Yu Zheng Defends Michelle Chen in “Romance of the Condor Heroes”

Though Taiwanese actress Michelle Chen (陳妍希) has faced a countless barrage of criticism since she was cast as the Little Dragon Girl in The Romance of the Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶>, producer-screenwriter Yu Zheng (于正) has openly defended his casting decision from the start. One day before the drama’s premiere, Yu Zheng posted online to express his ongoing support for Michelle.

When Michelle was announced as the Little Dragon Girl last year, many netizens criticized her for lacking the physical qualities necessary to portray the character. In the original novel, Return of the Condor Heroes <神鵰俠侶>, Little Dragon Girl was described as having an icy demeanor. However, due to her baby face and sweet-looking features, Michelle was seen as entirely unsuitable for the role. Some netizens even labeled her “the worst Little Dragon Girl in history.”

The day before The Romance of the Condor Heroes aired on December 3, Yu Zheng posted on his blog to explain that his intention was to create a new type of Little Dragon Girl. When writing the screenplay, he struggled with how to remain faithful to the original story while simultaneously infusing the drama with a sense of novelty. In the end, he decided to rely on his own interpretation of Little Dragon Girl and subvert the widely accepted emotional coldness of the character. “If we don’t try it, how will we know if it works?” he wrote.

Yu Zheng also admitted that while Michelle may not resemble the traditional Little Dragon Girl, she was the most suitable candidate after his first choice, Angelababy, was unable to film for the series due to conflicting schedules. Moreover, as the drama’s producer and screenwriter, he felt that he bore more responsibility for the drama’s success than the actors did. “If you have any bricks or planks, aim them at me,” he stated. “I will humbly accept them!”

Source: Ettoday.net

This article is written by Joanna for JayneStars.com.

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  1. “Humble”? The guy doesn’t even know what that means.

    1. i don’t think he know what that means,,he did a wrong casting,,, just admit it dude

  2. She is the worse Little Dragon Girl. Her face is emotionless and she’s not pretty whatsoever.

    1. She looks darn cute! Since when is it a requirement for actresses to be ravishing beauties? Probably only in the Chinese film industry.

      1. “She looks darn cute! Since when is it a requirement for actresses to be ravishing beauties? “

        When she’s playing a ravishing beauty. Little Dragon Girl is supposed to be very beautiful.

      2. Since you do the role of Little dragon girl >_> she can be cute, but if the role ask for superb beauty, coldness, you don’t run around acting cute.

        Changing the main character’s personality isn’t trying to follow the novel faithfully, you can’t simply change the main character’s personality, it would change how the person act/feel, and hence make the story disjointed. Like usual, YZ is a piece of cr$&, and his series don’t worth the time

    2. Well, LDG is supposed to be emotionless so she got that part right

    3. this I totally agree. I am sure there are MORE suitable Taiwanese girls to play this role.

  3. Still can not believe that he choose her & she accept that…

  4. “she was the most suitable candidate after his first choice, Angelababy, was unable to film for the series due to conflicting schedules.”

    But, Angelababy was able to film another Yu Zheng production (Yu Zhong Ge) that was filmed nearly the same time as ROCH.

    So, the scheduling conflict was created by Yu Zheng himself?

    1. @Kidd,

      Zhong YunGe finished filming before they begun ROCH. So, it’s natural that he wanted Angelababy to film his next film, but she couldn’t do it.

    2. @ Kidd

      Yes it was true that Yu Zheng wanted to cast Angelababy in ROCH but I heard at the time AB was hesitated to choose between ROCH and another production and it caused a delay in her making decision. Therefore, Yu Zheng decided to cast another actress in his ROCH and here she is, Michelle Chen.

    3. That is completely false. Yu Zheng did not discuss with Angelababy for that role.

  5. At first I felt bad for her, but from her sns and the way she dresses in public, I get the idea she is just trying too hard. She just doesn’t have the versatility to handle these type of roles. Even her body language is totally not suitable for this role. Her action and qinggong flying scenes are a pain to watch. I can’t continue watching. It is so bad.

