Wayne Lai Doesn’t Care if “Bullet Brain” Gets Canceled

Wayne Lai (黎耀祥) does not seem to be too cooked up about the poor ratings and critical reception of Bullet Brain <神探高倫布>, which is currently airing on TVB Jade at an average of 26 points – 1.7 million viewers – per episode.

When the three-time TVB Best Actor winner heard about viewers requesting for the show to be canceled, Wayne let out a laugh, “I knew something like this would happen. I really don’t care. Let’s see what happens. I will treat this as a lesson.”

Universally panned for its boring script, viewers have been decreasing by the thousands per week, and those that continued to watch the show were only in it for the lauded performances of Wayne Lai, Ngo Ka Nin (敖嘉年), andNatalie Tong (唐詩詠).

Despite the criticism, Wayne supported Bullet Brain and expressed that he had “a great ride” while filming the period detective drama last year. “I really enjoyed the shooting process, and I honestly do not care much about what others think. There is no standard norm to what is good or bad. [TVB] wants to try something new, and when we filmed it, we all knew we were doing something experimental.”

Was Wayne afraid that Bullet Brain would break his golden “Best Actor” trademark? “Of course not,” said Wayne. “I don’t have much of a trademark anyways. I will always work hard and do my best at every opportunity I get.”

Kenneth Ma Thought “Triumph in the Skies 2” was a Anniversary Drama

Upcoming TVB blockbuster, Triumph in the Skies 2 <衝上雲霄II>, is confirmed to premiere in July 2013. Starring cast member Kenneth Ma (馬國明), who is currently filming The Hippocratic Crush 2 < On Call 36小時II> at TVB Studios, was surprised when he heard that the pilot drama would be airing in the summer instead of the fall.

“I always thought it would be an anniversary drama,” Kenneth admitted. TVB Anniversary dramas usually air between October and December, and they are last dramas to be promoted before the annual TVB Anniversary Awards. “After all, [Triumph in the Skies 2] has Francis Ng (吳鎮宇) and Julian Cheung (張智霖). But actors take on very passive roles, and there are many things that are beyond our control.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. Wayne’s acting isn’t the problem, it’s the focus on the dumb, naive, immature Madam that is Sire Ma.

    1. Wayne’s acting is great in the series. I think it’s unfair to hate on Sire Ma personally when it is her character’s personality that is quite unlikable.

      1. so this is how much wayne cares about his series when its not doing well.. im sorry but good acting should save a series wayne just like what roger kwok said and wayne cant happen to save the series haha

      2. Nothing will save a bad script. If the story is bad to begin with, half the battle is already lost.

      3. Even with good acting, the script is GARBAGE to begin with. If its comedy, then they could twist it. But this series is so sloppy, it should have been a comedic series with all the long list of flaws.

    2. Totally agree with your comment. The whole drama is spoilt by Sire Ma. She needs alot of improvement in her acting

  2. Cancelled while TVB doesnt need to lose audience and doesnt affect the rating of Beauty of War.

  3. I will treat this as a lesson.
    As a lesson for what?

    [TVB] wants to try something new, and when we filmed it, we all knew we were doing something experimental.”

    Experimental filming as in what form or way or ideas?

    1. maybe he told producers or some management ppl that this series won’t work out / do well but they didn’t listen

      1. Well then he should not be involved in this series. It does not do any justice to him and will only be detrimental to his career.

  4. For me,he series is interesting to watch; it gives something fresh and new and it is not boring like “Beauty of war”. It gets low rating is easy to understand because people often hardly to understand something new at the first gland. I am living in America and and see the high rating for this series in all web site that post this series in English subtitles. It is regrettable that some HK viewers do not give the encouragement for TVB doing something new to catch up American TV industry.

    1. Sorry, my intention is “at first glance” not “gland”.

  5. Is he wearing a hairpiece in the photo for this article? Is he bald?

    1. I think it is the standard piece of equipment for the TVB “siu sangs” given their, Hmm, maturity.

  6. i’m still watching it. but i do admit, i’m not as involved in the drama as the other ones. I find myself skipping/fastwarding most of Sire Ma’s scenes, which are quite predictable.

