Wong Cho Lam Will Not Write Sequel for “Come On, Cousin”

The cast of Come On, Cousin <老表,你好hea!> gathered today in Yau Tong to promote the series. The comedy, a sister production to 2013’s critically successful Inbound Troubles <老表,你好嘢!>, sees the return of the original cast members Roger Kwok (郭晉安), Joey Meng (萬綺雯), Louis Cheung (張繼聰), Bob Lam (林盛斌), May Chan (小寶), and Wong Cho Lam (王祖藍), who is also the series’ creator.

Wong Cho Lam went on stage with real-life girlfriend and costar Leanne Li (李亞男). The couple did not mind being put on the spot and freely interacted with fans. Cho Lam joked about Leanne’s foreign accent when speaking Cantonese, and Leanne also showed her concern for Cho Lam’s safety when he went too overboard playing party games with the audience.

No Part 3 for “Cousin” Series

In an episode of Come On, Cousin, the theme song of ATV’s My Date with a Vampire <我和殭屍有個約會> was used as the background music. Asked if TVB was against the idea of promoting an ATV production in a TVB series, Cho Lam said, “Joey Meng used to be an ATV actress.”

With the success of Come On, Cousin, Cho Lam was asked if he has plans to produce a third installment for the Cousin series. “No. I never thought of starting a third one. Enough is enough. I want to find a new topic to talk about.”

Recently, there have been rumors pointing out that Cho Lam and Roger are not getting along. Cho Lam denied this, remarking that Roger is very supportive friend. “We even talked about collaborating again after this drama.”

Roger said, “It’s a good thing Cho Lam and I are close. If we weren’t, these rumors would definitely make us more awkward.” Roger confirmed that he may work with Cho Lam again very soon and praised Cho Lam’s creativity. “We did chat about future collaborations. I’m very excited. He is very creative!”

Bob Lam on Kissing Joey Meng and May Chan

Bob Lam is in a bliss, as he got the opportunity to kiss lead actress Joey Meng and costar May Chan. Bob laughed, “Joey said I’m an okay kisser! Thank you!” What about his kiss with May Chan? Bob joked, “I had nightmares!” May responded, “I already lost 30 pounds!”

Joey discard her “pure” image and appeared in the drama with bloated lips. Joey said she did not think she was making herself look uglier and is confident with her own image.

Louis Cheung, on the other hand, showed off his toned and muscular body in the series. Louis said, “Now whenever I go out, people are always looking at my chest!”

Sources: On.cc; On.cc

This article is written by Addy for JayneStars.com.

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  1. I like how Cho Lam say enough is enough. If there is too many sequel for a show , people would eventually get bored of it…

  2. The second one isn’t even that good, don’t even need to think of a third

    1. I know, I couldn’t even past 1 full episode to be honest. The first part was already funny at the very beginning.

    2. I like it. There are some good laughs, but I think they took some ideas from Stephen Chow’s movies (like the pig mask one). The scene that made me laugh my butt off is when Ivanna starts singing the Happy Birthday song at the funeral

      1. Agreed with u. This drama brings some of Stephen chow ideas and which is rare that we can’t find such scenes already. Although this drama some ppl says is mou lei tao.. But if someone likes Stephen chow”s movie I think this type of drama will be their cup of tea also.

  3. I thought the 2nd instalment of the series is ok, but not worthy as an anniversary series. So yes, am glad there won’t be a third.

  4. nah this series is just filled with lame jokes. will not sit well with the housewives

  5. I’m surprised at the use of MDWAV themesong and references to the series. In the past, TVB has always avoided mentioning anything related to ATV. Even when introducing/interviewing a past ATV artist, they skip the ATV part of the artist’s career life.

    TVB has definitely changed.

    1. the reason is ATV wasn’t a threat to TVB anymore…ricky wong’s hktv or the additional 2 new stations FTV (owned by i-Cable Communications) and HKTVE (which is owned by richard li’s PCCW) WILL BE tvb’s rivals in years to come

  6. I’m up to episode 3 and my favourite character so far is the Corinna Chamberlain’s character. Her being Caucasian but speak classical chinese is so funny.

  7. highly doubt a third one will come out it’s not generating ratings like the 1st one… I however do wish for it cause May Chan and Bob are seriously hilarious in this one.

  8. I really enjoy watching this drama, it makes me laugh a lot. It’s also very clever, the character’s names, the sound track, tvb (+1 atv) drama reenactment and how it relates to current hk.

    Also I would like to also mention 蔣志光Ram Chiang’s talent, he can act, sing and write songs. The song that Ivana sang in episode 7&9 旧朋友 is actually a song written by him.

    1. totally agree with you I never knew Ram Chiang could sing like that i was like Wth…in a good way tho his voice was incredible!!!

      1. He has a GREAT voice but unfortunately he was never remotely recogized for his singing talent. Perhaps no luck, no good looking face or no connections b/c w/a voice like that’s hes only doing supporting roles since forever. sad but that’s HK showbiz i guess.

  9. Again i have to say not into muscular man so kinda getting annoyed with Louis flexing is muscals lor……….

  10. Yeah totally agree with what you said Ram chiang has an amazing voice i keep going back to the scene just to make sure it was in fact him singing the song it blew my he is such a good singer!!!

  11. I can’t believe Ram was singing again. I thought he will never sing again. He can sing!!! Too bad he like acting better than singing. What a waste of talent. Hopefully, after this series, he’ll sing more.

    1. I also miss hearing Ram Chiang sing – he’s hugely talented as both a singer and songwriter, so it’s really the music industry’s loss that he decided to leave.  That scene in the series when he sang Jacky Cheung’s “Love is Eternal” actually made me cry too (the ONLY other person who has made me cry singing that song is Jacky himself)  — he did an EXCELLENT job with the song and I am definitely looking forward to hearing more of his singing (I’m glad they included his own song “Old Friends” in the series, but I’m also hoping they included a few of his other hits as well).

      In terms of the series itself – I definitely prefer Inbound Troubles more and to be honest, that series was much classier.  While certain episodes of Come On Cousin do make me laugh and some of the dialogue as well as pop culture / entertainment industry references are quite clever, some of the scenes are too crude for my liking.  With that said, I will definitely still continue on with the series, mostly because of Roger, Ram, the supporting cast, the cameos, and also some of the other enjoyable elements such as the old songs and entertainment industry inside jokes.

  12. i really like the music they had from my date w/ vampire. not just the song but the music part too.

  13. The only thing is, can’t stand with Roger Kwok long hair, it is freaking me out. It is a spoiler for the series.

  14. Yeah..Ram Chiang has amazing voice! Cant wait for his role to sing again…so touched!

  15. I would say this this tvb worst series of the year!!! Over-acting in particular wong cho lam, , silly jokes, makes one diguisted !!! Nothing new in his acting except the same tone & silly gestures in all movies of his !!!! Please dot get me wrong for I am also a fan of commedy but this ones makes me sick !!!!

  16. I would say this this tvb worst series of the year!!! Over-acting in particular wong cho lam, , silly jokes, makes one diguisted !!! Nothing new in his acting except the same tone & silly gestures in all movies of his !!!! Please dot get me wrong for I am also a fan of commedy but this ones makes me sick !!!! Nothing fresh and funny the whole show !!!

  17. 相逢何必曾相識 …pls show us the duet by ram chiang and rita carpio

  18. Ram’s singing talent is really a SURPRISE package!

    this drama is really good for distressing after a long day at work. love it!

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