  6. Another miscast!!!! MC doesn’t have LDG’s materials at all

  7. Love the most is Carmen Lee. She fits the role perfectly. She is very beautiful and cool. And Tall!

    MC not only looks not for but her height also not fitting!

    1. OMG!!! thank you!

      Carmen by far the best little dragon girl ever. She fit the role perfectly.

      Sadly, she decided to choose romance over career at he height of her fame. I bet if she choose career, she would have been in the same rank as Fan Bing Bing by now.

      And her relationship didnt even work out…sometimes it is fate.

  8. The pictures still to all of Yu Zheng’s dramas are always very appealing because of photoshop, lol, just compared Michelle and Angelababy’s photo stills to the actual drama!

  9. why is everyone still arguing about this?? it is been over a year now, cant you guys just forget about it?? Yes I know its a miscast and how is Michelle Chen not good enough to be Little dragon girl. But if you ladies think you can act better then her then you should join the acting industry, instead of sitting here and complain.. :3

    1. we have the right to complaint since dramas are for us to watch….
      and none of us said we act better than her, we ‘re just saying how she doesnt fit the role…and how she’s not beautiful enough…

  10. little dragon girl is suppose to be beautiful, yes michelle is somewhat cute, but not beautiful!!! she doesnt fit the role at all.
    i have to agree, she is the worst one in all dramas

    Carmen is still the best..

  11. Physically Crystal Liu is the most exquisite LDG … beautiful n icy cold … her movement was ethereal.

    1. crystal is definitely a beauty and suites the role BUT her pairing with huang xiao ming was horrendous…you can def tell that he’s older than crystal by quite a lot. To me, it was an awkward series.

    2. I’m not a fan of Crystal’s acting, but I have to admit she was gorgeous as XLN.

    3. crystal is not the best ldg there is one that is even more suitable than crystal and her name is song hye kyo,the perfect ldg in my eyes.

      1. She’s too old for the part, and arguable if she’s most beautiful. Besides, Koreans are getting far too many Chinese roles in one-sided casting. A Chinese actress would never be considered for the part of Queen Min or any role as a Korean.

  12. Watched the drama and Yu Zheng once again ruined a classic! Michelle Chen really don’t suit the role of Little Dragon Girl seriously (not that she can’t act but she doesn’t have what it takes for the role!).

  13. Michelle will fit better if not for that 2 curry puffs on her hair

  14. i will give this series a shot before i comment on her suitability to the role overall, but physically speaking, i think yu zheng should have let vivian zhang play little dragon role. i don’t like her much but she has the looks. michelle could have made a nice kwok seung instead. maybe even luk mo seung.

  15. All over Chinese forums and whatnot, everybody is calling for it to be re-titled to “Legend of Mo Chou” because Viann Zhang is completely outshining Michelle Chen as LDG. Viann Zhang is carrying this so hard, I’m quitting this series when LMC dies.Must say her voice dubbing was so annoying it didn’t fit her at all until the 10 years later.

  16. Totally agree shes a miscast but didn’t Crystal also have a bby face?

    1. Yes, but Crystal Liu is beautiful for the role thou. The above pic that girl already looks cute. Most of the time she really is very plain. She got lucky w/that apple movie or else.

    2. Crystal has baby face but looks cooler and syronger, and girl can move.

  17. this girl really looks like a servant more than xiao long nui

  18. In this pic, this girl doesn’t look like Little Dragon Girl. She looks like a servant or “Ngor Mei” unimportant disciple. She lacks the beauty and elegance.

    1. That’s with the best photoshop skilled already applied to her on that picture.

      1. That’s exactly what I meant. She looks already CUTE up there. Other pics she is really just plainer than plain.

  19. If XLN was originally written as cute in the novel, Michelle chen would fit better but XLN was supposed to be cool and aloof beauty, which better fit by LYF who also happens to move gracefully. Carman Chen is also good. MC makes XLN cute, weak and too demure. YZ loves to rewrite these classic characters!

    1. But LYF only has the face, but her acting isn’t that great compared to Carman Chen.

    2. Carman Chan? You mean Carman Lee, who portrayed as Little Dragon Girl 95′ in HK.

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