  7. He knew this series was not a big hit. He took the role because he doesn’t want to turn Lee Tim Sing down.

    Both series are so boring. I only watch Come home love. It’s a lot interesting and funny. The romance with Richard and the lawyer is awesome.

    1. I agree with you Mlove.
      I only have been following Come Home Love! I love richard and Ha Jie pairing 🙂

  8. the series should not be cancelled because there are still a lot people can’t wait to watch the next episodes like me; moreover, its rating is higher than the series “Season of love”(24 points);if “Season of love” was not canceled why this series must be canceled? What a ridiculous request!!! There are many famous actresses/actors such as Kenneth Ma, Myolie , Kate Tsui .. playing in the “season of love” but the series is still low rating; Does it will affect those artists’s trade mark?. The answer is “no” because they are still get high demand in this industry.

    1. There is another reason… Chinese New Year. Vacation time.

  9. TVB needs to go back to traditional shows. The ratings just proves what their audience likes. There’s no point trying something new. It’s not attracting new viewers and is only losing the housewives. So far Inbound Troubles is the only series to average 30 points. TVB should just go back to making modern laid back comedies and family infighting series. Seems like that’s the only thing people actually tune in for.

    1. totally agree. they dont need all this ‘heavy flavour’ addition to their dramas

  10. Just looking at the title made me lose my interest.

  11. I don’t think its the actors or actresses acting’s fault I think it’s all on the script.

  12. Of course the viewers are requesting the show to be canceled since 75 percent of Bullet Train is about Sire Ma!!

  13. The problem with this series is not because it’s trying something new. The problem with the series is that it is simply bad.
    The story is not complicated, it is just badly written. The acting, oh don’t get me started with the acting. All of them are overreacting to the smallest thing.
    The only two who make the characters believable are 9727 and natelie.

  14. I watched the first 5 episodes and episode 11 to date and to be honest ive watched alot of tvb series and usually they suck for very distinct reasons, but this series just seems to suck generally. As in the whole is worst than the sum of its parts.

  15. lets hope Triumph in the Skies 2 will be good if its a good series it will draw in high ratings no matter if its a anniversary series or not

  16. I enjoy Bullet Brain. Some people have different taste and it’s impossible to please everyone.

    1. I agree 100%; I am very enjoying the series Bullet Brain.

      1. total agree with u..i enjoy the series alot..I watced it because of wayne lai..=D

    2. Seriously, how the heck you enjoy this piece of crap?

      1. You don’t know that different people have different opinion? Don’t expect everyone to agree with you.

      2. If you look at things from another perspective. Witness Insecurity for example, majority seems to love it but there are some who question the lame ending and the protagonist’s super analytic ability base on no hint or tiniest evidence whatsoever.

        I don’t like this series but there will always be some who find it interesting from another angle.

      3. @swtlav3ndar. Prove it. I can see your face… somewhere.

      4. @Larry3

        Actually from Episode 11-15, it’s quite an entertaining one.
        The mystery of that Doctor went missing, and turned out MuiMui is her mistress and now I just can’t wait to see whether she’ll admit killing him or create another story bout him missing.
        It’s much better than Seasons of Love (Episode 1-5), I totally skipped it, even though I’m quite a fan of Him, but I just can’t Ewwww accept that gal.
        At least Natalie and Sire are both pretty gals

  17. Is it that terrible that people want it canceled hahaha

  18. honestly, i watched the first few episodes, but don’t find any interest to watch it…it is the story is boring…but the rating is not that low to cancel the show…don’t worry…

  19. I watched the first 20 minutes of the 1st episode. It was so boring, and I couldn’t make myself to continue watching it.

  20. There is no need to worry about the cancellation of “Bulletin Brain”. TVB has never cancelled a drama series for many many years. Anyway, I think it is a waste to cancel a drama series during the middle of the airing. Just let those people continue to watch it if they are interested in it. After all there are tons of production costs and hard work involved in the filming of every drama series no matter people like it or not.

