Wong Cho Lam Goes Topless for Love Scene in “Come On, Cousin”

Many sacrifices were made for the TVB comedy Come On, Cousin <老表,你好hea!>. May Chan (陳嘉佳) gave her first kiss to Bob Lam (林盛斌); Bob and Louis Cheung (張繼聰) made their first onscreen appearances as nude models; and Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍) will strip topless for his love interest, Kitty Yuen (阮小儀).

With its comedic storyline and boundary-pushing gimmicks, the drama has successfully won the attention of viewers in Hong Kong. In an upcoming episode, rich heir Cho Lam falls in love with the wealthy socialite Kitty and attempts to seduce her. The two “shorties” engage in a humorous bed scene, in which Cho Lam strips himself down to his boxers and tries to lure Kitty to bed. However, Kitty stops him, telling him that she will only accept his pursuits if he manages to make her younger sister Leanne Li (李亞男) famous.

At a promotional event for Come On, Cousin yesterday, Cho Lam joked that his bed scene with Kitty would probably force everyone to start fasting. “If viewers started to eat more when Ram Chiang (蔣志光) and Rita Carpio (韋綺珊) came back together to perform ‘You Needn’t Be Acquaintances to Meet with Each Other’ <相逢何必曾相識>, then they probably vomited all of that back out when they saw Bob and May’s kissing scene. They will probably not want to eat anymore when they see Kitty and I!”

Bob and Louis’ daring nude scene garnered explosive responses. Will Cho Lam also challenge these limits? “I’m going to pass that job to them. Louis has a very nice figure. Bob doesn’t and even he’s willing to expose it all. I’m not as brave as them!”

On filming romantic scenes with Cho Lam, Kitty said she felt like throwing up, but nonetheless praised Cho Lam to be a fun partner and believes that she and Cho Lam make a good pair.

Louis Cheung was Groped By a Fan

Louis flaunted his toned and muscular body often in Come On, Cousin, but he said it is time to zip up. While he was eating out, a fan went up to Louis and squeezed his chest while she was taking a photo with him. Louis said he felt violated. “Of course, I’m very happy to have her support, but I can see that men and women really aren’t treated equally. When a woman dons a sexy image, you wouldn’t dare to touch her like that.”

Bob Lam Hot Favorite to Win Best Supporting Actor

Producer Wong Wai Sing (黃偉聲) commended Bob’s stellar performance in Come On, Cousin and supports him to win Best Supporting Actor. Bob humbly said, “There are too many strong competitors, such as Benz Hui (許紹雄) and Oscar Leung (梁烈維). They are all very good. I don’t have much acting talent. However, I filmed two dramas this year and did a lot of variety, so it’s an improvement for me.

Pointing out that Bob seems to be more interested in winning Most Improved Artiste, he said, “I’d be honored to get a nomination, but what I really want is to see Come On, Cousin win Best Drama.”

Wong Cho Lam Works on New Drama

Currently preparing to write a new drama, Cho Lam said he hopes to find new, talented stars to promote. Asked if he plans to lend a hand to promote his real-life girlfriend Leanne Li, Cho Lam laughed and said, “She’s already popular and doesn’t need my help.”

Source: Oriental Daily

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. it’s SO touching i teared watching tvb anniversary – wong cho lam proposed to leanne li over live broadcase. it was so real, so sincere and so touching

  2. I understand Louis point…but I prolly would poke his chest if I see him though lol. And pls no, Bob win BSA? O_o; He’s a good comedia but there are so many other more deserving… Maybe he’s the 2014 So Gay…ugh…

  3. This drama is getting more and more outrageous. But i think Cholam knows viewers will buy his kind of slapstick comedy. He’s funny but always the same kind of funny, gets boring after too much of the same type.

  4. Congrats to cho lam and Leanne!! The news is all over FB! Hurry up jaynestars! Where’s the update? Lol!!

  5. OMG!!! That’s gross!!! But really don’t like watching “Come on cousin’!! It is just stupid I don’t even like Womg cho lam that…Much!!!

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