in the year. TVB spent a lot of resources in making this happen. The story will revolve around a group of women who reunite after starting their own families and they reflect upon their youth. Vivian and Veronica’s characters even had a relationship together when they were younger! Veronica already verbally agreed to filming the series when they were discussing the script.”

When Vivian was asked by the media to confirm reports that she is returning to TVB, she said, “There’s no such thing.” Vivian’s manager then said, “There were talks of shooting a travel-related show but I haven’t heard anything else. But Vivian’s relationship with TVB is very good.”

Ms. Lok shared, “Nothing has been confirmed yet. Besides, Eric is not in Hong Kong. We’ll have to wait and see when he comes back, but we’ll definitely let you guys know!”


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  1. She’s 46?!?! She still looks amazing considering she’s in her mid-40’s. This lady has not aged at all over all these years. Wonder what her secret is?

    1. Extremely old and photoshopped photo.
      She recently made an appearance at Kathy chows wedding and looked quite old and was painfully skinny.

      1. Yep. I always find it funny when news outlets run stories of how well so and so has aged when in reality the picture is photoshopped.

      2. Yes, the above photo is old and photoshopped. My mom used to always comment about vivian not aging well even when she was young due to structure of her face.

  2. She has youthful features with the same hairstyle since forever but look closely and she looks like a good 46. And I do think she must have time to film? And what’s the secret to youthful looks? Not having children, no stress?

  3. When was the picture taken? Is it recent. Regardless, she has taken very good care of herself and looks really good. My sister is a fan, so if she does return to do a show for TVB, my sister will definitely watch it. However, I don’t think she will. I think doing a TVB series is just too much hard work without proper compensation/appreciation. Isn’t that why a lot of the fadans left?

    1. The photo has been uploaded on since 2005. How much older it actually is, I have actually no idea, but 7years + photoshop should mean quite a lot.
      I think vivian aged graciously, definitely not a complete wreck like maggie cheung, but honest signs of her age are there and nowhere as astounding as she’s made out to be.

  4. She is my favorite for 20+ years since I was a kid. She’s very simple but elegant. She is one of the actress that is not super aggressive in money and her life is just caring for pets and charity work… maybe being very kind and caring person can give you the youth look? She also doesn’t use much makeup nor hair coloring. I would definitely watch it and would feel like my dream come true.

    1. I like her a lot as well but do not feel that she has aged well. She may not dye her hair but uses a lot of make up just like most artists do. That photo above is old and photoshopped. I saw her recent photos and she did age well.

      1. Meant to say she did not age well. However, she is a great person with a good heart and that is what matters the most. Hope she come back to film a series or 2. She did not film that many series back then. I only saw her in The Commandments with Deric Wan.

    2. Where can I watch the Commandments? She sure is a nice heart person. I like her for not showing off, I saw her at the 2012 TVB award ceremony, she worn a strapless dress but her chess was plain meaning with no necklace. I love her for that too. I hope she will make a film too.

    3. Well she can afford to be a tai tai. Her husband’s dad is very well off. His dad is the writer of Wesley series, and they can live off the royalty from that and do nothing apart from looking after pets and attending charity events!

  5. They need to fix the problem, ppl are leaving TVB left and right. Inviting ppl back to TVB is great, but not good enuff for other to stay. There’s not much ppl playing the daddy roles. I miss the old ppl.

  6. LOL…and the speculation from the Media continues!!

    My personal opinion: the story concept might be true, but I highly doubt the casting is! First off, according to what Eric Tsang said during a radio interview, this series that they’re thinking of doing is very much a female-oriented series, which means that the male roles will be relatively insignificant (even if it’s a lead role). If that’s the case, I doubt that big Tony will be cast as the male lead – I mean, come on now… he IS a respected and reputable multiple award-winning movie actor after all, so it doesn’t make sense for TVB to give him some insignificant male lead role that is pretty much akin to a 3 rd or 4 th line supporting actor type role! (though if TVB is going to be that stupid, then I hope Tony doesn’t agreed to film this for them). [Sidenote: if Tony wins the Best Actor award again at next month’s HKFA, his chances of filming a TVB series are pretty much nil….my guess is that it will probably end up similar to the When Heaven Burns situation where Nick Cheung was originally slated to be one of the male leads put had to pull out after winning all those BA awards cuz his schedule got too packed with filming offers….]

    As for the female leads…

    Vivian Chow’s manager already denied the rumor, saying that Vivian is only confirmed to film a travel special for TVB, not a TV series (haha…leave it up to the tabloids to interpret ‘travel special’ as ‘TV series’!)

    Teresa Mo already indicated in previous interviews that she will not film TV series anymore and will focus her efforts only on movies as well as taking care of her family (reference this interview she did with Mingpao Weekly:

    Veronica Yip – well, she needs to get her husband’s permission and he has been reluctant to give it after the ordeal their family went through the last time Veronica returned to film ILHK….plus that filming only took 2 weeks and her family had to come back to HK anyway during that time due to her mother’s illness, so scheduling wise, it worked out. However, filming a TV series is different as it means that she will need to be away from her family for several months…if that’s the case, I highly doubt that her husband will let her do it.

    Again, the attitude that I take whenever I see these types of speculative rumors from the Media (especially since none of them have panned out so far): I’LL BELIEVE IT WHEN I SEE IT!!

  7. too rich and nothing to do… move over for other people you old hag…

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