    1. It should move the remaining episodes to the weekend or even late at night.

      1. I don’t think TVB should do it. They do not want to set a new precedent as they do not have any major competitors now. Moreover, those production costs have to be justified.

      2. Cost will be justified when the viewership is hurting their profits.

    2. You are absolutely right; there still others like to watch this series.

    3. @sandcherry: Canceling a series midway has many ramifications besides the wasted efforts and cost put into the production, such as the commercial timeslots in the series sold to various advertisers.

      1. sandcherry: I meant to say ‘also’ besides the good reasons you gave why tvb will not cancel a series halfway in its broadcast.

  21. if TVB want to experiment/try something new or never been done before, they should cancel this show earlier on to save ratings and it will be the ‘first’in their history. (that i can remember off)

    1. It won’t be the first. In 1980, the series ‘Five Easy Pieces’ was cancelled due to not ideal ratings. The series wasn’t a total failure, but, it met a strong competitor from ATV’s ‘Fatherland’.

      It’s too bad because I found ‘Five Easy Pieces’ to be a very good series.

      1. I did not recall any other drama series were cancelled after “Five Easy Pieces”, and the airing was cancelled in 1980, 33 years ago.

      2. well then… let this be the first one in the 2000s. lol. and let this be due to bad script & acting.

        then again, its almost the coming to the end. pointless to say so much. TVB wont touch or dare to due to the producer in charge.

      3. agree since tvb begged this producer to keep working for them

  22. I have very much trouble watching sire ma in this series. It doesn’t help matters when she comes out whining Bo Bo every 10 minutes. Story is getting better if only trying to figure out what’s going on.

    Cancelling this show is excessive because I can think of shows with worse plots and acting.

  23. many people say no one could have played wayne role better then wayne.. well dicky cheung had a similiar role and audience loved it.. this actually was a test to see if wayne can lead a series and help boost other artist popularity and the answer is no wayne really needs to cast in good scripts and good with a bunch of popular supporting actors

  24. Erm, excuse me guys,

    What exactly is wrong with BB? I haven’t watched it and I don’t intend to. I am just curious about the amount of negative feedback that the series is getting. Is it because of script? Acting? As in what’s wrong with the series?

    1. Wait for the reviews :). If not Google search for the articles and read the comments. LONG STORY to read… better then watching it.

      1. @ Larry3

        Haha ok, I shall wait for the reviews. Thanks! Nah, too lazy to search elsewhere for comments on the series. Especially if I don’t intend to watch it in the first place.

      2. Wait for the Jaynestars review team… that would be the best advice for now just to see the lols. Enjoy your time by not watching Bullet Blunder.

      3. Bullet Braindead
        Bullet Bust

        Dude, we can do this all day

      4. We could have feild day with the title names. TVBeeeeeeeee

  25. They’re not gonna cancel it. If they do, they’ll have to find something to put in its place and that’s never gonna happen.

    Also I doubt the next few series before triumph in the skies 2 will be any better or less boring …

    1. It still is possible to move this series to the weekends and end it quickly. QUICKLY!!!

  26. What series is scheduled to air after Bullet Brain?

    I jumped straight in and watched episode 2 alone, but I’m not sure what to make of it. It wasn’t TERRIBLE per se… hmm… but I felt so detached. Do people find this show bad because it manages to sustain this level of blandness all the way through, or does it genuinely go awry later on? I know I should check out a few more episodes and see for myself, but I’ve got far too many TV shows to plough through right now.

      1. Thanks 🙂 I can’t say I’m too excited about that show either. Have to wait and see.

    1. If you watch past ep. 2… it is getting crappy, crappier, crappiest….

      1. Heheh. Perhaps I’m too curious for my own good (or masochistic) and I like torturing myself. I want to see how BAD a show can really get. Maybe I’ll just watch the ending when it airs…

  27. For me, the problem is with Ngo Ka Nin’s character.
    I began this serie with the 8th ep and Natalie’s story and Sire & Edwin story are quite catching 🙂 I don’t see why this is very different between BB and others series.
    Then, I also really enjoyed Seasons of Love (especially Toby and Him 🙂 )

    I don’t want this serie to be canceled !

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