Will “Come On, Cousin” Become a Lasting Classic?

Wong Cho Lam‘s (王祖藍) and the cast of TVB Anniversary drama Come On, Cousin <老表,你好hea!> have been handed the responsibility to save viewership ratings and fight against new local station HKTV’s Internet broadcasting service in November. Cho Lam’s Inbound Troubles < 老表,你好嘢!> was TVB’s second highest rated drama last year, and its sequel is riding on high expectations.

Due to Occupy Central’s ongoing protests, Hong Kong citizens have been paying more attention to the news rather than watching dramas. Unafraid of how Occupy Central may affect the reception of Come On, Cousin, Cho Lam said, “Everyone is paying close attention to the news right now. Obviously, viewership ratings would be affected. But I already tried my best. The show’s content is a little ironic right now. Last year when I was filming the prequel, I noticed the division between Hong Kong people, but I didn’t think things would progress this quickly.”

Hopes to Make Come On, Cousin into a Classic

As the main scriptwriter behind Come On, Cousin, Cho Lam hopes to add a more joy in viewers’ lives. Cho Lam prefers shows that have strong comedic elements. To further ensure that Come On, Cousin’s script is perfect, Cho Lam also enlisted the help of renowned scriptwriter, Lun Man Hong (龍文康), who co-wrote the script for The Greed of Man <大時代>. Cho Lam spent nearly a year fine-tuning the script as he hopes Come On, Cousin will become one of Hong Kong’s classics.

“There is a lot of anger in today’s society because people think they are not given enough opportunities. If I weren’t given the chance in the beginning, I wouldn’t have become who I am today. That’s why I want to be an ambassador and give those brand new pearls a chance to shine. I have a mission and it’s rather complicated. For example, when I see Liu Wai Hung (廖偉雄) and David Lo (盧大偉), I would be very touched because I spent my childhood with them. My dad is very strict, but when he watched The Funny Half-Show <笑聲救地球>, he would laugh happily. That’s why I think Hong Kong citizens are angry because we don’t provide them with enough entertainment. I hope that the audience will remember Come On, Cousin in 10 to 20 years and grow with them like the All’s Well, Ends Well <家有囍事> franchise.”

Maxes Out Friendship Cards

Earlier, Cho Lam revealed that Come On, Cousin will showcase an extensive list of guest stars. Since the popularity of Inbound Troubles, many artistes were more than willing to agree to filming the sequel. Cho Lam invited Ram Chiang (蔣志光) and Rita Carpio (韋綺珊) to perform their hit song “You Needn’t Be Acquaintances to Meet with Each Other” <相逢何必曾相識>. Although Ram previously stated that he had no intentions to sing before an audience again, Cho Lam managed to convince the former singer after continual persuasion.

Using his friendship card, Cho Lam also asked Fred Cheng (鄭俊弘) , Eric Kowk (郭偉亮), Elisa Chan (陳潔靈), and Hanjin Tan (陳奐仁) to make cameo appearances.

Source: ihktv.com

This article is written by Su for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I don’t know the show so far is not as good as the 1st one… I hope all the guest will turn this around. Can’t wait for the performance from Ram and Rita it’s a huge childhood classic song.

  2. Yes! OMG Louis is so hilarious and he has such a great body figure :*

  3. Haha..this drama is so funny and i cant stop laughing looking at Wong Cho Lam

  4. Short answer; no. This is the silly version. Inbound Troubles will be the classic one.

    1. totally agree! this version is so… unrealistic… kinda full of nonsense lol like who would be afraid of… orange? just saying lol

      1. It’s unusual but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. People have different phobias.

      2. Could happen! Not to say this is not one of TVB’s best show on TV now. It is. But compared with Inbound Troubles, it is not there yet. But some lines are very witty. And Louis Cheung is amazing!And dared to poke fun at Christians too! The similarities of priests and triads is rather funny in a way.

      3. Nonsense humour is the only kind that HK people seem to like. How else do you explain the popularity of people like Stephen Chow. Maybe because of the structure of society where people have very little political freedom, both under the British and China, but there is not much in the form of political satire. I suppose thats what happens when governments threaten critics with imprisonment

      4. It’s possible, I know a guy who is afraid of bananas. He can’t even look at them. I thought that was strange, so it can happen.

      5. I thought that Joey Meng’s character was allergic to oranges ??? Anyways when they did the, “My Date With A Vampire” scene, I totally fan girl’ed ! it was so awesome !

    2. agree, Wong Cho Lam over do the script, the cast is exceptional though,

      hard to say anything sane, TVB gave him a 30 episode treatment,

      this is going to be epic, but not classic

    3. agree,this sequel is not funny at all,silly is a good word to describe this show.they try so hard but the outcome is unrealistic over the top. and wong cho nam is annoying.

    4. Quite agree, trying to hard to create humour and hence you just get things that are way over the top.

      Louis cheung is just spot on though, Cho Lam’s character still doesn’t fit the quote he constantly says, dead beat 2nd gen rich person doesn’t equal western attitude/perception.

    5. Agree with Funn. Though I like Come on Cousin so far (some of the scenes are quite clever — like the part where they made fun of TVB’s “constantly recycled” dialogue and re-used it several times in different ways), it definitely hasn’t surpassed Inbound Troubles yet. I did see some potential with episodes 1 and 2, but then when the subsequent episodes started getting sillier, it sort of pushed the series onto a different path. I’m hoping that the coming episodes tone down the “silly” humor and up the “clever” humor more.

      As of right now, Inbound Troubles is the “classic” one in my mind….

    6. this is not as good as the first one. some parts are really funny but for the most part, it is pretty mo lui

  5. Btw, really dislike WCL’s fake accent and Roger’s messy hair

    1. I can’t stand WCL’s acting and yes Roger’s hair is annoying.

  6. I was really looking forward for this series but for some reason I couldn’t even finish watching some of the episodes. Sometimes the gags were rather lame and a bit too silly for me. But overall it had its funny moments, like in ep 1 when Wong Cho Lam made the “gathering” reference and I just started laughing.

  7. who is the actress/actor that play peter zai ?
    so damn funny.

  8. Got to b kidding huh! IT so much moooooooore interesting n original, dis 1 is a crappy comedy mann!!!!!!!

  9. This is not going to be a classic…
    The comedy is “mo Li Tao’

    Inbound Troubles is heaps better

    30 episodes is long for a comedy..

  10. Inbound Troubles is better. This version is silly and mo liu. I only like Louis omg he’s awesome. TVB Golden son Cho Lam is annoying in here. He should just stick to writing and variety shows instead of trying too hard to act. I don’t like his comedy.

  11. A classic? Not even close this one is lousy, probably one of the worst series of the year. There will not be a 3rd inbound trouble for sure. Mark my words.

    1. Agree… its disappointing and annoying too… give up after watching the first 3 episodes… 🙁

  12. I’m happy with this drama. Silly but it’s funny. Thumbs up for this drama.

  13. I like inbound trouble more i find this series to be very Mo lui

    1) Roger hair is irritating to look at
    2) Louis tired of seeing him flex his muscle

    3) Wong Cho lam his accent is getting very annoying keep repeatly saying maybe I’m more like american style that why im like that way

    4)Man Yee mun keeps over exaggerate he character a bit

    So overall this series is pretty boring which i dont want to sayand kinda disappointed

  14. Yes, the series is very “mo lay to” and silly, but come on, we all need a laugh here and there. Honestly I haven’t laughed this hard from a TVB series in a long time. I am so sick of the pilots, cops, lawyers and recycled material that TVB users. Finally something is ‘original’ in that sense, and all the characters are very fitting. Louis no doubt stole the show!

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